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Cabin Fever, the polish

I’ve talked about cabin fever the mental state before; today let’s talk about a polish named Cabin Fever.

Really liked the new China Glaze (CG) I got the other day, Wood You Wanna? from the fall set called The Great Outdoors, and I mentioned that Ulta was having a BOGO sale (now expired as far as I know) on all CGs.  What fun is a BOGO if you only get one?  So of course I got two.

The other one I picked up was Cabin Fever, an interesting multichrome.  More than just a duochrome, it flashes mostly copper and rosy pink but also has a greenish-gold shift.  I don’t have anything quite like it.

The formula is good although upon first application it seems frosty and streaky.  However, as it dries it self-levels extremely well and made brushstrokes a non-issue.  Under indirect bright outdoor light, with the flash, and in direct sunlight:

Cabin Fever outd

Cabin Fever flash

Cabin Fever sun

Same lighting conditions but at a different angle:

Cabin Fever outd2

Cabin Fever flash2

Cabin Fever sun2

Wow, looks like I’m holding three different bottles but I assure you it’s just the one.  As you can see, different colors in Cabin Fever are visible under different light and at various angles.  In direct sunlight it even looks bronze.  Really a fun, interesting polish — it’s like the changing autumn leaves in a bottle.

Why yes. Yes, I wood.

Geeky madness here.  My favorite (currently only, as well) MMORPG is having a beta weekend starting now to test its new expansion pack, and I’m nerdily anxious to play.  So you get a short post from me.  But a good one!

China Glaze’s fall collection, The Great Outdoors, had me all excited when it was first announced.  As time went on and swatches appeared, my enthusiasm dimmed which is actually good for my wallet.  There was one shade, though, that I just had to have.  Wood You Wanna? is a silvery gray-purple-brown foil.

I love brown polishes yet am picky about them.  Don’t like them looking like dirt or…. other organic matter, if ya know what I mean.  A good way to avoid this with browns is to get a shimmer, foil, or glitter instead of a plain creme.

Ulta is currently having a BOGO sale on all China Glaze (CG) polishes, good through tomorrow, Saturday.  New releases are included.  That’s buy one get one free, a rare sale these days; usually things are buy one get one half off.  So two CGs that normally cost $7.50 each are $3.75 each.  ♪ ♫ Awwwwe-some! ♫ ♪

Wood You Wanna? applied extremely smoothly and gave good coverage in one coat.  Yes, it’s that rare bird, a one-coat wonder.  It also dried very shiny.  Under indirect bright outdoor light, with the flash, and under artificial indoor light:

Wood U outd

Wood U flash

Wood U ind

I love this polish.  LOVE IT.  Right up my alley for fall, and it’s a brown that looks good on my cool-toned skin.  Oh, and it begs a comparison to another new fall color I reviewed, Frock ‘n Roll from Essie.

Wood U comp

Not dupes.  Wood You Wanna? is more brown and silver, and Frock ‘n Roll is more purple.  I like both.

Have a great weekend!

Date Night

Hey, hey, I’m back from my short break.  Felt good.  In the last few days the weather has cooled down a lot, for which I’m thankful.  I love summer with all that there is to do, but the heat and drought were pretty bad for a longer time than usual.

When the weather cools down I’m definitely more in the mood for warmer colors.  Today I have another polish from Colour Prevails, the relatively new Walgreens-exclusive brand.  It’s called Date Night, and don’t confuse it — like I do — with the similarly named Blind Date, which is a totally different color and finish.

Date Night is a bronze-gold metallic shimmer, not a yellowish gold nor overly brown.  A pretty, festive color, I’d probably save it for a party or a…. wait for it… date night.  It had a good formula and an average nail polish smell.  The first coat was thin and streaky but the second coat gave good coverage.   Brushstrokes were only slightly problematic and are avoidable with careful application.  Under indirect bright outdoor light and then with full flash:

Date Night outd

Date Night flash

Isn’t that a beautiful gold?  Not greenish or yellowish at all, and good even on cooler skin tones.  I really like it yet feel it would look even better on very light or very dark skin.

As long as there was a party on my nails, I decided to see what it would look like spiffed up further.  I added one thin top coat of the bronze-gold sparkle in a clear base from Colour Prevails called Mr. Right Now, which I reviewed earlier this year.  Same two lighting conditions:

Date Night w MRN outd

Date Night w MRN flash

This combo is such a fancy (to me) look that I’d probably save it for a holiday party or other big deal, probably not a casual date night down at our favorite beer ‘n’ pizza place.  SRP is $8.00 for 0.32 oz/9.5 mL, but I got it when it was on sale for $6.80.

The pumpkin stampede

OK, Labor Day is past, the weather is fall-like in my neck of the woods (snow in nearby Glacier National Park, even!), and I’m ready to go all-out autumn.  It’s my favorite time of year and I love pulling out old sweaters, getting my orange plaid latte mug down from the cabinet, and switching out some of my usual makeup and nail polishes for deeper, warmer shades.

And I’m all about the pumpkins.  Love pumpkin flavor in just about anything — coffee, creamer, pie, muffins, cake.  Pumpkin Spice Latte, while by no means new, is HUGE this year.  Apparently it’s some annual Starbucks phenom, but I rarely go to Starbucks — not that I don’t like their wares ’cause I do, but it’s too easy to spend too much money there too often.

At any rate, remember my review of a lipstick/lip gloss duo from Walgreens-exclusive Nonie Creme Colour Prevails?  The color was called Warm Berry and I wanted to go back for the shade called Pumpkin.  SRP was $14.00, but Walgreens was having a 20% off sale on Colour Prevails so it was $11.20.  I’m fine with that price for good-quality dual product, no matter where it’s sold.

I really like that the Classic Lip Duo Lipstick/Lip Gloss has two options, a more opaque lipstick and a sheerer lip gloss.  You can wear one or the other or wear the gloss over the lipstick.  Pumpkin is a dark orange-red.

CP Pumpkin

CP Pumpkin2

Here are swatches on my inner arm, first under indirect cloudy outdoor light and then with the flash:

CP Pumpkin sw outd

CP Pumpkin sw flash

The lipstick is very pigmented and the gloss is quite sheer.  There was no scent or taste to either and wear was good.  I’d probably wear the gloss more because I prefer gloss to lipstick most of the time.  After removal both left a slight stain.

For comparisons, here are Pumpkin in the middle, Colour Prevails Warm Berry on the right, and a lipstick I got last spring from Sonia Kashuk called Nirvana on the left.  Nirvana is lighter and more of a coral nude, and Warm Berry is obviously much more of a cool plum shade.  For a price comparison, Nirvana was $11.99 and does not include a lip gloss.

CP Pumpkin comp

I Wanna Frock ‘n’ Roll All Night, and Party Every Day

Alert the media!  An Essie I love!!  This is my shocked face.


Really, I can’t remember the last Essie I bought and am too lazy to check.  But after seeing swatches of Essie’s new fall collection Leggy Legend at BeautyGeeks, I really wanted to try the dark fleck/shimmer, Frock ‘n Roll.

Minor rant:  Shouldn’t Frock ‘n Roll be spelled Frock ‘n’ Roll, with the second apostrophe?  The word “and” is missing both the a and the d.  It cries out for a second apostrophe.  OCDers everywhere demand it.  But I should repeat to myself, “It’s just a polish; I should really just relax.”  (Shout-out to cult show MST3K)

OK, Frock ‘n Roll.  Seeing the first previewed bottle shots, I thought it was just a dark gray metallic or shimmer and was meh about it.  It’s more.  I’d call it a dark grayed purple-brown, which sounds like an unappealing description if ever I heard one.  But the proof is in the pictures.

The formula was excellent although the brush in my bottle had some annoying wild hairs that wanted to put polish on my skin.  You could use two thin coats but I tried one thick one and was very pleased with it.  With no top coat under indirect bright sunshine:

Frock n Roll outd

With the flash you see more of the silvery shimmer/fleck and it looks more purple:

Frock n Roll flash

Under artificial indoor light it looks more brown:

Frock n Roll ind

It’s great to see something a little different from Essie, and a great fall color to boot.  I got my bottle at Ulta for $8.50, and at Ulta’s web site it’s called a taupe brown.  Excuse me??  Taupe to me means light grayed brown, and ain’t nothing light about Frock ‘n Roll.  And they forgot the purple.  Kind of like Essie forgot that apostrophe.

A lipstick/lip gloss combo from Colour Prevails

Betcha thought I forgot about Nonie Creme Colour Prevails, eh?  I had a wonderful treasure trove of products supplied to me by the company and reviewed them earlier in the summer.  You can see those reviews here:

Well, I’ve liked the products so much that I’ve bought some of the nail polish for myself at retail — it’s a Walgreens-exclusive brand — and recently picked up the lip product I was coveting the most.  It’s called the Classic Lip Duo Lipstick/Lip Gloss and is a great dual-purpose item.  It comes in twelve colors:

  • Vintage Rose
  • Neutral Pink
  • Warm Berry
  • Tropical Pink
  • Classic Red
  • Orange Red
  • Iris
  • Vamp
  • Pumpkin
  • Rockabilly Pink
  • Blue Red
  • Mannequin Beige

One end is a full-sized twist-up lipstick and the other end is a tube of lip gloss with a sponge-tip applicator.

CP Warm Berry

CP Warm Berry 2

CP Warm Berry 3

One minor point but something that I really like is that when the lipstick is retracted it’s completely under the edge of its container, which you can see in the first photo.  That means no nicking or gouging it with the clear plastic cap when you remove or replace it.  Because I’m clumsy that way.

I love this duo.  Besides getting a two-in-one product, the lipstick is very pigmented and the gloss has a pretty wash of sheer color and shine.  I could not detect any scent or taste to either one at all.  Wear was good and the lipstick alone felt slightly drying so I’d wear it with the gloss.  After removal the lipstick left a slight stain but the gloss alone did not.

Here’s a photo of some quick swatches.  The top one is the lip gloss alone, the second one is a light pass with the lipstick alone, and the third one is a heavier application of the lipstick alone.

CP Warm Berry 4

When the lip gloss is worn over the lipstick it looks very much like the third swatch, but shinier.

As far as the color Warm Berry goes, I love it but feel “Warm” is a misnomer.  I’d call it a cool-toned plummy red.  It was tough to pick just one color at the store, as I liked most of the pinks and was really drawn to the “Hey, it’s almost fall !” shade called Pumpkin.  I suspect I’ll be going back for Pumpkin soon.

SRP was $14.00, but at the time of my purchase Walgreens was having a 20% off sale on Colour Prevails so I paid $11.20.  I feel this is a good price for a quality, pigmented lip product that gives you both a lipstick and a gloss.

How about a little fresh (fl)air?

Disclosure:  This polish was provided by SinfulColors for review.  A comparison polish was supplied previously by Zoya for review.

When it rains, it pours.  For weeks it seemed like I had little or no new polish to swatch but now I’m inundated.  I’m still catching up on my new SinfulColors plus just got the notification that my Zoya Focus & Flair samples have shipped!  That’s not even counting some lovely new makeup that’s arrived or is arriving.  FedEx packages, come to Mama.

Here’s another polish from SinfulColors’ Class Act  collection.  I’ve swatched a demi-matte and a glitter topper from the collection, a shimmer, and a creme.

For something quite summery-looking, here’s Burst of Fresh Flair.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with this polish.  One of the first SinfulColors I ever got was the pastel yellow called Unicorn years ago.  I wore it a few times but it stained my nails horribly so I tossed it.

Burst of Fresh Flair is a sheer light yellow shimmer with a faint bluish duochrome glint.  Here are photos then I’ll discuss.  The first picture is under indirect bright sunlight and the second is with the flash.

Burst of Fresh Flair and comps outd

Burst of Fresh Flair and comps flash

On my little (right-most) finger, I have one coast of Burst of Fresh Flair (BoFF).  You can see how sheer it is.  On my ring finger next to it I have three coats of BoFF.  You can still see visible nail line.

On my index (left-most) finger, I have two coats of a taxicab yellow creme called Darcy from Zoya, and on my middle finger I have two coats of BoFF over two coats of Darcy.

No matter how you look at it, I think yellow polish gives me Lobster Hands aka makes my skin look too red.  But I love the color yellow in general.  What to do, what to do.  I think Burst of Fresh Flair, because of its sheerness, would work best as a top coat.  Could be fun over, say, green or orange.  You may have a warm skin tone that would look lovely with one coat of BoFF  worn solo as some sheer sparkle.  I like to wear pink or lavender that way.

BoFF reminds me of Daisy from Zoya, but Daisy has more of a turquoise shimmer to it.  Also, BoFF did not stain my nails although I only wore it for the short swatch time.  I recommend always using a good base coat.

SinfulColors are SRP $1.99 for a full-sized 0.5 oz/15 mL bottle but are on sale through Saturday for 99 cents each at Walgreens.

Disclosure:  This polish was provided by SinfulColors for review.  A comparison polish was supplied previously by Zoya for review.

SinfulColors online:








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