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I love a sale

I know this isn’t exactly breaking news, but just because something is half price doesn’t mean it’s junk.  To wit, the last time I was in Ulta I looked at their clearance racks more carefully than usual.  What finds!  Numerous colors of OPI and other quality nail polish, my favorite hair conditioner (Neutrogena Triple Moisture), a Revlon Lip Butter, and so on.

My local Ulta has a very small nail polish section so I think that they are constantly marking down good brands to make room for the new collections.  Today my half-price find is a color that I’d considering buying more times than I can count — Brisbane Bronze.

Brisbane Bronze is a shimmery medium bronze from an Australia-themed collection quite a few years ago.  I think it was so popular it became part of the regular line, but don’t quote me.

From what little I’ve seen and making a large leap of guesswork, I think bronze is going to be a popular color this fall.  But it’s not just for fall — looks great in the summer too.  Or any time.

The first coat was thin and streaky but the second coat covered very well.  Under indirect outdoor light, once with the fab sale price sticker and once so you can see the bottle better.

Brisbane Bronze

Brisbane Bronze 2

I know I haven’t been showing many swatches lately.  One, I haven’t had much new to parade and two, I’m doing lots of yard work this spring and my hands aren’t in the best of shape, even with wearing gloves faithfully.  You’ll note my middle finger is not shown — it’s currently sporting a Band-Aid.  A Hello Kitty Band-Aid, if you’re curious, and I know you are.

Have a great weekend!

Seriously Citrus

The last of the three new Nicole by OPI Coca-Cola Collection polishes I bought — Seriously Citrus.  See these other posts for Zero Is My Hero and DC Lover.

When I think of “citrus,” I think of colors like yellow and orange, but in the Coca-Cola world, the citrus drinks often have a shiny green or blue can and are usually clear.  So it’s no surprise that Seriously Citrus is a clear base with glitter.  Lots of glitter — micro and small hex glitter in white, two shades of green, and two shades of blue.


This polish is more of a glitter bomb than I usually wear, but the colors just happen to be those of a favorite sports team of mine, and I may go see them play this summer, so why not?  The two colors of blue glitter in Seriously Citrus are light and medium royal, so I decided to use a base coat of dark blue.  I chose an old fave, Ibiza from Zoya.

Seriously Citrus had enough glitter that I didn’t have to fish for it, but the clear base was a little thick and so the glitter tended to bunch up at my nail tips.  Still, careful application of two coats yielded a look I love.  Under indirect bright outdoor light and then with the flash:

Seriously Citrus

Seriously Citrus flash

Using this glitter for just one accent nail is an option too.

Greetings, Earthlings

No, this isn’t going to be a tribute post to the recently-departed Leonard Nimoy, although that’s a worthy idea.

Instead it’s a swatch post of a new-to-me polish with the actual color name Greetings Earthlings.  The other day when I was in the local Kmart searching for — and finding! — the new Coca-Cola collection from Nicole by OPI, I saw a small display on an end cap of foil polishes that I’d never seen before.  I am to foil polishes as a moth to the flame.

The brand name is Bonita, and it’s an ultra-budget brand.  Not a Kmart exclusive, but I’ve never seen it anywhere else.  The display of foils was quite picked over with only a few colors left, and I picked up the silvery blue Greetings Earthlings.  The bottle contains 0.4 oz/12 ml and it cost a mere $1.49, which I think was marked down from $1.99.

I’ve only just swatched it so I can’t speak to the wear time yet, but I liked the application.  The polish was thick but not too thick, and one coat was almost but not quite enough for full coverage.  No visible brushstrokes, typical for most foils.  I did think the smell was stronger than, say recent Zoyas or OPIs, but wasn’t terrible.

Under indirect bright sunshine and with the flash:

Greetings Earthlings

Greetings Earthlings flash

Wow, for a buck and a half, I’m impressed!

Live long and prosper.

A new silver from Nicole by OPI

I kept thinking about the new Coca-Cola collaboration that Nicole by OPI just released.  Posted about it the other day.  The silver was calling my name, probably because my name is The Silver Nail.  Ya think?

The local Ulta didn’t have the set and Target didn’t either.  Who had a brand new, full display?  KMart!

I bought DC Lover ($5.99 for a full-sized 0.5 oz/15 ml bottle) and was seriously tempted by the very dark Zero is My Hero, which looks black at one angle and purple-gold at another.  I actually thought all the other polishes were pretty too.  The signature Coke red is very shimmery, not a creme as I first thought.

DC Lover is a clear base with silver shimmer and tiny red glitter particles.  Unfortunately it’s very sheer and needs many coats to build up opacity on its own.  For swatching purposes I used four coats but in the future I’d probably wear it by applying two or so coats over a gray or silver base.  It dries brilliantly shiny and has a verrrry slightly gritty feel but is not a textured polish by any means.  Under indirect sunshine and with the flash:

DC Lover

DC Lover flash

I also wanted to see how it looked with a clear top coat and with a matte one.  The clear top coat made it feel smoother but didn’t change the appearance, and even though I applied two coats of the matte topper, it’s still rather shiny due to the silver and red particles.  I couldn’t get it completely matte.

DC Lover w top coats

I like DC Lover and think it’s different.  Silver with a kick!  Some minor points that I don’t like about Nicole by OPI is that their web site is hopelessly out of date and that their teardrop-shaped botttles, while distinct, are difficult to hold and to store.  But no big deal.

High Voltage warning

Warning:  Your budget may be in danger.

high voltage sign

Do not keep out.  Do not avoid.  Run to your nearest Nyx Cosmetics dealer and take a gander at their new High Voltage Lipsticks.

Nyx has come out with a boatload of new products this spring.  I showed two of their new Intense Lip Glosses last month and was eager to try their new lipsticks.  To make my decision of which colors to get I relied on this video from ReadySetGlamour.  She models all 22 shades.  And I like this video because she keeps her other makeup, clothes, and even background toned down in order to spotlight the lip colors.

There are nudes/neutrals, brights, darks, and mid-tones.  Nude lipstick makes me look dead and darks usually make me look old and witchy, so I decided to get Tiara and Privileged, both mid-tone pinks.  Unfortunately when I went to Ulta the new display had already been devoured and several shades were sold out, including Tiara.  So I bought Privileged plus another one called Sweet 16.  Then later when Tiara was back in stock I got it too.

These High Voltage lipsticks are taller and narrower than what we think of as the standard lipstick size.  Each one contains 0.09 oz/2.5 ml of product.  For comparison, a Revlon Super Lustrous contains 0.15 oz/4.2 ml.  But these new Nyx ones are a wallet-friendly $5.99 each (not that Revlon is very expensive).

Let’s look!

High Voltage trio

High Voltage trio open

I like the smaller diameter and feel like it gives me more control in application.  These lipsticks have no noticeable scent and don’t leave a stain after removal.

Swatches under indirect bright outdoor light and then with the flash:

High Voltage swatch outd

High Voltage swatch flash

They feel smooth and soft and are not heavily opaque.  You can build up the coverage.  My only problem was a SUE (Stupid User Error) in that I bought two shades that are so close to each other, Tiara and Sweet 16.  SUPER close.  Sweet 16 is a touch more pink than Tiara.  Still, this is the general lip color I wear the most so I’m sure I’ll use up both.  Privileged is a pretty, bright, cool-toned hot pink.

UPDATE:  3/11/15 — I’ve been wearing all three at various times and love them.  LOVE.  Will probably spring for a few more shades in the next sale I can find!

Rose Dust

I’m back!  Visiting family has left, and while I’m a little sad, some good nail news is that I was able to hook one more person on the wonderfulness that is Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream.  Huzzah.

Have you made it to the Sinful Colors 99¢ sale at Walgreen’s yet?  I made a quick trip and picked up the one I wanted the most, Rose Dust (SC #1501).  I think it’s a brand new shade but am not positive.  There were some other colors I’m thinking about — need to look for swatches and reviews — opalescents in green, blue, and purple.

Rose Dust is a lavender pink with a fine silver shimmer, great for spring if you’re a pink girl like me.  Two coats gave very good coverage.  Under indirect bright outdoor light and with the flash:

Rose Dust

Rose Dust flash

Not exactly a stop-the-presses color but I really like it.  Plus when I get a Sinful Colors polish — my favorite ultra-budget brand with great quality — for 99 cents I feel like World’s Savviest Shopper.

What colors have you picked up in the sale?

Happy (Kid) President’s Day

Happy Presidents’ Day to all here in the States!  Whether you’re sick of snow and are finding the revolving door of blizzards Grounds for Violence or whether it’s just another day, I hope you all find the time to be awesome and make others feel that way too.

I was reading a survey in our paper this morning with the topic “Who’s your favorite president?”  Mine is Kid President, aka Robby Novak.  Robby is an 11-year-old boy who, in 2012, became a YouTube sensation with the introduction of his Kid President persona.  He’s the star of several inspirational videos that are semi-scripted and which urge us to be good, kind people.  No political agenda, no religious one.  His “A Pep Talk” has one of my favorite lines:  If life is a game, aren’t we all on the same team?

Now, while I love Kid President, I can only listen to him in small doses, which goes for anyone giving pep talks.  And lest you think little Robby is just a spoiled kid with everything going for him and nothing to worry about, consider this.  He has osteogenesis imperfecta, a congenital incurable disease usually called “brittle bone disease” and he’s had over seventy fractures.  Does that keep him from dancing?  No it does not.

He was asked, “Any desire to be president when you grow up?,” and he replied, “I want to play football, soccer, or baseball, or be a Marine.  No, too much paperwork to be president.”

Kid President always wears a suit and a bright orange-red tie in his videos.  Here’s a nail polish called Tamsen from Zoya to celebrate the look.  I don’t wear orange-y shades much but this color is pretty cool, one of those modern-yet-retro ones.   Tamsen was part of the 2011 Summertime Collection.  Under indirect bright outdoor light:


The formula was great — two coats gave excellent coverage and it dries super-glossy.

Now, get out there and follow some KP advice.  Dance.  Be polite and say “thank you” and “please.”  Treat everyone like it’s their birthday.  Don’t be boring.  “You’re gooder than that.”


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