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What have your hands done for you lately?

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An article in our Sunday paper this morning, Scars Don’t Define Who We Are, really struck me.   (Warning, may be upsetting.)  How many times do we, do I, concentrate on looks instead of function?  This blog of mine is a perfect example of this; it’s about hand care, skin care, and nail polish for older women.  Well, la di da.

Let’s not lose sight of what’s important about our hands — what they do for us.  My hands aren’t the most photogenic in the world, but they work.  I mean that in two ways.  They work in that they function, and they also work in that they do jobs.

I can’t even count all the things my hands have done for me in the last week.  They have fed the dogs, fed myself, washed dishes, turned a steering wheel, cross stitched, typed an essay and a ton of emails, taken tickets, hugged my husband, held a book, put on makeup, played cards, brushed my teeth, done laundry, cuddled a kitten.

In years past they have held babies, changed diapers, made a quilt, delivered puppies, knitted a sweater, fought fires, touched a dance partner, caressed a cheek, drawn blood samples, planted trees and flowers, wiped away tears.

Alyssa Smith, in the article mentioned, has beautiful hands.  Not because she wears nail polish or not, but because her hands work.  They shoot 3-pointers, grab rebounds, and hold others’ hands.  The next time I feel like complaining because I break a nail or some other trivial thing, I hope I think of Alyssa and remember that it’s not how we look, it’s what we do that matters.

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