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More swatches of the Desert Escape Collection from China Glaze

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Getting back to the swatching I started last week, I’ve got three polishes from the Desert Escape Collection to show you today.  Friday I had a quick drive-by swatching of the one foil in the set, Meet Me In the Mirage, and I loved it.  As I mentioned in that post, I bought the micro mini set from Sally Beauty Supply’s web site.

CG desert escape4

So how are some of the cremes?  Today I tried What’s She Dune? (typo of What’s The Dune? on my bottle), Don’t Mesa With My Heart, and The Heat Is On.

What’s She Dune? is a gray-beige (“greige”) or putty-colored neutral.  Like Meet Me In the Mirage, it had a very strong smell and I don’t know why because the other two I opened today did not.  The formula seemed a bit thick and I used two coats.  Under indirect dull outdoor light and with the flash:

Desert Escape WSD

Desert Escape WSD flash

It’s OK.  Just OK.  I’m rarely excited about neutral cremes although I think it would be good as a contrast with brighter colors in nail art.

Don’t Mesa With My Heart is a bright medium pink, and it’s very pretty although I feel like I probably have a ton of dupes lurking in my stash.  Formula was also a bit thick.

Desert Escape DMWMH

Desert Escape DMWMH flash

The Heat Is On surprised me.  Usually orange-toned reds don’t appeal to me but I love this one.  The formula was thinner and applied like a dream, so glossy too.  It’s a great summer shade for manicures or pedicures.

Desert Escape THIO

Desert Escape THIO flash

And now, because you know how much I love vintage music, who remembers the hit song “The Heat Is On” by Glenn Frey, formerly of The Eagles?  The song was written for the 1984 movie Beverly Hills Cop and rose to #2 on the Billboard charts as a single in 1985.  It’s SO ’80s!  Miami Vice-ish, even.

And http://youtu.be/teljgwFfl94 if the embed doesn’t work.

Tomorrow I hope to finish up this small set with the turquoise creme and the plum-pink shimmer.  The light is awful today, so dark and gloomy.  Got comparison requests for any of the polishes?  Don’t Desert Me reminds me of Blyss from Zoya, and the new clear nail swatch sticks I ordered arrived so I’m ready for lots of comparisons.

Is it is, or is it ain’t?

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Boy!  Have I had a frustrating time tracking down the new collection from China Glaze called Desert Escape.

CG desert escape

CG desert escape4

CG desert escape dots

Official word from the company itself?  None.  It’s like they don’t want anyone to find it and buy it.  Several bloggers have posted with apparent certainty that the collection will be exclusive to a web site called Lock & Mane, a mostly-hair care site, and it’s not released yet.  But various and sundry sellers on eBay have been selling the six polishes for weeks.


Finally, despite no help from China Glaze, I found it by Googling “Tribal Council” because I reallyreallyreally wanted the mini set, and that’s its name.  Guess who has it?  Sally Beauty Supply.  I no longer live near a Sally store, and I always found their stock iffy anyway, but Sally had it in stock online.  This isn’t a desert mirage, because I ordered it yesterday and it has already shipped.  Woot.

I’m hoping I’ll love the dark metallic rose gold, Meet Me In The Mirage, so much that I’ll want a full-size bottle, but I wanted to try all six.  The price is $12.99 for non-Sally members, plus shipping.  I wish I could have found more polish to add to my order but the web site is hell heck to navigate and peruse.

Have a fantastic Memorial Day weekend, everybody.  Hope your weather is great and that you can get out and do fun things.  Also, remember the reason for the holiday.  See ya on the flip side!

P.S.  A rose gold star for you if you recognized the title of my post as being a nod to the jazz song “Is You Is or Is You Ain’t My Baby.”

EDIT:  Of course, an hour after I post, I see that the collection is up on Head2ToeBeauty, the full-sized bottles and one trio/art kit.  No mini kit, and those entries weren’t there yesterday!

Bright Lights, Big City

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Hi, hope you all didn’t mind my taking Christmas week off.  I needed a break and figured you needed a break from me!  But let’s jump back into a sea of polish and acetone, shall we?

Finger Paints, a Sally Beauty Supply exclusive, has a new winter polish collection — Bright Lights, Big City.

FP bright lights set

Ooooh.   Aaaaah.  Colors are, left to right:

  • In the City Lookin’ Pretty — multicolored glitter top coat
  • What a Night — orange-gold/pink-red duochrome
  • Paint the Town Purple — shimmery purple
  • Dance Floor Diva — purple & blue glitter topper in sheer purple jelly
  • Hey Mr. DJ — black jelly with silver & multicolored microglitter
  • Urban Lights — green/blue/purple multichrome

And now here are the bottles solo and close up, same order:

FP BL In the City Lookin' Pretty

FP BL What a Night

FP BL Paint the Town Purple

FP BL Dance Floor Diva

FP BL Hey Mr. CJ!

FP BL Urban Lights

What do you think?  I want the duochrome and the multichrome, ’cause I’m ready for something a little different.

I don’t live near a Sally Beauty Supply any more to see these in person, but check out Confessions of a Sarcastic Mom for swatches of all six.  Finger Paints doesn’t appear to have a working web site (Really?  In this day and age?) but here’s their Facebook page for updates and photos of other swatches.  Sally has a web site where you can order online but I find it difficult to find new polishes there.

Bright Lights, Big City is due for general release in January or February of 2015.

Masquerade Affair from Finger Paints

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Finger Paints, a Sally Beauty Supply exclusive, has a new fall polish collection out called Masquerade Affair.

Finger Paints Masquerade Affair

The purple lips kind of creep me out, but concentrate on the nail polish.  Quite the Mardi Gras vibe!

All four colors are bright, intense metallics.

  • Queen for a Night – blue
  • Dance Til Dawn – purple
  • Masked Beauty – gold
  • Ball Gown Glamour – green

I no longer live near a Sally Beauty Supply to see these in person, but some bloggers have excellent swatches.  Check out Night Swatcher  and All Lacquered Up.

I think all four colors are really gorgeous!  If you live near a Sally and/or are a Sally Beauty member, might be something to check out.

New flakie toppers from Finger Paints

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Back in late 2011/early 2012, Finger Paints came out with some flakie toppers that were über-popular.  They were a limited edition set of five called Special Effects, and I was only ever able to get one called Twisted.  It was multicolored and here’s what it looked like over black.

FP Twisted over black

Now Finger Paints — a Sally Beauty Supply exclusive — has come out with a new five-polish set called Kaleidoscope.  It’s not on Sally’s web site yet, but Nouveau Cheap alerted me to its appearance in stores.  Sure enough, when I went out this morning I stopped by Sally and there they were.  The clerks didn’t know what they were (typical for this place, sadly) and they all look pretty much alike in the bottle.  If you’re interested I’d recommend looking at swatches and taking a list to your Sally store of the color(s) you want.

The Special Effects set sold out asap and got scalped for ridiculous prices on eBay.  I looked at the swatches on The Polished Mommy and decided to get four:  Abstract Attraction, Colorful Dream, Psychedelic Hue, and Vivid Reflection.  The one I passed on was Symmetrical Symphony.

Here’s what my four look like on a nail wheel, one coat each over a black creme polish.  First photo is under indirect outdoor light and the second is with the flash.  For some reason the colors didn’t show up well in direct sunshine.  Left to right: Abstract Attraction, Colorful Dream, Psychedelic Hue, and Vivid Reflection.  Click on each photo for an enlarged view.

FP Kaleidoscope 4 colors outd

FP Kaleidoscope 4 colors flash

Abstract Attraction has shades of blue and purple.  Colorful Dream is the most diverse and is a rather even mix of many colors.  Psychedelic Hue is green, teal, blue, and purple, mostly green I think.  Vivid Reflection is pink, orange, and purple, kind of Halloween or Mardi Gras looking.

The flakes were very thick in the bottle, no fishing required at all.  I only showed one coat over the black and I’m sure you could intensify the look with more coats.  The Kaleidoscope Collection is more subtle than the Special Effects Collection.

Overall I think these will be fun to play with and I’m looking forward to trying them over some of the new spring pastels from Zoya.  Each Finger Paints polish was $5.99 at Sally, or $4.49 with a member card, and each bottle is full-sized, 0.5 oz/15 ml.

Vintage Glam

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I found a new fall collection that’s so new, for a moment I was afraid I imagined it.

Yesterday I discovered I had a soon-to-expire $5 coupon for Sally Beauty Supply, so I thought I’d wander in and see if anything grabbed me in their nail polish section.  Oh yeah.  There was a new display of Finger Paints, a collection called Vintage Glam, with six colors.

I picked out my favorite, brought it home, and proceeded to look on the internet for photos and info to share with my readers.  But… nothing.  Not one item, word, or picture.  I tried different search engines and every relevant search term I could think of, and still nothing.

Then I thought maybe I hallucinated the whole thing.  No, I had the bottle in my hand.  This morning I went back to look again and to write down all the color names and descriptions (I didn’t take any pictures with my phone because stores often frown on that, and besides, my phone takes crappy photos).

Here’s what I know; there are six polishes:

  • Vintage Glam — bright medium red creme
  • Pincurls & Pouts — dark burgundy-plum creme (oxblood?)
  • Whatta Dish — beige-gray shimmer
  • Bombshell — green-gold metallic duochrome
  • All Dolled Up — teal metallic
  • She’s A Beaut — gold metallic

The first two polishes do look very vintage.  Makes me want to put on a black & white Swiss dot dress, pin my hair up in a Victory Roll, and head out to go jitterbugging.

victory roll

The one polish I bought is Pincurls & Pouts.  I was in the mood for a dark one after my post the other day about short dark nails.  It’s a cool-toned burgundy that looked medium plum after just one coat but which darkened up considerably after three coats.  It seemed to dry quickly but that might have been partly our current extremely arid weather.  It wasn’t as shiny as I prefer cremes to look so I added a clear top coat.  Under reflected outdoor light and then with the flash:

Pincurls outd

Pincurls flash

It’s a great color for fall.  And I sure hope I can find more info about the whole set for you!

Finger Paints are ~$5.29 at Sally Beauty Supply, slightly less with a member card, and the bottle contains 0.5 oz/15 ml.

Sally Beauty Supply — now might be a good time to renew

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Do you have a Sally Beauty Supply member card?  Did you, like me, let it expire?  If so, June might be a good month to renew your membership.

I’d let my Sally card expire, for no particular reason.  Just lazy, and I hadn’t been in the store for a while.  I kept getting emails telling me about sales I had no interest in (hot pink hair dye!  flat irons!  overpriced hair products!) and nothing particularly interested me until I got one email basically begging me to come back.  I would receive a free Finger Paints nail polish if I renewed my membership in June and showed the coupon from the email.  OK, sold!

For those not familiar with Sally, it’s a small beauty supply store.  By small I mean space-wise — every one I’ve ever seen is tiny and cramped — and also products-wise.  They carry mostly do-it-yourself-at-home hair products, and frankly every time I go in there I see the world’s worst dye jobs on both the staff and the customers (Me-ow!!).  I’m only interested in the nail polish the store carries and they are my sole local outlet for China Glaze, Orly, and Finger Paints, plus at Christmas time they have Color Club.

You can get a membership card for $5 U.S. which nets you discounts on purchases but it’s essentially free because when you sign up you get a coupon for $5 off your next purchase.  So if you’re going to make a habit of shopping there it’s a good deal.

The coupon for a free Finger Paints polish was good for any color except those in their gel line, and I picked up Laugh My Art Off, a blue glitter.  I haven’t bought or swatched a lot of Finger Paints in the past although I did love the shimmery Framed in Red.  The bottle is full-sized and contains 0.5 oz./15 ml, and I like the handle which is tall and slightly concave.

Laugh My Art Off is a sheer light/bright blue base with microglitter in blue and teal.  I think it gives a very pretty water-like effect.  The first coat was quite sheer but three coats looked good.  It dried quickly, but the finish is slightly dull and gritty so I used a clear top coat, which I think beautifully intensified the color.  One warning though — this polish absolutely drinks top coat.  By which I mean it absorbs it and you may want to use more than one layer of the top coat for a true shine.

It’s so sparkly I think my camera had a hard time focusing.  Under indirect outdoor light, with the flash, and then in direct sunshine:

Laugh My Art Off outd

Laugh My Art Off flash

Laugh My Art Off sun

What a pretty color for summer, and it would make a nice top coat for blue or teal cremes, too.

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