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A pigment of my imagination?

I read a rumor a while back that Nicole by OPI was coming out with a Coca-Cola collection this year, but then I thought, “Nah, can’t be.”  OPI just had one last year.  I never picked up any of the colors, but read about it here.  Plus I couldn’t find any confirmation that this alleged new set was real.

But it’s real.  Once again, Beauty Geeks has the stuff!  She’s, like, magic!  Swoon to her writeup and photos HERE.

I don’t think I need another bright red creme to keep my other fifty bright red cremes company, but The Silver Nail is always up for a new silver.  The polish called DC Lover looks pretty sweet on that swatch plate, and I’d love to slap a shiny or matte top coat on it.  I want to see how close it is to the besteversilver I use for my avatar, the long ago limited edition Designer De-Better from OPI.

Nicole by OPI is a hard brand for me to find.  The local Ulta only has a few bottles left and seems to be closing out the brand, no new stuff.  Of all places, my local KMart is the best place for me to find the brand these days.

What do you think, too much of a “do over” of the Coca-Cola Collection from OPI to Nicole by OPI?

Happy (Kid) President’s Day

Happy Presidents’ Day to all here in the States!  Whether you’re sick of snow and are finding the revolving door of blizzards Grounds for Violence or whether it’s just another day, I hope you all find the time to be awesome and make others feel that way too.

I was reading a survey in our paper this morning with the topic “Who’s your favorite president?”  Mine is Kid President, aka Robby Novak.  Robby is an 11-year-old boy who, in 2012, became a YouTube sensation with the introduction of his Kid President persona.  He’s the star of several inspirational videos that are semi-scripted and which urge us to be good, kind people.  No political agenda, no religious one.  His “A Pep Talk” has one of my favorite lines:  If life is a game, aren’t we all on the same team?

Now, while I love Kid President, I can only listen to him in small doses, which goes for anyone giving pep talks.  And lest you think little Robby is just a spoiled kid with everything going for him and nothing to worry about, consider this.  He has osteogenesis imperfecta, a congenital incurable disease usually called “brittle bone disease” and he’s had over seventy fractures.  Does that keep him from dancing?  No it does not.

He was asked, “Any desire to be president when you grow up?,” and he replied, “I want to play football, soccer, or baseball, or be a Marine.  No, too much paperwork to be president.”

Kid President always wears a suit and a bright orange-red tie in his videos.  Here’s a nail polish called Tamsen from Zoya to celebrate the look.  I don’t wear orange-y shades much but this color is pretty cool, one of those modern-yet-retro ones.   Tamsen was part of the 2011 Summertime Collection.  Under indirect bright outdoor light:


The formula was great — two coats gave excellent coverage and it dries super-glossy.

Now, get out there and follow some KP advice.  Dance.  Be polite and say “thank you” and “please.”  Treat everyone like it’s their birthday.  Don’t be boring.  “You’re gooder than that.”

Diamonds and Rust

Guess what, I was wrong.  Wasn’t the first time and it certainly won’t be the last!

A couple of months ago when Pantone announced the color of the year for 2015, Marsala, I was quite bitchy about it and said how much I disliked it.  I think what I hated the most was that picture which showed the color in a very dull fabric swatch.  It did, as one person commented, look rather like dried blood.

But since then I’ve been schooled a bit and have looked at a lot of Marsala shades and products and finishes, and it’s grown on me.  Now with my cool-toned complexion and salt ‘n’ pepper hair, I know it’ll never look as good on me as it does on, say, a warm-complected person with black or blonde or red hair, but I can try it sparingly.

As you might imagine, some companies were afflicted with severe bandwagonitis and rushed to promote old or new products of theirs as being all Marsala, all the time.  One product that appeared and quickly sold out was an eyeshadow palette from Sephora called the “Sephora + Pantone Universe Facets of Marsala Eye Palette.”  It’s no longer on Sephora’s site but you can read a review of it and see a ton of photos and swatches at Temptalia.

It was a bit pricey but I think I might have bought it had I known about it in time.  As it is, I’m attempting to more or less recreate it with an empty palette and single eye shadow pots from Coastal Scents along with some singles I already own.  It won’t be an exact dupe but I’m having fun with the challenge.

One company that has not been pushing Marsala — but has it anyway — is Nyx Cosmetics.  I picked up one of their Jumbo Eye Pencils in the color Rust, which is a rusty red, kind of maroon.

Rust closed

Rust open

I’ve tried these Jumbo Eye Pencils before and really like how creamy and blendable they are.  SRP is a reasonable $4.50 and they’re often on sale at Ulta.  Target carries Nyx, too.

It swatches out to a pretty shimmer.  Under indirect dull outdoor light and with a flash:

Rust swatch Rust swatch flash

I wouldn’t wear a reddish eye shadow heavily or too close to the white of my eye, for fear of looking tired or as if I had pinkeye.  But it can be a transition shade with more neutral browns for a pop of color.  If you want to dip a toe into Marsala Lake, this eye pencil might be an easy way to try it.

The name of my post refers to the title song from a 1975 album by Joan Baez.  Diamonds and Rust was well-received and included Baez compositions along with great songs such as Stevie Wonder’s I Never Dreamed You’d Leave in Summer and Jackson Browne’s Fountain of Sorrow.  I think I played this album so much in high school I practically wore it out.  Still have it, too.

Diamonds and Rust is about Baez’s relationship with Bob Dylan and I always took the meaning of the title to be that time does odd things.  It can create something wonderful and valuable (diamonds) or it can tear down and ruin (rust).  Memories — old loves, past homes, departed friends — can be diamonds or rust.

You can easily listen to the song online.  And, yeah, I’d go with the original Baez version, not the Judas Priest cover.

Perfect for Valentine’s Day

The big V is coming up, Valentine’s Day.  It used to be a big deal with me and Mr. Silver Nail, but now after 30+ years, we’re more, “Hey, I got you a card.”  “I got you a card too.”  “Cute, thanks!”  “Wanna go out to dinner?”  “Doesn’t matter to me; we could stay home and have spaghetti and wine just as well.”  “OK.”  Quelle passion!

But a good red or pink nail polish is always good to have, Valentine’s Day or not.  What if you can’t really decide between the two colors?

Here’s an older polish from Zoya that I recently picked up in their New Year’s promo.  It’s called Ariel and is from the Summer 2007 Smitten Collection.


Wow, gorgeous, if you love both pink and red.  It appears red in the bottle but the base is a sheer magenta pink and there’s dark pink shimmer in it.

It’s not very opaque, however, and I used three coats — might’ve even needed a fourth, although you could put down an opaque creme in a close shade and then use Ariel as a top coat.  Under indirect outdoor light and with the fill flash:


Ariel flash

Against my other red polishes it looks pink, and against my other pinks it looks red!

Ariel should not be confused with the way-too-similarly named Arielle from Zoya, which is a dusty orchid pink, nor with Aria which is no longer available.

High Tea collection from Butter London

Taking a full-on break from swatching and comparing today, hope to have more tomorrow.  I wanted to alert readers to the new Butter London collection if they didn’t already know about it.

It’s called High Tea and is billed as limited edition, so I don’t know if it’s BL’s Spring 2015 Collection per se.

BL Tea banner

What’s super-confusing is that BL already had a set of eight polishes in 2013 called High Tea…

BL High Tea collection 2013

… so if you do a Google search for “Butter London High Tea swatches,” that’s probably what you’ll hit on.  Don’t DO that, big companies!!

At any rate, here are the six new polishes in the 2015 High Tea collection.  Photos from BL’s site (sorry the green one is a different size than the others).
BL Tea Ruby Murray BL Tea High TeaBL Tea Sloane Ranger

Ruby Murray, High Tea, Sloane Ranger

BL Tea Cheers BL Tea Kip BL Tea Tiddly

Cheers!, Kip, Tiddly

There’s also a mini-set that — more confusion — contains three of these colors, Ruby Murray, High Tea, and Tiddly, plus a totally different one, a light mint green creme called Green Fairy.

BL Tea collection

The only one really grabbing me at the moment is Kip, but I want to see them in person.  I know I definitely don’t need a yellow or bright orange, and I have enough dark reds to open my own shop.

EDIT:  A few hours later.  Just got back from my local Ulta, where I saw all of these new polishes except one, the yellow Cheers!, and they didn’t have the mini-set.  Ruby Murray is, to me, just another dark red creme and High Tea is a very plain nude cream.  Kip is pretty but not a must-have, and Tiddly is more of a coral orange in person than the bright Halloween orange it appears in the picture.  The nicest one to my eye was Sloane Ranger, which has a lovely thread of silver shimmer running through it.  Still didn’t buy any though, since they’re $15 each and don’t qualify for coupons.

How about a nice, flaming rum punch?

Disclosure:  This product was supplied by Sleek Nail for review.

It was fun the other day to swatch a beautiful OPI polish that was sent to me by Sleek Nail.   I mentioned, too, that they carry Nyx Cosmetics now, and Nyx is becoming my new drugstore BFF.

I’ve bought several Nyx lip products before but had not tried one of the company’s chubby lip crayons in their Chunky Dunk Hydrating Lippie line.  Since I’ve loved Nyx’s lip glosses and also lip crayons from Revlon and e.l.f., I was excited to try a Nyx crayon.

There are twelve shades and the SRP is $6.00.  They are $4.80 at Sleek Nail which is currently having a 20% off Nyx sale, and I received Rum Punch, a light red-plum.  I’ve seen tempting swatches of the other colors, such as the purplish Berry Mojito and Pomegranate Margarita.

It looks brownish-red in the crayon but does swatch out to a plummy red, a little darker than most of the pink lippies I wear.  Both photos are under indirect outdoor light:

Rum Punch

The product came safety-sealed/shrink-wrapped and the slight nick in the tip is of my own clumsy doing.  A big plus is that the crayon twists up, no sharpening required.  I hate sharpening makeup crayons/soft pencils!  There was no noticeable scent or flavor.

Rum Punch swatch

Rum Punch is sheer but buildable and feels very light and moisturizing on my lips, not heavy or dry at all.  Very good pigmentation for a sheer product.  I haven’t worn it for any length of time yet but when I removed it I found it did have a faint stain.

Uh oh, I see a new addiction developing!!

As previously posted, Sleek Nail has a deal especially for readers of The Silver Nail.  Use code SILVERNAIL10 to get 10% off your first order when you create an account.

P.S.  You get a gold star in my book if you recognized the title of my post as being a line from the classic “It’s a Wonderful Life”!

Disclosure:  This polish was supplied by Sleek Nail for review.

I’ve got two, I mean seven, tickets to paradise

After the first of the year, I’m always in the mood for news about spring polishes.  I love snow in December and Christmas and all that jazz, but in January I start wishing for less snow and cold and looking for that extra minute or two of daylight we get as we move towards spring.

Color Club has had a new collection announced for quite some time now but I didn’t want to mention it ’til I was in more of a spring mood.  It’s Ticket to Paradise.

CC Ticket to Paradise

The marketing blurb on Color Club’s page says, “Travel to where the palm trees grow, where the breeze is warm, and the sun is shining. Pair shades together for a tropical gradient, or where [sic] alone for a semi-matte beach glass finish.

There’s a mini-set of Ticket to Paradise that looks like a good variety of colors, and also the colors look slightly different from those above, much darker.

CC Ticket to Paradise minis

Blogger The Nail Polish Challenge has swatches of all seven and they look lovely.  Most have a jelly texture and a slight shimmer.  Check out her beautiful nails HERE.  Further proof that short nails can be fashionable and fantastic!  I’m still searching for a perfect peach, and Tiny Umbrella might be it.

Each polish is $8.50 at Color Club’s web site but only $3.25 each at e-tailer Head2ToeBeauty.

The title of my post comes, of course, from the 1978 rock single, “Two Tickets to Paradise” by Eddie Money.  Catch a live version here and dig that ’70s shag hair:

or, if the embed doesn’t work, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uCacbNlrqYk .

This song was famously spoofed by Mr. Money himself (real name Eddie Mahoney) in this 2012 Geico commercial:


Have a great weekend!


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