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Ready for some Island Fun and Paradise Sun? Preview of the new Zoya Summer Collections!

Usually in April I’m still shoveling snow, but we’ve had a glorious warm, early spring this year and so I’m more ready than ever for summer polish news!  Every season I await the new collection news and fantastic photos from Zoya with an excitement that other people reserve for the latest Star Wars announcement.

Without further ado, let’s meet Island Fun and Paradise Sun.  (Click any of the pictures for larger shots.)

Zoya summer 2015 banner2

Zoya summer 2015 spill

What beautiful, rich colors!

As usual, one set is all cream/creme and one is shimmery/metallic.  Color names and descriptions:

ISLAND FUN (cremes)  Ready for an island vacation, these playful creams embody a tropical getaway!  They are strong in color to balance the brilliance of the summer sun, with a flawless cream formula.

  • Demetria — vibrant poppy red
  • Nana — deep summer fuchsia
  • Serenity — blue-toned deep purple
  • Talia — true turquoise
  • Cecelia — classic teal
  • Jace — tropical green, more muted than lime

Zoya summer 2015 cremes bottles

Zoya summer 2015 cremes

PARADISE SUN (metallics)  Fully saturated with a gorgeous micronized metallic sheen, these shimmering beauties are much like sunshine sparkling on water. Meant to be used as an independent color, these shades feature a full-coverage, densely pigmented formula.

  • Aphrodite — vibrant summer red
  • Mae — warm magenta pink
  • Isa — deep blue-based purple
  • Oceane — true turquoise
  • Selene — true teal
  • Genesis — crystalline white, designed to look like fine diamond dust

Zoya summer 2015 shimmers bottles

Zoya summer 2015 shimmers

I’m excited for all of these, especially the pinks, teals, and purples.  And that Genesis, what a great addition.  I wonder if it will be opaque or more of a sheer topper?  I’m hoping sheer so we can try it over each of the other colors.

Zoya summer 2015 display

Release date is 05/05/15 at http://www.zoya.com

As always, Zoya polish is BIG5FREE:  contains no formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate, toluene, or camphor.

$9 (US)
Available in top salons, spas, and on Zoya.com

An Adrenaline Rush — Orly’s summer set

Haven’t talked about Orly much lately, because I haven’t bought any.  Their spring collection, Sugar High, had me saying “meh” because it didn’t seem like a coherent set nor a particularly attractive one.

So is their summer collection called Adrenaline Rush better?  Well, it is brighter and more intense.  But where are the fun finishes?  Five cremes and one shimmer.

Orly Adrenaline Rush

They’re OK but I’d like to see something different since they look extremely similar to Orly’s own summer 2014 collection called Baked.  I get that summer is for neons and brights but it doesn’t have to be such a rerun.

Colors are:

  • Risky Behavior – Fuchsia pink creme
  • Fireball – Coral-red shimmer
  • Push The Limit – Peach creme
  • Thrill Seeker – Lime green creme
  • Be Daring – Purple creme
  • On The Edge – Indigo blue creme

There’s a mini set of the fuchsia, red, peach, and blue.

Seems like we have to wait for fall and winter to see any glitterati from Orly, and they used to have such great foils too.  Bah.  Boo.

Despite my negativity, have a great weekend!

Essie Summer Collection 2015 — Peach Side Babe

And the news just keeps a-comin’.  Honestly, I can’t remember reading about so many new collections so many days in a row.

Essie sets are always big news as in super-popular with readers.  And again for 2015, Essie’s summer collection is beach themed (and the puns are getting as bad as the ones from OPI!):

Essie summer 2015

Essie summer 2015 bottles

Pretty, summery colors.  I don’t know if the white Private Weekend is meant to be worn solo or is more of a base to make the other colors pop.  I love how Salt Water Happy is a pun on salt water taffy, but wonder if most people will get the Pret-a-Surfer reference to prêt-à-porter, which means “ready to wear.”  I dunno, it’s a fashion industry term so they probably will.

I read that the Peach Side Babe collection will be available in both regular and gel polish, and saw a mini-set that includes the green, peach, red, and darker blue.  See tons more pictures at Everything2K.

Zero is My Hero

Got one more polish from Nicole by OPI’s Coca-Cola Collection to show you.  After trying the silver DC Lover, I wanted to go back and get the dark polish Zero is My Hero.  Although it turned out to be not what I thought, I still like it!

Under the store’s fluorescent lights, I thought Zero is My Hero was a duochrome that shaded from black to purple and gold.  Boy, was I wrong.  It’s actually a dark cola brown base — which makes more sense with its name that alludes to Coke Zero — with dark red shimmer.

The first coat was streaky but three coats looked good and the polish dried very shiny.  Under indirect outdoor cloudy light and with the flash:

Zero imh

Zero imh flash

This is a color I know I’ll love for fall, and even though I may have a dupe or near-dupe in a Zoya polish or two, it’s good to have a new, fresh bottle.  Zero is My Hero was $5.99 at KMart for 0.5 oz/15 ml.

A new silver from Nicole by OPI

I kept thinking about the new Coca-Cola collaboration that Nicole by OPI just released.  Posted about it the other day.  The silver was calling my name, probably because my name is The Silver Nail.  Ya think?

The local Ulta didn’t have the set and Target didn’t either.  Who had a brand new, full display?  KMart!

I bought DC Lover ($5.99 for a full-sized 0.5 oz/15 ml bottle) and was seriously tempted by the very dark Zero is My Hero, which looks black at one angle and purple-gold at another.  I actually thought all the other polishes were pretty too.  The signature Coke red is very shimmery, not a creme as I first thought.

DC Lover is a clear base with silver shimmer and tiny red glitter particles.  Unfortunately it’s very sheer and needs many coats to build up opacity on its own.  For swatching purposes I used four coats but in the future I’d probably wear it by applying two or so coats over a gray or silver base.  It dries brilliantly shiny and has a verrrry slightly gritty feel but is not a textured polish by any means.  Under indirect sunshine and with the flash:

DC Lover

DC Lover flash

I also wanted to see how it looked with a clear top coat and with a matte one.  The clear top coat made it feel smoother but didn’t change the appearance, and even though I applied two coats of the matte topper, it’s still rather shiny due to the silver and red particles.  I couldn’t get it completely matte.

DC Lover w top coats

I like DC Lover and think it’s different.  Silver with a kick!  Some minor points that I don’t like about Nicole by OPI is that their web site is hopelessly out of date and that their teardrop-shaped botttles, while distinct, are difficult to hold and to store.  But no big deal.

No Text Red

Ugh, sorry I haven’t been posting much!  Don’t mean to leave you all high and dry, but I feel somewhat “in between” spring and summer news and new polishes.

But today I bring you a public service announcement from my fave super-budget brand, Sinful Colors:  Don’t text and drive.  Sinful Colors has a campaign going on called No Text Red.  It’s not new but I saw it for the first time today in a local store.

No text red

Those stats are chilling — thousands of teen deaths and hundreds of thousands of injuries due to something so trivial as texting.  And of course it’s not just teens; adults do it too.

Sinful Colors has a polish called No Text Red, but really, any bright red will do.  Paint your thumbnail bright red as a reminder not to text while driving.  It’s for everybody — girls, guys, teens, adults.  Make a statement and spread the word.

No text red bottle


A pigment of my imagination?

I read a rumor a while back that Nicole by OPI was coming out with a Coca-Cola collection this year, but then I thought, “Nah, can’t be.”  OPI just had one last year.  I never picked up any of the colors, but read about it here.  Plus I couldn’t find any confirmation that this alleged new set was real.

But it’s real.  Once again, Beauty Geeks has the stuff!  She’s, like, magic!  Swoon to her writeup and photos HERE.

I don’t think I need another bright red creme to keep my other fifty bright red cremes company, but The Silver Nail is always up for a new silver.  The polish called DC Lover looks pretty sweet on that swatch plate, and I’d love to slap a shiny or matte top coat on it.  I want to see how close it is to the besteversilver I use for my avatar, the long ago limited edition Designer De-Better from OPI.

Nicole by OPI is a hard brand for me to find.  The local Ulta only has a few bottles left and seems to be closing out the brand, no new stuff.  Of all places, my local KMart is the best place for me to find the brand these days.

What do you think, too much of a “do over” of the Coca-Cola Collection from OPI to Nicole by OPI?


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