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Zoya Cashmeres — the review

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Disclosure:  These polishes were sent by Zoya for review.

Today I have Part 2 of the review of Zoya’s new fall sets.  Check out yesterday’s look at the Satins — metallics/shimmers — if you haven’t already.  Pretty please.

The Cashmeres set consists of six creme polishes:

Cashmeres set

Left to right:  Livingston, Pepper, Sailor, Hunter, Louise, and Flynn

All six polishes had a fantastic smooth formula, covered well in two coats, and were very glossy even without a clear top coat.  Photos are under indirect outdoor light.

Livingston is apple red.  It’s a crisp, clear, back-to-school color.


Pepper has an interesting name.  I’d guess it’s for Dr. Pepper, since the color is a cola-like reddish brown and Zoya already has an older polish named Cola.  The company calls Pepper “brick red” and that’s accurate too.  I don’t own Cola for comparison but Pepper looks a bit darker on Zoya’s web site.  It’s a great fall color but unfortunately makes my skin look yellowish in person.


Sailor is a classic navy blue, with perhaps a verrrry slight purple tone.  Beautiful!


Hunter, as the name implies, is a hunter green.  Zoya describes it as “dark sea green.”  Great for fall or winter.


Louise?  Ah, Louise.  I’ve searched a long time for the perfect chocolate brown, wasting a lot of money along the way, and now I’ve found it.  Louise looks just like melted chocolate.  <do not eat>  It’s not blackened nor is it too pale.  Love, love, love.


Flynn reminds me of my favorite old camel coat from high school.  That shade looked a lot better on me when my hair was dark golden-brown and not salt-and-pepper (heavy on the salt) like it is now!  Flynn doesn’t show up well on my skin tone but nevertheless I think it’s the best tan polish I’ve ever worn.  Would be fantastic for a gotta-wear-neutrals office environment.


And here is each color with one accent nail topped with Maria-Luisa from the Satins Collection:

Livingston w ML

Pepper w ML

Sailor w ML

Hunter w ML

Louise w ML

Flynn w ML

My impressions:  I like — no, love — this set much more than I expected.  Sometimes I get to thinking that cremes are boring, but they’re really not; they’re classic.  This is one of the best fall collections I’ve ever seen.  Additionally, each color looks wonderful with the new gold flake top coat Maria-Luisa.

My favorites are Louise, Sailor, and Hunter.  And Livingston.  And Flynn, and I can hardly believe I’m saying that about a tan polish!  The only reason I’m not crazy about Pepper is that it clashes with my skin tone.

SRP is $8 per 0.5 oz/15 ml bottle.  Available at http://www.zoya.com and at select retailers and salons.

Disclosure:  These polishes were sent by Zoya for review.

Zoya Satins — the review

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Disclosure:  These polishes were sent by Zoya for review.

I’ve been looking forward to Zoya’s fall set of shimmers/metallics, Satins, since I first read about them.  They just arrived on my doorstep today so it was serious swatch time.  Unfortunately the light is not cooperating — after a month of heat and bright sunshine, today is dark and rainy.  We need the rain but it sure plays havoc with my camera.

Enough whining, let’s look at these beautiful polishes!

Satins set

Left to right:  Maria-Luisa, Channing, Mason, Claudine, Neve, and Giovanna

Maria-Luisa is a top coat consisting of small irregular gold flakes in a clear base.  The other five polishes are shimmers/metallics and each covered well in two coats.  Photos are under indirect outdoor light unless otherwise stated.

Channing was the one I was looking forward to the most.  I saw the perfect fall red with a copper tone, and that is indeed how it looks in photos, even mine.  But in real life, Channing strikes me as much more copper than red.

Channing outd

It’s gorgeous, just not as red as I was expecting.  Still screams, “Fall!” to me though.  And while Zoya calls it cool in tone, I’d definitely say it’s warm and has a gold shimmer.

Mason is a shimmery red-violet, and I think I see sparks of hot pink and maybe copper.  Something different for autumn if you don’t want brown tones.

Mason outd light

Zoya calls Claudine a “striking dark meteorite gray metallic.”  Alas, I have no meteorites on hand to compare it to.  It is a very dark, chic gray, almost black.  It almost seems to have a greenish tone.

Claudine outd

Neve is a stunner, a sapphire blue metallic.  It was previously seen — but not released — as Catherine the Great in a fashion show by Zang Toi this past spring.

Neve outd

I’ve got to show you Neve under the flash as well:

Neve flash

It’s like a dark, mysterious star-filled night sky.

Finally, Giovanna is an ultra-fashionable emerald green with a faint blue duochrome shift.  This, too, was previously shown as a Zang Toi color, Chinoiserie Fantasy, and it was released in a limited edition trio, which I bought.  Here’s a photo taken months ago of my Chinoiserie Fantasy:

Chinoiserie Fantasy outd light

Comparing my new, unopened bottle of Giovanna and my bottle of Chinoiserie Fantasy, they are identical.  I turned them over and over, looking at them under different lighting, and I see no difference at all.  So I’m keeping Giovanna unopened so I can give it away to one of my readers in the future.  😀  To see more pictures of this snazzy emerald, see my post about the Zang Toi trio here.

Finally, the top coat, Maria-Luisa.  I thought it would be, “Ho hum, another gold top coat.  Yawn,” but no.  I love it!  The flakes are plenty thick, no having to fish for them with the brush.  I like that the gold look comes from flakes instead of hex glitter, which I am so tired of.  Here’s how Maria-Luisa looks over Neve:

Neve with Maria-Luisa

Whoa, maybe a little too much bling going on there for my taste.  Neve is sparkly enough on its own without putting Maria-Luisa on each nail.  I think M-L would be great for just one accent nail, or would look more special over creme polishes instead of sparkly metallics, so I’ll definitely show it in my review of the Cashmeres Collection tomorrow.

And although I’m going to have a separate post in a few days with comparisons of the Satins to other polishes, I wanted to go ahead and show Maria-Luisa compared to Zoya’s Gilty, a real 18K gold top coat that’s no longer available.  Here are both over Channing, M-L on the left and Gilty on the right, with the bottle of M-L.

Channing w ML and Gilty

The flakes of Gilty might actually show up better, but overall I prefer Maria-Luisa.  The flakes in Gilty are comparatively sparse and almost have to be dabbed on individually, plus some are so large as to be awkward.

Impressions of the Satins Collection:

  • My surprise favorite is Neve.  It’s the one where I kept holding my hand out at arm’s length, turning my hand this way and that, mentally oohing and aahing.  I have a ton of blue polishes but Neve has really grabbed me.
  • Giovanna, the artist previously known as Chinoiserie Fantasy, is great too.  Emerald green is THE fashion color of the year, if you care about things like that.
  • I like the gold top coat Maria-Luisa much more than I thought I would.  It’s not “just another top coat.”
  • I was surprised that Channing was more copper and less red than I expected.  Still, I like it a lot; it’s going to look great with denim.
  • Mason is beautiful but I think I already have one or two very close colors.
  • Claudine is interesting but since I don’t wear much black or very dark gray, it’s not “me.”  Has kind of an industrial, geek-chic look.

SRP is $8 per 0.5 oz/15 ml bottle.  Available at http://www.zoya.com and at select retailers and salons.

Disclosure:  These polishes were sent by Zoya for review.

P.S.  If there are specific polishes you’d like me to compare, just drop me a note in the comments.  If I have ’em, I’ll compare ’em!

New from Zoya for fall — Satins & Cashmeres!

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The two new fall collections from Zoya have just been announced, and let me say this right now:  I think I have died and gone to heaven.  Nail Polish Heaven.

Last summer I remember I was whining and not real thrilled with Zoya’s fall sets, although they did grow on me.  But these two, the Satins and Cashmeres Collections?  It’s like Zoya read my mind.  Or maybe they read my “If I ran the world” post from a year ago!

Zoya says, “Six new long-wearing decadent, cashmere creams – five silky, satin metallics – one super luxe gold topper!  All created to work together with this seasons most stylish runway designs and luxurious fabric blends.  Try the topper as an accent or gild each nail – no matter what this Fall duo has you covered.”

Let’s get right to details and pictures.  The Satins Collection contains the following: Neve, Giovanna, Channing, Claudine, Mason, and Maria-Luisa.  These are all rich metallics except for Maria-Luisa which is a “gold cellophane accent topper,” aka a gold flake top coat.  Not real gold, like the limited edition (and no longer available) Gilty, but gold-look, which is way more affordable.

Neve, a sapphire blue


Giovanna, a stunning emerald green


Channing, a copper red


Claudine, dark meteorite gray, almost black


Mason, an exciting red-violet


and finally, the aforementioned Maria-Luisa gold top coat

Zoya_Nail_Polish_662_MARIA_LUISA_HANDSHOT 400x400_C

I’m swooning here.  Shimmers and foils are some of my faves, but I gotta admit that there’s nothing like a good creme, too.  The Cashmeres Collection has six gorgeous cremes: Livingston, Sailor, Hunter, Louise, Flynn, and Pepper.

Livingston is autumn red, like a crisp apple


Sailor, as you might expect, is a classic dark navy blue


Hunter, again as might be expected from the name, is a dark green


Louise looks like the most perfect chocolate brown ever — CHOCOLATE!!!!


Flynn is a lush camel brown


Pepper is a smooth dark brick red, almost burgundy


Listen, folks, I know sometimes I sound blasé about this new polish or that one.  But every single one of these… wow.  Even Flynn looks like something I’ll wear, and I never wear tan or nude polish!

Some of these polishes were designed previously for Zang Toi (Neve, Mason, and Giovanna), Peter Som (Pepper), and Rafael Cennamo (Maria-Luisa).  Here’s Giovanna when it was called “Chinoiserie Fantasy” in the Zang Toi limited edition trio which I swatched here.  I loved it and its hard-to-capture blue duochrome shift.

Chinoiserie Fantasy outd light

Neve looks like the unreleased “Catherine the Great” from last spring, and the purple “Imperial Russia” was not re-released in these fall collections.  But perhaps this winter or for the holidays.

Whew, that’s a lot of new polishes!  If you’re like me — and I know I am — you can hardly wait to get your hands on these…. is it fall yet?  😉

$8.00 each at zoya.com, available July 15, 2013

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