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Go Through the Looking Glass with Alice and OPI

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New collection of brights for 2016 from OPI!  Called Alice Through the Looking Glass, it’s a tie-in with the new Tim Burton movie from Disney which is a sequel, I suppose, to Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.  Trailer looks…. creepy.

Direct link:  http://youtu.be/ynt9lWQG8uQ

I prefer my old book with the original Tenniel illustrations, thanks.

But… polish!  Everything2K has a quick writeup and shows this picture

Alice TTLG from OPI nail plate

Those three white ones on the left are blank, and there are nine polishes:

The I’s Have It
Oh My Majesty!
What’s the Hatter with You?
I’m Gown for Anything!
Fearlessly Alice
A Mirror Escape
Having a Big Head Day
Mad for Madness Sake
What Time Isn’t It?

I think the shimmery gold A Mirror Escape look pretty but the others underwhelm me.  We live in an ocean of red cremes already.

Release is tentatively scheduled for May 1st to precede the movie’s summer premiere.

Essie Summer Collection 2015 — Peach Side Babe

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And the news just keeps a-comin’.  Honestly, I can’t remember reading about so many new collections so many days in a row.

Essie sets are always big news as in super-popular with readers.  And again for 2015, Essie’s summer collection is beach themed (and the puns are getting as bad as the ones from OPI!):

Essie summer 2015

Essie summer 2015 bottles

Pretty, summery colors.  I don’t know if the white Private Weekend is meant to be worn solo or is more of a base to make the other colors pop.  I love how Salt Water Happy is a pun on salt water taffy, but wonder if most people will get the Pret-a-Surfer reference to prêt-à-porter, which means “ready to wear.”  I dunno, it’s a fashion industry term so they probably will.

I read that the Peach Side Babe collection will be available in both regular and gel polish, and saw a mini-set that includes the green, peach, red, and darker blue.  See tons more pictures at Everything2K.

Wh… wh… WHAT?? More news?

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Today I’m posting about what I think of as a “mirage collection.”  I see pictures but am not at all sure it’s real.

This past week I saw mention of a summer collection from China Glaze called Desert Escape at Everything2K, but the pictures were so fuzzy I didn’t want to post ones like them and I felt so unsure about the set in general since all other pictures I found were the same.

But now professional UK beauty retailer The Beauty Partnership has some sharp, clear photos.  Note that the packaging and models are different in these photos versus the ones on Everything2K, so I don’t know if the collection will be released in North America and whether or not the colors, color names, or any other details will be the same.  All photos via The Beauty Partnership:

CG desert escape

There are six colors, and here’s a micro mini set of all six.

CG desert escape4

The Beauty Partnership lists the names in the following order but I don’t know if they correspond to the polishes left to right:

Meet Me In The Mirage
What’s She Dune
Rain Dance The Night Away
Don’t Mesa With My Heart
Don’t Desert Me
The Heat Is On

The company also shows two sets of three polishes each plus some extras in the form of decals or stripers:

CG desert escape2

CG desert escape3

As you can see, the turquoise is repeated in these two sets and what appears to be the sandy gold shimmer or glitter is not included.

IF this set is real and IF it appears in America and IF I can get my paws on it, I’m digging that mini set.  Cool shades and warm ones.  Love the plum and turquoise and glitter.



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