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Essie Fall 2015 Collection update — Leggy Legend!

If you saw and were intrigued by my post earlier this month about the upcoming fall collection from Essie, good news!  Ulta is carrying it NOW, at least online.  Look HERE.

The name of the set is indeed Leggy Legend, as some guessed.  Also, Ulta has the mini set and it contains the colors I’d want most — the bronze, the wine, and the charcoal.  A plain red, eh, got plenty of those.  The price of $17 for the mini set seems high though, especially considering the bottles are really tiny, only 0.16 oz. each, compared to a full-size bottle which is 0.5 oz.

The pictures I had in my earlier post weren’t very good as they were scavenged from various unofficial sources.  So let’s look at better ones!  All from Ulta’s web site:

Essie LL Leggy Legend

Leggy Legend

Essie LL Color Binge

Color Binge

Essie LL With the Band

With the Band

Essie LL In the Lobby

In the Lobby

Essie LL Bell Bottom Blues

Bell Bottom Blues

Essie LL Frock n Roll

Frock N Roll

Each full-sized polish is $8.50 at Ulta.com.  No word on when they’ll start appearing in stores.

Between these colors, the new fall ones from OPI, China Glaze, and SinfulColors, I feel like I’m swimming in an Olympic-size pool of autumn polish goodness.  And I haven’t even heard yet what Zoya’s going to have for us this fall!

Essie Fall 2015 Collection preview

Good morning!  While skimming pages and photos online ISO news, I saw this fuzzy little picture labelled “fall collection 2015″ at the Instagram site of Samaria Beauty Supply in Florida.  It appears to be a shot from Essie itself.

Essie Fall 2015

If this is the upcoming fall set, then I don’t know the name of the collection, although Essie almost always has one of the polish names as the set’s name.  I’ll make a stab and guess it’ll be either “Color Binge” or “Frock ‘n Roll.”  Cool that the first color is a beautiful bronze, because I think bronze is going to be the color for fall.  Zoya had some bronze-y, cinnamon-y hints at the last New York Fashion Week show — see this photo to see what I mean.

So…. no other photo of the Essie collection yet… or IS THERE???  There is.

Check out this site, TheHappening.com¡Ya están aquí los nuevos tonos de Essie!  There are “rojos profundos, azules intensos, y sofisticados bronces.”  This has some really pretty shots of five of the shades, although the one I’d want to see most, the bronze Leggy Legend, is missing.  Also, the two reds and the plum appear to be mislabeled.  I think the first color shown is called In the Lobby, not With the Band.  The reds are Color Binge and With the Band, not Color Binger and Color Finge.  But the blue and the granite gray look accurate.

I’m dyin’ here in a mega-heat wave, but seeing fall shades has me dreaming of cooler temps and autumn tones.  Can hardly wait to see what other companies will be announcing in the next month or two!


EDIT, 7/6/15:  Found one more picture; it’s a good one.  Look here:  http://www.paramountbeauty.com/Product/Essie/Nail_Polish/Collections__N__Displays/_Fall_Collection_2015/Leggy_Legends_Fall_2015

From this link, the name of the set may be Leggy Legends, not sure.  I love the wine and the bronze!

Make Some Noise with Essie

New summer collection from Essie called Make Some Noise, their annual set of neons.  Although according to other bloggers who’ve swatched them, there’s really only one neon in the set and the others are bright but aren’t neon.


Anyway, let’s take a quick peek.

Essie Neons 2015 banner

To better see the bottles….

Essie Neons 2015

So let’s see, we have a set of cremes that includes a magenta pink, a blue-purple, a turquoise blue, and a teal green.  Where have I seen that lately?

Island Fun set

Let me think.

Island Fun set

It’ll come to me; I just know it.

Island Fun set

Yes, that’s the new Island Fun Collection from Zoya.  Subtle I am not.

Island Fun has a bright orange-red and a medium yellow-green, and Make Some Noise has a light peachy pink and a bright lime green, but otherwise they are riding the same wave of fashionable colors.

For some great photos and tips on dealing with the formula of these new Essies, check out Karen Falcon’s swatchtastic post at BeautyGeeks.  It’s good to know that I’m not the only one who has trouble capturing the right color when dealing with a blue-purple!

Silk Watercolor Collection from Essie

OK, I’ve mentioned OPI’s new sheer tinted polishes, Color Paints, several times and am still on the lookout to buy the mini set in person.  I think they should be showing up at my local Ulta very soon.

Now I’ve heard of a similar set coming out from Essie, although the blurb I read said they will only be available through salons.

Delicate effects. Vivid hues. Sheer beauty. Essie is thrilled to announce the launch of the Silk Watercolor collection. As the fashion industry’s go-to nail color authority, these exquisite sheers embody Essie’s passion for artistry, trend and boundary-pushing creativity.

Available exclusively in salons, this collection of layerable, buildable colors is a chic departure from traditional creams, adding soft dimension to every professional’s palette. Add an artistic touch to nail designs in the spirit of Cézanne and Van Gogh, with a whole new level of virtuosity.

Translucent, blendable color makes watercolor effects a breeze; overlapping shades create a range of tonality and depth. With a nod to fine, hand-painted silks and chiffons floating down the runways, this unprecedented collection of nine shades unlock the creative genius in every nail artist.

At any rate, meet the Silk Watercolor Collection.

Silk Water Essie2

Silk Water Essie

This set has a bright white to use as a base while OPI’s Color Paints has a silver metallic.

Essie’s colors look really pretty but if they’re only going to be at salons it seems to me that would make them harder to buy.  Guess we’ll see!

Essie Summer Collection 2015 — Peach Side Babe

And the news just keeps a-comin’.  Honestly, I can’t remember reading about so many new collections so many days in a row.

Essie sets are always big news as in super-popular with readers.  And again for 2015, Essie’s summer collection is beach themed (and the puns are getting as bad as the ones from OPI!):

Essie summer 2015

Essie summer 2015 bottles

Pretty, summery colors.  I don’t know if the white Private Weekend is meant to be worn solo or is more of a base to make the other colors pop.  I love how Salt Water Happy is a pun on salt water taffy, but wonder if most people will get the Pret-a-Surfer reference to prêt-à-porter, which means “ready to wear.”  I dunno, it’s a fashion industry term so they probably will.

I read that the Peach Side Babe collection will be available in both regular and gel polish, and saw a mini-set that includes the green, peach, red, and darker blue.  See tons more pictures at Everything2K.

Essie Bridal Collection 2015

That time of year again, time for Essie’s annual bridal or wedding collection.  In years past there have been four polishes in the set but this year there are six.  Here’s the banner from the company’s web site:

Essie bridal 2015

Gee, and here I thought Essie was going to stop putting the same **** lavender in every single set!

This year’s collection also departs from the usual Essie bridal convention in that there are two brights in addition to the four typical pale pastels.  Those last two look like they kind of snuck in.  Wedding crashers, as it were.

Color names are:

  • Tying the Knotie
  • Hubby for Dessert
  • Worth the Wait
  • Brides to Be
  • Brides No Grooms
  • Happy Wife Happy Life

Another photo:

Essie bridal 2015 bottles

Another change this year is that I don’t see a four-piece mini-cube of the new colors for sale, but Transdesign shows two different five-piece mini sets.  Each one contains two of the bridal colors plus a white polish named Blanc, a base coat, and a top coat.  Interesting but not going in my cart, which is fine — more money for some summer brights!

Essie 2015 — Spring Collection

More Essie news!  For 2015, we’ve seen the Cashmere Matte Collection, which is out now, and sneak peeks of the Resort Collection.  Now let’s see the Spring Collection.

Essie-2015-Spring-Polish display

This photo is from Princess Nail Supply.

Another view of the colors:


Left to right and top to bottom:

  • Flowerista
  • Petal Pushers
  • Blossom Dandy
  • Garden Variety
  • Perennial Chic
  • Picked Perfect

As you see, the set has a flower/garden vibe, perfect for spring.

For totally awesome swatches and photos of the entire set, check out BeautyGeeks.  These colors all look great together!


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