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What’s old is new — RETRO REVIVAL Collection from Essie

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Big news from Essie!  Per their Facebook page:  35 years. 6 iconic shades and one ‘Starry Starry Night’.  Introducing the Retro Revival collection celebrating 35 years of Essie.

Essie Retro set

Colors are:

  • Starry Starry Night
  • Life of the Party
  • Bikini with a Martini
  • Sequin Sash
  • Birthday Suit
  • Cabana Boy

and will be available in early January.  You can see more of the set at Essie.com and in this fab retro video on YouTube.

I didn’t even know about Essie decades ago, but I’ve heard that Starry Starry Night is so sought-after that people are willing to sell their firstborn to snag a bottle on eBay.  Now we won’t have to.

Have a great weekend!

Essie Luxeffects 2015

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That time of year — you can’t swing an emery board without hitting a holiday nail polish collection.  Without further ado, here is the Essie Luxeffects Collection for 2015:

Essie Luxe 2015

Essie Luxe 2015b

Four shades of…. just what are they, anyway?  Hex glitter?  What?

BeautyGeeks and KellieGonzo to our rescue.  Take a gander at this post right here to see great photos and swatches of all four.  Two are bar glitter and the other two are bar glitter plus some tiny hex glitters.

Interesting but not my cuppa hot chocolate, either this holiday season or any other time.  I’ve tried bar glitter in the past and seriously dislike how it looks on me.  It’s as if the tiny lines of the bar glitter emphasize the fine lines and wrinkles on my hands.  No thanks.  But if you like the look or know someone who does, the Essie Luxeffects are a nice change from plain white or silver bar glitter.


Won’t be able to post much this week.  I’m spending a couple of days being an extra in a movie.  Truth!

Why yes. Yes, I wood.

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Geeky madness here.  My favorite (currently only, as well) MMORPG is having a beta weekend starting now to test its new expansion pack, and I’m nerdily anxious to play.  So you get a short post from me.  But a good one!

China Glaze’s fall collection, The Great Outdoors, had me all excited when it was first announced.  As time went on and swatches appeared, my enthusiasm dimmed which is actually good for my wallet.  There was one shade, though, that I just had to have.  Wood You Wanna? is a silvery gray-purple-brown foil.

I love brown polishes yet am picky about them.  Don’t like them looking like dirt or…. other organic matter, if ya know what I mean.  A good way to avoid this with browns is to get a shimmer, foil, or glitter instead of a plain creme.

Ulta is currently having a BOGO sale on all China Glaze (CG) polishes, good through tomorrow, Saturday.  New releases are included.  That’s buy one get one free, a rare sale these days; usually things are buy one get one half off.  So two CGs that normally cost $7.50 each are $3.75 each.  ♪ ♫ Awwwwe-some! ♫ ♪

Wood You Wanna? applied extremely smoothly and gave good coverage in one coat.  Yes, it’s that rare bird, a one-coat wonder.  It also dried very shiny.  Under indirect bright outdoor light, with the flash, and under artificial indoor light:

Wood U outd

Wood U flash

Wood U ind

I love this polish.  LOVE IT.  Right up my alley for fall, and it’s a brown that looks good on my cool-toned skin.  Oh, and it begs a comparison to another new fall color I reviewed, Frock ‘n Roll from Essie.

Wood U comp

Not dupes.  Wood You Wanna? is more brown and silver, and Frock ‘n Roll is more purple.  I like both.

Have a great weekend!

Essie Winter 2015 Collection preview

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Hello all.  Still living under a heavy pall of wildfire smoke, which is no tragedy but which means I have zero energy.  Honestly, as soon as I wake up in the morning I want to go back to sleep.  We had one clear night and morning recently (last Saturday morning) and I felt like a new person that day.

Anyhoo, I’m dragging myself around and don’t even have the energy to swatch.  Typing seems to be about my limit.  So howzabout some news?

Pictures of Essie’s Winter/Holiday 2015 set have been blowing around on the internet for about a month but I didn’t feel like talking about them until now.  So here we go.

The set is called Virgin Snow and looks comme ça:

Essie Virgin Snow display

I see what you did with the sexual innuendo there, Essie.

Essie Virgin Snow

Very, um, winter-into-spring-ish.  But not, I’d say, particularly exciting.  Two reds so close to each other in the same collection?  Yeah, I’ve seen that before; doesn’t mean I like it.  Can’t really tell if the last one is strictly dark gray or partly another color, like the recent fall shade Frock ‘n Roll, which I did like a lot.

The colors are:

  • Virgin Snow
  • Après Chic
  • Peak Snow
  • Altitude Attitude
  • Shall We Chalet?
  • Haute Tub

There will be a mini set, too.

Essie Virgin Snow minis

No release date known yet.  Photos via Instagram and Pinterest.

I Wanna Frock ‘n’ Roll All Night, and Party Every Day

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Alert the media!  An Essie I love!!  This is my shocked face.


Really, I can’t remember the last Essie I bought and am too lazy to check.  But after seeing swatches of Essie’s new fall collection Leggy Legend at BeautyGeeks, I really wanted to try the dark fleck/shimmer, Frock ‘n Roll.

Minor rant:  Shouldn’t Frock ‘n Roll be spelled Frock ‘n’ Roll, with the second apostrophe?  The word “and” is missing both the a and the d.  It cries out for a second apostrophe.  OCDers everywhere demand it.  But I should repeat to myself, “It’s just a polish; I should really just relax.”  (Shout-out to cult show MST3K)

OK, Frock ‘n Roll.  Seeing the first previewed bottle shots, I thought it was just a dark gray metallic or shimmer and was meh about it.  It’s more.  I’d call it a dark grayed purple-brown, which sounds like an unappealing description if ever I heard one.  But the proof is in the pictures.

The formula was excellent although the brush in my bottle had some annoying wild hairs that wanted to put polish on my skin.  You could use two thin coats but I tried one thick one and was very pleased with it.  With no top coat under indirect bright sunshine:

Frock n Roll outd

With the flash you see more of the silvery shimmer/fleck and it looks more purple:

Frock n Roll flash

Under artificial indoor light it looks more brown:

Frock n Roll ind

It’s great to see something a little different from Essie, and a great fall color to boot.  I got my bottle at Ulta for $8.50, and at Ulta’s web site it’s called a taupe brown.  Excuse me??  Taupe to me means light grayed brown, and ain’t nothing light about Frock ‘n Roll.  And they forgot the purple.  Kind of like Essie forgot that apostrophe.

A busy week!

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Sorry I’m not posting as much as usual this week.  I’m here and everything’s fine, but just so busy.  Summer has a bajillion things to do, and unfortunately blogging just has to wait sometimes.

Hope you’re enjoying the Zoya fall collections preview I posted the other day.  Want to see a bunch more photos to drool over?  You know you do.  Look at Zoya’s blogspot HERE.  These shots are helping me pull other Zoyas for comparison when I get my media samples of the Focus & Flair collections.

Have you hit the 99-cent SinfulColors sale at Walgreens this week?  If you want an early inexpensive shot of autumn, I recommend Copper Pot.  I picked it up and haven’t swatched it yet but it looks wonderful.

Remember the Essie fall collection, Leggy Legend, that I previewed?  BeautyGeeks has swatches of the set and I must have Frock n Roll.  I believe these new ones may be found in Ulta and other stores now.

Finally, I haven’t posted any blurbs from our small town newspaper’s “Law Enforcement Roundup” in a while.  So for your morning chuckle:

Several runaway juveniles were intimidating people near an outdoor sports store in Evergreen.  The situation no doubt was exacerbated by the young men’s weapons.  They were carrying knives and throwing stars, like “teenage ninjas.”  No word on whether they were mutant or turtles.

A Bigfork resident called to report the CIA was investigating him and sending teams from England to get him for what he knew.  He was making his call from under a steel wool blanket and aluminum foil to avoid their “beams.”  Officers told him to calm down, which is just what the CIA would say.

Two women were fighting on the west side of Kalispell, prompting a call to Kalispell Police.  One of the women said the other had “done some meth” and was afraid she had done too much.  Considering any amount of methamphetamine is too much, she was likely correct.

OK, more swatches soon!

Essie Fall 2015 Collection update — Leggy Legend!

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If you saw and were intrigued by my post earlier this month about the upcoming fall collection from Essie, good news!  Ulta is carrying it NOW, at least online.  Look HERE.

The name of the set is indeed Leggy Legend, as some guessed.  Also, Ulta has the mini set and it contains the colors I’d want most — the bronze, the wine, and the charcoal.  A plain red, eh, got plenty of those.  The price of $17 for the mini set seems high though, especially considering the bottles are really tiny, only 0.16 oz. each, compared to a full-size bottle which is 0.5 oz.

The pictures I had in my earlier post weren’t very good as they were scavenged from various unofficial sources.  So let’s look at better ones!  All from Ulta’s web site:

Essie LL Leggy Legend

Leggy Legend

Essie LL Color Binge

Color Binge

Essie LL With the Band

With the Band

Essie LL In the Lobby

In the Lobby

Essie LL Bell Bottom Blues

Bell Bottom Blues

Essie LL Frock n Roll

Frock N Roll

Each full-sized polish is $8.50 at Ulta.com.  No word on when they’ll start appearing in stores.

Between these colors, the new fall ones from OPI, China Glaze, and SinfulColors, I feel like I’m swimming in an Olympic-size pool of autumn polish goodness.  And I haven’t even heard yet what Zoya’s going to have for us this fall!

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