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For 2016, Shut Up and Dance

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Happy New Year!  The last few years I’ve written well-meaning posts along the lines of New Year’s resolutions, mostly about being better and kinder to yourself, which will result in your being better and kinder to others.

For 2016, my motto which I also recommend to you is going to be Shut Up and Dance.  This of course is the title of Walk the Moon’s extreeeeemely addictive pop song.  The official music video on YouTube has something like ten trillion gazillion views.

Direct link if the embed does not show up:  http://youtu.be/6JCLY0Rlx6Q

This video is so retro.  Besides a cute lead singer, it was shot with a total nod to the 1980s — the hair, the clothes, the makeup, and especially the video style of clunky, computer-generated special effects.  Remember those early CG efforts?  Funny to watch now.

So what does this have to do with a new year?  I don’t mean that you or anyone should literally shut up and not say anything, but I will recommend to stop complaining.  I do it, you do it, we all do it.  What really bugs me is that I find we tend to do more of it as we get older, and it’s a major downer.  A turn-off.  A party pooper.  A wet blanket.

I hang around very few older people, meaning my age (57) and older, because they do so much **** constant complaining.  Bitch, bitch, bitch.  It’s wearing and draining and a huge negative weight that I neither want nor need.  Sadly, the stereotype of the crabby old man/woman can be true.  Don’t be that stereotype; be upbeat.  And if you can’t be upbeat, be quiet.

Weeellllll…. good in theory, right?  I know it’s impossible.  We don’t want to be insufferable Pollyannas either.  And sometimes we do want or need to vent.  But maybe tone it down?  One thing I hope to do is stop harping on negative personal things.  For example, I have a minor foot issue that’s sometimes painful.  My family and close friends know about it, so there is absolutely no need for me to keep bringing it up.  They know.  It hasn’t changed.  So drop it.

Now the more fun part of my recommendation — dance.  Either literally dance, or at least get moving.  The sedentary lifestyle — says me, the mouse potato — is a killer and we need to move our bodies.  Dancing is more entertaining than walking on a treadmill, which I find boring as hell.  If an exercise is boring, you won’t stick to it, or you’ll hate it every second.

Maybe you have an issue with your knees or whatever and cannot actually dance.  You can still move to music.  A very fun video game is Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved, in which you “conduct” music to various trippy special effects.  It can be a ton of arm exercise, and face it, haven’t we all wanted to conduct an orchestra like Mickey Mouse in the movie Fantasia?  I like rocking out to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody or Bruno Mars’s Locked Out of Heaven.  I bought the game when it was new, a little over a year ago, and the price has come down a lot since.

Here’s a video of how the game works, with the song Let It Go by Demi Lovato from the movie Frozen:

Direct link:  http://youtu.be/D7Xr_4ePyD8

Don’t know about you, but I would 1000 times rather do this than lift free weights.  You can play in “Party Mode” like I do (going directly to the songs) or go through the child-appropriate Story Mode, which unlocks more content.  Btw, Let It Go is another good resolution — let go of stuff that holds you down or holds you back or otherwise clutters up your mind.  But maybe I’ll hold that thought ’til next New Year’s Day!

Living out loud and in color

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Can you stand another post from me about a couple of my favorite subjects, bright colors and movies?  If not, the back button on your browser is always there.

I’ve babbled on about color and/or movies before, especially here and here.  I’m taking a break from swatching and polish news today and want to show you another fantastic movie scene; it’s a musical number that I play frequently as an almost-9-minute pick-me-up.  The song!  The colors!  The cameos!  The dancing!

It’s called “Deewangi Deewangi” and is from the Bollywood movie “Om Shanti Om.”  OSO is a 162-minute comedy-drama that’s a confusing mishmash of love, revenge, murder, reincarnation, and ghosts that also happens to be mostly a huge spoof of Bollywood movies of the 1970s and Bollywood in general.  I don’t even pretend to understand it all but loved it.  A lot of people hate it, and I definitely don’t recommend it as your first foray into films of this genre.

The music video shows a birthday party scene in the movie and is famous for the literally dozens of cameos by famous actors and actresses.  I know they’re all working hard but it looks like they’re having so much fun, too!  The scene ends on a negative note, however, with the surprise appearance of the film’s villain.  So here’s the video, and I highly recommend watching it at highest resolution and in full screen mode.

Here’s the link if the embed doesn’t work:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzLG6OqOcn8

If you’re unfamiliar with the parade of stars, here’s a link to a different version of the video with name labels.  The sound isn’t that great but it’s a good “Who’s Who” until I find a better one.

Now, for us older readers, I want to point out two beautiful women in particular, actresses who dominated the New Wave of Indian films in the 1970s.  Shabana Amzi appears at about the 2:20 mark in the first version of the video.  She’s wearing a gorgeous black sari trimmed in metallic gold and is living proof that one of your best assets is a beautiful smile.  She was born in 1950 so is in her mid-to-late 50s here.  Secondly, the 5:40 mark has the appearance of a true diva, Rekha.  Look at that stunning gold sari and gold nail polish!  Rekha was born in 1954 so was also in her 50s at the time of filming.  The lady’s got attitude.

Some final thoughts about Bollywood movies, if you’re interested.  Viewers are not particularly supposed to believe that the actors seen are the ones doing the singing.  Songs are recorded by very specially trained vocalists called “playback singers.”  One often hears the same singing voices in many movies.  And have you noticed too that Bollywood movies are often quite lengthy?  I read that it’s a cultural thing, that audiences don’t feel they get their money’s worth unless movies are two-and-a-half or three hours long… or more!  I could be wrong, of course.

If you’re interested in seeing some good ones, I recommend:

  • Monsoon Wedding (some adult themes and situations)
  • Jodhaa Akbar (some battle/other violence)
  • Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India (one of my faves but almost 4 hours long)
  • My Name is Khan (tackles the subjects of autism and terrorism)
  • 3 Idiots
  • Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (some sexual situations but nothing graphic)
  • Karthik Calling Karthik (the first half is a rom-com but the second half is a dark thriller)

A lot of people love “Bride and Prejudice” but it never thrilled me.  You might love the Bollywood musical take on “Pride and Prejudice,” though.

I wanna see you be brave

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I know I probably overdo the inspirational music videos.  Click away if you don’t want to hear about another one.  But my hope is that if a video inspires me, in my 55th year, to either get moving, get involved, or get happy, that it will inspire others as well.

My latest earworm is Sara Bareilles’s new song “Brave.”

As always, I think it’s more enjoyable at the highest resolution and in fullscreen mode.  If the video doesn’t appear on your device, the URL is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUQsqBqxoR4 .

I love, absolutely LOVE, that the dancers come in all shapes and ages and sizes.  I’d love to dance with any of them any day.  And if I was 30 years younger I think I’d have a crush on the guy in the blue plaid shirt.  😉

So, what’s brave for you?   Brave for me was getting a Mohawk last year at age 53 and then going out in public without a hat. Brave was getting up on a small stage at a gaming convention and dancing to “Disco Inferno” with my son and the game “Dance Central.”  (It’s worth noting that my son, bless his heart, did not die of embarrassment.)

Can we use nail polish to be brave?  You bet.  Wear purple if you want, wear glitter.  Even wearing pink can be brave, if you’ve ever been afraid that wearing pink would label you as a vacuous girly-girl.

Being brave feels good.  Think of one thing that you’re afraid of and how good it would feel to turn it into something you’re not afraid of any more.  Maybe it’s dancing in public.  Like the people in this music video, dance like nobody’s watching.  Or dance like everybody’s watching.

There are little things like the nail colors and hair styles.  Maybe all your jackets are black.  Be brave and try one that’s sky blue or grass green.  One thing this video has inspired me to do is buy myself a pair of red tennis shoes.  All my shoes are gray… why is that?  To hide the dirt?  How BORING!  I want red shoes now.  And maybe some red socks.

Then there are the “big” brave things — coming out to your family, breaking up with someone who’s no good for you, cutting off a toxic so-called friend, moving away from home, taking a trip all by yourself.

Tell me — if you want — what you’ve done or would like to do that’s brave.  Nail polish related or not.  I’ll randomly pick someone who comments and send them a little package of goodies.  As the song says:  Show me how big your brave is!

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