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An Adrenaline Rush — Orly’s summer set

Haven’t talked about Orly much lately, because I haven’t bought any.  Their spring collection, Sugar High, had me saying “meh” because it didn’t seem like a coherent set nor a particularly attractive one.

So is their summer collection called Adrenaline Rush better?  Well, it is brighter and more intense.  But where are the fun finishes?  Five cremes and one shimmer.

Orly Adrenaline Rush

They’re OK but I’d like to see something different since they look extremely similar to Orly’s own summer 2014 collection called Baked.  I get that summer is for neons and brights but it doesn’t have to be such a rerun.

Colors are:

  • Risky Behavior – Fuchsia pink creme
  • Fireball – Coral-red shimmer
  • Push The Limit – Peach creme
  • Thrill Seeker – Lime green creme
  • Be Daring – Purple creme
  • On The Edge – Indigo blue creme

There’s a mini set of the fuchsia, red, peach, and blue.

Seems like we have to wait for fall and winter to see any glitterati from Orly, and they used to have such great foils too.  Bah.  Boo.

Despite my negativity, have a great weekend!

Pink in the Afternoon IS BACK at Ulta!!

I almost hesitate to post this news, what with it being April 1st.  But this is not a joke or a prank.  And I don’t want to wait an extra minute to let you all know that my favorite Revlon lipstick, Pink in the Afternoon, is back, at least at Ulta.

I slobbered endlessly about this lipstick in this post.  Pink in the Afternoon (PitA) is a gorgeous peachy pink creme that had apparently been discontinued, but I found a few left in outdated displays months and months ago.  Just now I was in our local Ulta, looking at the Revlon display, and…… WUT???  There it was!  So when I got home I had to check their web site, and sure enough, it’s there too.

Pink in the Afternoon is back

I know when I checked Ulta’s web site last fall for PitA, it was not available, nor was it in their stores and believe me, I looked!

Again, this is not a joke.  I actually hate most April Fool’s jokes.  Icing on the cake is that Ulta is having a BOGOHO sale on these lip colors and the offer may apply to other Revlon products too.

OPI Soft Shades for 2015

Every spring for the last few years, OPI has come out with a Soft Shades Collection, and this year is no different.  In 2012 there was a ballet theme and one year the set was tied in to a new Oz movie (Wizard of, not Frank).

I don’t see a theme this year; they are just Soft Shades.

OPI soft shades 2015 display

They’re quiet, soft, pale shades.  No surprise there.

OPI soft shades 2015

While very pretty, I have enough pale pinks and silvers for several lifetimes so won’t be buying any of these.  But several bloggers have swatched them all — the ever-dependable-but-not-in-a-boring-way Beauty Geeks, and the also wonderful Of Life and Lacquer.  Really good reviews with helpful photos.  If you’re in the mood for something very pale or a sheer shimmer, they might fit the bill, although This Silver’s Mine is, as both bloggers agree, a brushstroke-showing nightmare.


Nirvana.  It’s a lot of things.  It’s a religious or philosophical concept; it’s also the genus name of two insects and the name of some bands, albums, films, songs, and ships.  And now it’s a lipstick.

Sonia Kashuk is the founder of her eponymous lower-to-mid-range cosmetics company whose products may be found at Target.  (Careful on the web site – I find it bandwidth-intensive and hard to navigate.)  I say “lower-to-mid-range” and mean her items are fancier and more expensive than, say, Maybelline and Nyx, but less so than Tarte, Urban Decay, and other “prestige” brands found at Ulta and department stores.

But Target is good.  Like they say, it’s Walmart for the middle class.  :-)

Sonia Kashuk (SK) has a new line out for spring called Sahara Sunset, and they had me at the promo photo:


Now, the only thing I have in common with this beautiful model is that I’m female and alive.  Otherwise, I’m much older, my hair and eyes and skin are different colors, and I don’t have freckles, but by gosh I can have that lipstick!  I love the model’s look because it’s refreshingly different from the current trends of Contour-o-Mania and scary Sharpie-megabrows.  She looks, dare I say, vintage 1970s.

Most of my makeup is cool-toned.  Looking at this photo, the model looks so warm.  It makes me want to be warm, feel warm, look warm.  The power of marketing!!

I asked on SK’s Facebook page which of the two new Sahara Sunset lipsticks the model is wearing and they answered Nirvana.  So off to Target I went, and it’s mine.  The lipstick was $11.99 and it’s a rather standard size of 0.09 oz/2.7 grams.  Made in the U.S., too.

The packaging is sturdy and attractive, and the cap snaps closed very securely.

Sonia Kashuk Nirvana closed

Sonia Kashuk Nirvana open

Sonia Kashuk Nirvana open2

The lipstick itself is a warm coral nude that’s sheer but buildable.  It’s glossy but not mirror ball glassy, and I love how it feels, weightless.  Under indirect cloudy outdoor light and with the flash:

Sonia Kashuk Nirvana outd

Sonia Kashuk Nirvana flash

To see all the new products, check out Musings of a Muse, whose initial sneak peek got me interested, or Target’s web site.  Nirvana makes me want to go through all my makeup and find some warm blushes and eyeshadows too!

New for summer — Electric Nights from China Glaze

It’s not quite officially spring but news of summer polish collections is appearing.  I love looking at the brights and neons and beach shades that companies have for us, even though there’s still snow in the yard!

China Glaze’s summer collection is called Electric Nights.  Here’s a CG (computer generated) shot:


Wild, huh?  The colors are:

  • Violet-Vibes: An ultra-violet purple creme
  • Plur-Ple: Vibrant blue-purple creme
  • Glow with the Flow: Ultra bright baby pink creme
  • Red-y to Rave: Unstoppable neon red creme
  • Home Sweet House Music: Neon orange creme
  • Daisy Know My Name?: Hi-light yellow creme
  • DJ Blue My Mind: Vivid blue creme
  • UV Meant to Be: Tranquil baby blue creme
  • Treble Maker: Glowing  green creme
  • Point Me to the Party: Neon green, orange, pink, and blue matte multi-size glitter
  • Let the Beat Drop: Hot orange and pink matte multi-size glitter
  • Can I Get An Untz Untz: Cool neon blue and green matte multi-size glitter

Pardon me for being blunt but what the heck does that last name mean???  Anyway, they look bright, brighter, brightest.

Release date unknown for sure; I’ve read March, April, and May.  So I’ll say “sometime this spring” to play it safe.

P.S.  Vlogger jessFACE90 has an advance set with a full review HERE.  The cremes are all pretty and bright but not anything new.  The three glitter toppers would make for some multicolored summer fun.

Happy (Kid) President’s Day

Happy Presidents’ Day to all here in the States!  Whether you’re sick of snow and are finding the revolving door of blizzards Grounds for Violence or whether it’s just another day, I hope you all find the time to be awesome and make others feel that way too.

I was reading a survey in our paper this morning with the topic “Who’s your favorite president?”  Mine is Kid President, aka Robby Novak.  Robby is an 11-year-old boy who, in 2012, became a YouTube sensation with the introduction of his Kid President persona.  He’s the star of several inspirational videos that are semi-scripted and which urge us to be good, kind people.  No political agenda, no religious one.  His “A Pep Talk” has one of my favorite lines:  If life is a game, aren’t we all on the same team?

Now, while I love Kid President, I can only listen to him in small doses, which goes for anyone giving pep talks.  And lest you think little Robby is just a spoiled kid with everything going for him and nothing to worry about, consider this.  He has osteogenesis imperfecta, a congenital incurable disease usually called “brittle bone disease” and he’s had over seventy fractures.  Does that keep him from dancing?  No it does not.

He was asked, “Any desire to be president when you grow up?,” and he replied, “I want to play football, soccer, or baseball, or be a Marine.  No, too much paperwork to be president.”

Kid President always wears a suit and a bright orange-red tie in his videos.  Here’s a nail polish called Tamsen from Zoya to celebrate the look.  I don’t wear orange-y shades much but this color is pretty cool, one of those modern-yet-retro ones.   Tamsen was part of the 2011 Summertime Collection.  Under indirect bright outdoor light:


The formula was great — two coats gave excellent coverage and it dries super-glossy.

Now, get out there and follow some KP advice.  Dance.  Be polite and say “thank you” and “please.”  Treat everyone like it’s their birthday.  Don’t be boring.  “You’re gooder than that.”

The Mystery Trio from Zoya

Disclosure:  The Essie top coat used was previously supplied by Sleek Nail for review.

By now, it’s no secret what the three mystery mini polishes were that Zoya advertised in their promo a month ago because bloggers and others have been showing them for at least a week.  I only received my order today.

This promotion promised three “brand new” mystery shades in a mini size plus any three Zoya polishes (regularly $9-$10 each) all for $15 shipping.

Oh, the drama.  As soon as the mystery colors appeared, people cried foul.  Turns out they were not “brand new” but had been featured at a fashion show a year ago.  Still, they’d never been offered for sale.  Zoya said the wording of the ad was wrong and changed it.  People still complained.  Furthermore, despite very clear wording in the ad that it could take up to 5 weeks to receive the orders, people were screaming, “Where’s my order?!?” after just a week or two.

This latter issue goes under the heading of “Obtuseness on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine.”

Hey, I was happy to get three full-sized polishes on my wish list (Edyta, Crystal, and Ariel, gorgeous!) plus three mystery minis, all for the total price of $15.  I think it’s a good deal no matter how you look at it, but if a complainer whines in the forest and no one hears her, does she exist?

Let’s get down to swatches.  The three colors are:

  • Charlotte (my bottle says Charlott) — a yellow-putty creme
  • Anais — an almost-black with subtle shimmer
  • Severine — a silvery gold metallic

Mystery trio

They were streaky on the first coat:

Mystery trio 1 coat

You can see how Anais has a dark brown cast to it.

Good by the third coat:

Mystery trio 3 coats

Are these colors I would have picked?  No.  I think they’re kind of boring, but you know me, I would have picked a pink, a blue, and a purple — I’m predictable that way!  I probably would have been more enthusiastic about the polishes six months ago, going into fall and not into spring like now.

I already have several blacks and golds, yet still like Anais and Severine.  Charlott, eh, not my color.

But let’s dress up Charlott and Anais a bit.  Here they are with one coat of Essie’s Summit of Style:

Mystery trio w top coat

Better, much better!  Even Charlott is more wearable for me this way.

I don’t believe these polishes are available for sale from Zoya, but considering all the people complaining about them online, you may find them for trade or for sale elsewhere.  If you did receive them, what do you think, good colors or not?  Have you dressed them up with some other top coat or used them in nail art?

Disclosure:  The Essie top coat used was previously supplied by Sleek Nail for review.


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