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Happy (Kid) President’s Day

Happy Presidents’ Day to all here in the States!  Whether you’re sick of snow and are finding the revolving door of blizzards Grounds for Violence or whether it’s just another day, I hope you all find the time to be awesome and make others feel that way too.

I was reading a survey in our paper this morning with the topic “Who’s your favorite president?”  Mine is Kid President, aka Robby Novak.  Robby is an 11-year-old boy who, in 2012, became a YouTube sensation with the introduction of his Kid President persona.  He’s the star of several inspirational videos that are semi-scripted and which urge us to be good, kind people.  No political agenda, no religious one.  His “A Pep Talk” has one of my favorite lines:  If life is a game, aren’t we all on the same team?

Now, while I love Kid President, I can only listen to him in small doses, which goes for anyone giving pep talks.  And lest you think little Robby is just a spoiled kid with everything going for him and nothing to worry about, consider this.  He has osteogenesis imperfecta, a congenital incurable disease usually called “brittle bone disease” and he’s had over seventy fractures.  Does that keep him from dancing?  No it does not.

He was asked, “Any desire to be president when you grow up?,” and he replied, “I want to play football, soccer, or baseball, or be a Marine.  No, too much paperwork to be president.”

Kid President always wears a suit and a bright orange-red tie in his videos.  Here’s a nail polish called Tamsen from Zoya to celebrate the look.  I don’t wear orange-y shades much but this color is pretty cool, one of those modern-yet-retro ones.   Tamsen was part of the 2011 Summertime Collection.  Under indirect bright outdoor light:


The formula was great — two coats gave excellent coverage and it dries super-glossy.

Now, get out there and follow some KP advice.  Dance.  Be polite and say “thank you” and “please.”  Treat everyone like it’s their birthday.  Don’t be boring.  “You’re gooder than that.”

The Mystery Trio from Zoya

Disclosure:  The Essie top coat used was previously supplied by Sleek Nail for review.

By now, it’s no secret what the three mystery mini polishes were that Zoya advertised in their promo a month ago because bloggers and others have been showing them for at least a week.  I only received my order today.

This promotion promised three “brand new” mystery shades in a mini size plus any three Zoya polishes (regularly $9-$10 each) all for $15 shipping.

Oh, the drama.  As soon as the mystery colors appeared, people cried foul.  Turns out they were not “brand new” but had been featured at a fashion show a year ago.  Still, they’d never been offered for sale.  Zoya said the wording of the ad was wrong and changed it.  People still complained.  Furthermore, despite very clear wording in the ad that it could take up to 5 weeks to receive the orders, people were screaming, “Where’s my order?!?” after just a week or two.

This latter issue goes under the heading of “Obtuseness on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine.”

Hey, I was happy to get three full-sized polishes on my wish list (Edyta, Crystal, and Ariel, gorgeous!) plus three mystery minis, all for the total price of $15.  I think it’s a good deal no matter how you look at it, but if a complainer whines in the forest and no one hears her, does she exist?

Let’s get down to swatches.  The three colors are:

  • Charlotte (my bottle says Charlott) — a yellow-putty creme
  • Anais — an almost-black with subtle shimmer
  • Severine — a silvery gold metallic

Mystery trio

They were streaky on the first coat:

Mystery trio 1 coat

You can see how Anais has a dark brown cast to it.

Good by the third coat:

Mystery trio 3 coats

Are these colors I would have picked?  No.  I think they’re kind of boring, but you know me, I would have picked a pink, a blue, and a purple — I’m predictable that way!  I probably would have been more enthusiastic about the polishes six months ago, going into fall and not into spring like now.

I already have several blacks and golds, yet still like Anais and Severine.  Charlott, eh, not my color.

But let’s dress up Charlott and Anais a bit.  Here they are with one coat of Essie’s Summit of Style:

Mystery trio w top coat

Better, much better!  Even Charlott is more wearable for me this way.

I don’t believe these polishes are available for sale from Zoya, but considering all the people complaining about them online, you may find them for trade or for sale elsewhere.  If you did receive them, what do you think, good colors or not?  Have you dressed them up with some other top coat or used them in nail art?

Disclosure:  The Essie top coat used was previously supplied by Sleek Nail for review.

Zoya’s Delight polishes – comparisons, Part 2

Disclosure:  Most of these polishes were supplied by Zoya for review.

Two days ago I showed comparisons for the three shimmers in Zoya’s new spring collection, Delight.  Today let’s look at comps for the three cremes.

All photos are under indirect bright outdoor light.  Two to three coats of polish (I forgot to write each one down, duh) and no top coat.

First, the second blue polish in the set, Lillian.  It’s an aquamarine-leaning light blue.

Delight comp blue b

Delight comp blue b2

Blu, from last year’s Lovely Collection, is a lighter and more powder blue or baby blue.  Kristen’s an older polish, from the 2011 Feel Collection, and is a beautiful light grayish-blue.  I feel Blu looks a bit chalky on my skin tone and prefer Lillian or Kristen.

Now the pistachio green Tiana.

Delight comp green

I was asked to compare Tiana to Wednesday, but as you can tell, Wednesday is much darker and a definite teal, not light green, so I didn’t swatch it.

Delight comp green2

Tiana’s more yellowish and Neely is very slightly grayish.  Tiana had a better, thicker formula for me too.

Now the pink creme Eden.  So many possible comparisons!

Delight comp pink

I pulled these four other polishes and except for Kitridge they’re close but there are no complete dupes.  With the two lightest pinks in the group:

Delight comp pink2

Eden’s closest to Shelby but is a bit darker.  Both have a cool orchid tone.  Kitridge is a warmer bubble gum pink.

Delight comp pink3

Jolene and Rooney are near-dupes for each other but not for Eden, which is lighter and less fuchsia than the other two.

Of all these pinks, I like Shelby and Eden the best on my hands.  My bottle of Shelby is almost three years old and is starting to go “off” (as is Jolene) so I’m happy to replace it with Eden.

Disclosure:  Most of these polishes were supplied by Zoya for review.

High Tea collection from Butter London

Taking a full-on break from swatching and comparing today, hope to have more tomorrow.  I wanted to alert readers to the new Butter London collection if they didn’t already know about it.

It’s called High Tea and is billed as limited edition, so I don’t know if it’s BL’s Spring 2015 Collection per se.

BL Tea banner

What’s super-confusing is that BL already had a set of eight polishes in 2013 called High Tea…

BL High Tea collection 2013

… so if you do a Google search for “Butter London High Tea swatches,” that’s probably what you’ll hit on.  Don’t DO that, big companies!!

At any rate, here are the six new polishes in the 2015 High Tea collection.  Photos from BL’s site (sorry the green one is a different size than the others).
BL Tea Ruby Murray BL Tea High TeaBL Tea Sloane Ranger

Ruby Murray, High Tea, Sloane Ranger

BL Tea Cheers BL Tea Kip BL Tea Tiddly

Cheers!, Kip, Tiddly

There’s also a mini-set that — more confusion — contains three of these colors, Ruby Murray, High Tea, and Tiddly, plus a totally different one, a light mint green creme called Green Fairy.

BL Tea collection

The only one really grabbing me at the moment is Kip, but I want to see them in person.  I know I definitely don’t need a yellow or bright orange, and I have enough dark reds to open my own shop.

EDIT:  A few hours later.  Just got back from my local Ulta, where I saw all of these new polishes except one, the yellow Cheers!, and they didn’t have the mini-set.  Ruby Murray is, to me, just another dark red creme and High Tea is a very plain nude cream.  Kip is pretty but not a must-have, and Tiddly is more of a coral orange in person than the bright Halloween orange it appears in the picture.  The nicest one to my eye was Sloane Ranger, which has a lovely thread of silver shimmer running through it.  Still didn’t buy any though, since they’re $15 each and don’t qualify for coupons.

Delight Collection from Zoya — full review

Disclosure:  These polishes were supplied by Zoya for review.

Wow, the Delight Collection — it’s like an Easter parade on your nails, a bag of jellybeans, a bouquet of flowers…. what other spring pastel clichés can I possible come up with?  There are three cremes and three shimmers; in each of the shimmers the metallic flash is a turquoise blue, a nice change from gold or silver.

The official press release:

Get ready for mouth-watering spring delights from Zoya!  Inspired by the soft and airy colors of the season, Zoya Delight serves up three cheerful creams and three turquoise flash metallics for an updated, flirty way to wear pastels!  All in the full-coverage, long-wearing, Big5Free* formula Zoya Nail Polish is famous for.


Delight bottles

Now it’s time for — as the country song says — a lot less talk and a little more action.  Photos are under indirect outdoor light with three coats of polish unless otherwise noted, and no top coat.  First the cremes.


Delight Lillian

Lillian is a sky blue with a hint of turquoise or aquamarine; it’s not a powder blue.


Delight Tiana

A light pistachio green, Tiana reminded me a bit of lime sherbet.  Which is a good thing.


Delight Eden

A bright, cool-toned medium pink that I love.  Two coats gave good coverage.

For each shimmer, the first photo is under indirect outdoor light and the second is with a fill flash.


Delight Leslie

Delight Leslie flash

I thought the shimmer might show up a bit more here, but it’s still a good spring pastel.


Delight Rayne

Delight Rayne flash

The turquoise shimmer seems to be the most visible in Rayne, but I suspect that’s because the base color is also blue.


Delight Daisy

Delight Daisy flash

Yellows have got to be THE toughest polish color to wear successfully!  I like Daisy much more than, say, a bright taxi cab yellow.

Some of these colors seem to make my skin look red but to be very honest with you, between all the swatching I’ve done in the last two days and the cold weather, I think my skin is going to look red no matter what.  So it’s hard for me to judge the polishes as fairly as they deserve.

I actually like them all.  Eden is great especially if you don’t already have a similar pink.  The turquoise shimmer makes Leslie, Rayne, and Daisy a bit different, and I like that too.

Compared to the new Naturel Satins that I swatched yesterday, the Delight Collection is so bright and cheerful-looking.  Not that one is better than the other, since it depends on what you need and what you’re in the mood for.  Arguing a case in court?  Maybe Ana from the Naturel Satins.  Going on an Easter egg hunt?  Perhaps Eden.

This weekend or early next week I plan to post a lot of comparisons of the Delights to older Zoya polishes.  Right now my nails need a rest, and there’s a pizza calling my name, too!


*As always, Zoya polish is BIG5FREE:  contains no formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate, toluene, or camphor.

$9 (US)
Available in top salons, spas, and on Zoya.com

Disclosure:  These polishes were supplied by Zoya for review.

The 1900s — January SquareHue box

For 2015, nail polish subscription company SquareHue is going with a new theme, Decades.  January is the 1900s, February will be the 1910s, and so on through December which will be the 2010s.  Doesn’t that sound like fun?  I bet the 1920s will be jazzy and the 1960s will be groovy.

I really had no idea what to expect from this month’s box, and to be honest, I had my subscription suspended (you can do that at any time and with no penalty, something I love about SquareHue) and didn’t get the box as part of my regular sub.  But when I saw the colors that others posted, I went e-groveling to SquareHue and begged them to please let me buy the box.  They were very gracious and did.

At first I didn’t know how they were going to do this whole “decades” thing.  Would it be polishes that were popular in that decade?  Nah, that couldn’t be it because then we’d get nothing but pinks and reds for ages.  Turns out it’s a bit of a history lesson.  Meet the 1900s box:

SqH Jan15 box

SqH Jan15 bottles

SqH Jan15 labels

Something else new they’re doing this year is that on the info card there’s a little spot to actually swatch the polishes.  I like that!

SqH Jan15 card a

On the back of the card is a fictional account from someone named “Siren” that I presume will be a running part of the year’s boxes.  Here she is writing from Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, in 1903.

SqH Jan15 card b

The polishes are:

A very minor quibble is that all three polishes are listed on the card as cremes, but only Gibson Girl is.  Also, the nitpicker in me knows that the literal end of the Victorian era came in 1901 with the death of Queen Victoria, which then ushered in the Edwardian era (King Edward VII reigned from 1901-1910).  But perhaps the company means something else, and isn’t as maddeningly literal as I am.

All three polishes had a good formula.  Gibson Girl and Victorian End needed two coats each, but First Flight was a little thinner and required three.  I also had a very slight problem with brushstrokes with First Flight, but nothing terrible.  Under indirect outdoor light:

SqH Jan15 Gibson Girl

SqH Jan15 First Flight

SqH Jan15 Victorian End
Here’s an extra shot of Victorian End with the flash to show the depth of the sparkle.

SqH Jan15 Victorian End flash
I love all three colors and think this 1900s box is one of my favorites ever from SquareHue.  It’ll be interesting to see what February/the 1910s brings.  I think we have a hint in “Siren’s” letter — she says “Laura” was talking about women getting the right to vote, so I think one of the colors will be named for and have something to do with women’s suffrage.  We’ll see!

Reader request — Layering with pink Zoyas

Intrepid reader L. had a request to show some Zoya glitters layered over some Zoya cremes.  All polishes are from two Zoya collections last summer called Tickled and Bubbly.  See those linked posts for many pictures of the colors swatched on their own.

Kitridge, Rooney, and Wendy are cremes; Harper and Binx are jelly-like glitters.  All are various shades of pink.

5forcomp 5 polishes

A nice thing about layering or using a glitter top coat is that (a) the “undies,” or underlying base color, doesn’t have to be as neat or as opaque as when you wear it on its own, and (b) the glitter top coat doesn’t need as many coats as when you wear it solo.  All photos are under indirect outdoor light with no additional top coat.

Binx over Kitridge:

5forcomp Binx over Kitridge

Harper over Rooney:

5forcomp Harper over Rooney

Harper over Wendy:

5forcomp Harper over Wendy

All are very pretty; I think it just depends on whether you want a cooler pink or a warmer one.  Both glitters, Binx and Harper, are cool-toned.

And just for yucks, because I’m curious that way, I switched the polishes around.

Harper over Kitridge:

5forcomp Harper over Kitridge

Binx over Rooney:

5forcomp Binx over Rooney

Binx over Wendy:

5forcomp Binx over Wendy

All six looks together for easier comparison, click on this photo for a much larger picture:

5forcomp 6 looks

Sometimes subtle differences can be the most fun!


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