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Blurred Lines… not THAT Blurred Lines!

Disclosure:  This product was supplied by Nonie Creme Colour Prevails for review.

Continuing my week of testing with items from the new company Colour Prevails (CP), today I have a CC creme.  It’s just what the doctor ordered for these hot summer days.

CP Blurred Lines

It’s called Blurred Lines.  Not THIS “Blurred Lines”, hey hey hey!

Colour Prevails Blurred Lines CC Creme is a product that combines light coverage with sunscreen.  Here’s the Walgreens web site description:

All-In-One Creme

    Promotes Even Coverage
    Helps Hydrate Skin
    Oil-Free Formula

All-in-one creme in a convenient pump dispenser that delivers coverage that’s soft, even, natural; virtually undetectable.  Skin conditioning ingredients and emollients to hydrate the skin and improve its appearance.  Antioxidants and broad spectrum sunscreen that protect the skin from environmental damage caused by the sun and pollution.

This product is not tested on animals.

Made in Italy

Apply with fingertips starting in the center of the face.  Blend well.

Apply generously 15 minutes before sun exposure.  Children under 6 months of age:  Ask a doctor.  Use a water resistant sunscreen if swimming or sweating.  Reapply at least every 2 hours.

CC cremes can be confusing, as can BB cremes.  I first talked about them here.  Many companies claim to have BB or CC cremes but they’re really nothing more than tinted moisturizers, which, if that’s what you want, fine.  But don’t tell me something has a dozen benefits when it doesn’t.  CheapbrandsImlookinatyou.

The CC in CC cremes usually stands for “color correcting,” but not in the sense that green cancels redness or purple hides sallowness.  It’s more to do with evening out skin tone due to its priming, moisturizing, and sunscreen properties.  Let’s look at the active and inactive ingredients for Blurred Lines (click on any photo for a larger view).

CP Blurred Lines info

CP Blurred Lines info2

It seems to lean heavily towards being a sunscreen and has both chemical sunscreens (the octinoxate, octocrylene, and avobenzone) and physical or more traditional ones (zinc oxide and titanium dioxide).  Some people refuse to wear anything with the chemical sunscreens which is their right.  I’ve used them for years especially on my hands via Neutrogena products and am OK with them.  FYI, I have zero sun spots/age spots on my hands.  There are arguments both for and against these ingredients but it’s up to the consumer.

Note that first inactive ingredient is good ol’ water, for moisturizing.  I believe dimethicone is a silicone-based smoothing agent, and it’s in many cosmetics.  I’ve used skin primers that had so much silicone in them that my face felt like a piece of plastic.  Not Blurred Lines.  Right after application and many hours later, my skin felt moisturized and smooth but not artificial, to the point that I kept patting my own face.  I know, I know; I shouldn’t do that!  But it felt so nice.

I have normal-to-dry skin so don’t know how it would perform on oily skin.  I’ve used a couple of Korean BB cremes in the past year and I liked them well enough although they smelled odd and had a grayish cast to them.  That tone was not working for me this summer since I’ve gotten a little more color in my face.

Here’s the Blurred Lines dabbed on the back of Ye Olde Hand and then blended in, under artificial indoor light.

CP Blurred Lines ind light

CP Blurred Lines blended ind light

Can you tell a difference?  It’s subtle.  After all, this is not a full-coverage foundation.

After using it, I’d call it “Blurred Pores.”  Seriously, after using this and then my current favorite finishing powder, Mineral Veil from Bare Minerals, the appearance of my facial pores was really reduced.

Blurred Lines CC Creme, like other Colour Prevails products, is a Walgreens exclusive and comes shrink-wrapped for safety.  It dispenses via a pump top, another feature that keeps the product clean.  It’s $16.00 US for 1 oz/30 mL and only you know if the price is right for you.  Honestly?  If I didn’t know anything about this I probably wouldn’t have bought it, but if I’d been given a tiny sample I would buy it after wearing it just once.

For comparison, here are some random CC cremes and their prices today on Walgreens.com; all are 1 ounce:  L’Oreal $12.99, Revlon $14.49, Almay $10.49.  At Ulta.com here are some prestige brand CC cremes, again 1 ounce:  It Cosmetics (1.08 oz.) $38.00, Smashbox $42.00, Pur Minerals $38.00.

Blurred Lines presently only comes in three colors:  Light, Medium, and Medium-Dark.  Fortunately I was sent Light, which I’d actually call more of a light-medium.  There’s no very fair/porcelain shade nor one that is very dark.  But perhaps in the future, if the company is successful, there will be more colors.  One caveat — the only place on my tube that listed the color as Light was on the shrink-wrapping, so when I tossed that I lost the label.  Not a problem if you only have one around anyway, but just letting you know.

Stay cool out there!

Disclosure:  This product was supplied by Nonie Creme Colour Prevails for review.

Multitask with a lip color & lip liner duo from Colour Prevails

Disclosure:  These products were supplied by Nonie Creme Colour Prevails for review.

Ooh, I haven’t reviewed a lip product in a while since nothing new has grabbed me in months.  But thanks to Nonie Creme Colour Prevails (CP), a new Walgreens-exclusive brand, I’ve got a cool 2-in-1 product to test.

It’s the Lip Design Sheer Colour/Liner Duo, and it comes in twelve shades:

  • Nude Beige
  • Antique Pink
  • Fig
  • Cherry
  • Dusky Pink
  • Coral
  • Grape
  • Wine
  • Red Apple
  • Rosewood
  • Watermelon
  • Burnt Pink

CP lip color liner duos

These colors are, top to bottom, Dusky Pink, Red Apple, Coral, and Antique Pink.  (Guest appearance by Anthocharis damone out of my craft supply stash.)  As always, click on any of my photos for a larger view.

Why a lip color/liner duo?  Why lip liner at all?  I don’t think we see or hear as much about lip liner as we used to years ago, perhaps because liners have become less obvious.  Remember the horrible trend of lining one’s lips in a much darker color than one’s lipstick?  And overlining, a horrible attempt to make one’s lips look fuller than they are??  Shudder.

To show you what I mean and without offending anyone, take a look at this post from blogger Vampy Varnish who showed us what NOT to do.  Thanks, VV!

Lip liners still have their place, especially as we get older.  With age we tend to get tiny lines and wrinkles on and around our lips.  These can act as tiny channels for lipstick to migrate outwards, leading to a look that is described as “feathering.”  A liner creates a barrier to keep the lipstick in place.

But what color to use?  You can try to find a liner that matches your lipstick, use a clear one for everything, or…. wait for it…. have a company match a lip color and liner for you.  Voilà!

This duo from Colour Prevails has a sheer lip color on one end that’s a smaller diameter than a standard lipstick, and an even smaller lip liner at the other end, both with clear caps.  Both twist up and do not require sharpening.  The SRP is $12.00 US and for a quality dual product I think that’s quite reasonable.

Here are both ends of Antique Pink up close:

CP lip Antique Pink

CP lip Antique Pink liner

I debated the best way to swatch these for you.  Draw a little lip shape on my arm with the liner and fill it in with the lipstick?  I decided to draw simple lines with each product so you can clearly see the colors.

Antique Pink is a cool-toned medium pink.  Coral is, no surprise, an orange-toned coral.  Under indirect outdoor light and then under artificial indoor light:

CP lip swatches 1 outd

CP lip swatches 1 ind

Red Apple is not nearly as dark as it appears in the tube and is a nice light red.  Dusky Pink is the darkest of the four colors I have and is a dark rose.  All four shades have a subtle amount of shimmer, but are not glittery.  Also under indirect outdoor light and then artificial indoor light:

CP lip swatches 2 outd

CP lip swatches 2 ind

As you can see, the liner is actually a tad darker than the corresponding lip color so I would recommend using a very light hand with the liner.  Actually you need to use a light hand with the liner anyway because it’s a thin, soft pencil, not a hard one, and you don’t want to break it.  And remember, you don’t want your lips looking outlined.  I think there’s a tad too much difference between the liner color and the lip color of Coral but think the other three are closely matched.

The lip color is sheer but buildable, a formula that I love since I hate heavy opaque lipsticks.  On my lips it felt light and wasn’t drying.  The finish was my favorite, a slightly glossy satin, neither matte nor glassy/wet-looking, and it stayed that way with no additional lip gloss or other product.  Wear was good and I saw no feathering but I can’t put a certain number of hours to it as I tried the different colors throughout the day.

I like that all four colors I received were mid-tone ones since I don’t wear super dark lip colors, bright purple, etc.  However, if you have been wanting to try a purple-toned lipstick without going bizarre, the shade Grape might be a way to experiment, since these lip colors are sheer.  On me (light to medium Caucasian cool-toned skin, brown eyes, dark brown & white hair) my favorite color was Red Apple, which surprised me as I don’t think I would have chosen it in the store, thinking it was too dark.  It’s a great light red, not too intense at all.  Coral was too orange for me but warmer skin tones could rock it.

Colour Prevails has several other new lip products.  There’s a combo lipstick and lip gloss…

CP Vintage Rose lipstick and gloss(Vintage Rose)

a lip balm…

CP Berry Wash lip balm(Berry Wash)

and even a matte lip product with a clear top coat as an option.

CP Tangerine matte lip color and topcoat(Tangerine)

I don’t wear matte lip products but I plan to get my mitts on that lipstick/matching lip gloss.

Disclosure:  These products were supplied by Nonie Creme Colour Prevails for review.

Boss Lady meets Bridezilla

Disclosure:  These polishes were supplied by Nonie Creme Colour Prevails for review.

Does that title sound like the worst idea for a reality show EVER?  Fear not, it’s neither a wacky new TV series nor the latest daikaiju (giant monster) movie from Japan.  It’s nail polish.  Polishes.

I’m having a week of Colour Prevails (CP) product reviews.  Yesterday was Eye Shimmer Powder, and I’ll have some cool lip products coming up tomorrow.  Two weeks ago I showed you two CP nail polish top coats and today I have two cremes.  I discussed the size and shape of the polish bottle and handle in that previous post.

CP Boss Lady and Bridezilla

Bridezilla is a very pale peach neutral.  At first I thought it was a light tan than would give me zombie hands, but no, I’d actually go with the pale peach description.   The Bridezilla name must come from the idea that this would be a lovely low-key nude polish to wear in a wedding so that one’s hands wouldn’t detract from the dress or other colors.

Formula was good and I used two coats although in hindsight I think three would have been better.  The smell was rather strong.  Under indirect outdoor light:

CP Bridezilla outd light

I like it but am not crazy about it because I’m not big on nude polishes in general.  It’s better on my skin tone than a beige or tan but I think it’d look great on someone with very dark skin.

Boss Lady is a classy brick red.  The first coat looked like a true red or candy apple red, but the second and third coats made it look darker and more warm-toned.  Formula was also smooth, and this one had no particular smell.  Same lighting:

CP Boss Lady outd light

It dried shiny but I still wanted to try a clear top coat, so I put that on my little finger and a matte top coat on my ring finger.

CP Boss Lady w top coats

Interesting look with the matte!  This shade of red is one of my faves for fall.

Colour Prevails nail polishes are a Walgreens exclusive and are $8.00 US for 0.32 oz/9.5 mL.  I plan to get a few more for myself soon, since I’ve been lusting after Sashimi, a pink-coral, every time I go in Walgreens, plus the dark pink Cocky.

Disclosure:  These polishes were supplied by Nonie Creme Colour Prevails for review.

Having a Blast with SinfulColors

Disclosure:  These polishes were provided by SinfulColors for review.

Wanted to get this review up ASAP today, because it’s the last day to take advantage of Walgreens’ 99-cent sale on SinfulColors polishes.  Have you gotten some good ones?

SinfulColors has a small set for summer called Having a Blast.  At first glance it looks mostly 4th of July, but it could also be for Canada Day (July 1st) with its red and white, and there’s one polish that’s very beachy.  These are all re-promotes except I believe the red, white, and blue glitter called Star Blast Off is new, as my bottle has no number or bar code.  Still, SinfulColors usually has a similar glitter polish every summer.

SC Blast bottles

Left to right:

  • Ruby Ruby #369
  • Snow Me White #101
  • Hot Spot #943
  • Out of This World #842
  • Star Blast Off
  • Green Ocean #220

Ruby Ruby needs no introduction from me, as I liked it so much I already bought it two years ago!  My full review is here and here’s a photo again.  It’s a great true red creme, a classic.

Ruby Ruby flash

Snow Me White is a plain white creme, and I’ve found similar polishes problematic in the past, too streaky or patchy.  Snow Me White was neither of those things, had a good formula, and covered well in two coats.

Out of This World looks like a white shimmer in the bottle but is more of a silver-white.  It’s more sheer than Snow Me White and I used three coats but could still see my nail line, so I think it’s supposed to be a sparkly top coat.

All my photos today are with the camera flash.  Out of This World and Snow Me White with the bottle of Snow Me White:

SC Blast silver white

Hot Spot is an inky blue shimmer.  Two coats:

SC Blast blue

Star Blast Off, as I’ve said, is a red, white, and blue glitter in a clear base.  As with my bottle of Mamasita in the Street Fusion set, though, the base in Star Blast Off had turned a pale pink, even more so than my bottle of Mamasita.  I think the red glitter bled due to the hot weather in shipment but I can’t be sure.  Mamasita is also red, white, and blue, but Star Blast Off has large stars in it.

You have to fish for the stars with the brush, which is not difficult.  The stars are so big that they don’t lie flat to the curve of my nails, but a little extra clear base of the polish over them would help.

SC Blast glitter

I tried Star Blast Off over Snow Me White but didn’t like it due to (a) the pink-tinted base and (b) none of the white glitter showed up.  I like it over the dark blue Hot Spot.

Finally, Green Ocean is a very pale green sheer base with blue-green metallic glitter and tiny shards.  It really does give an ocean or mermaid look.  Also over Hot Spot:

SC Blast ocean

I like all these polishes and Hot Spot, the dark blue, is probably my fave.  It would be fun to experiment with Out of This World and Green Ocean over other colors, too.

SinfulColors does all that internet stuff:





Disclosure:  These polishes were provided by SinfulColors for review.

¡Viva la México!

Misa Cosmetics seems to release their seasonal nail polish collections differently than most other companies.  Later.  As in, summer collections are released in summer, and so forth.  The 2015 set is called Viva la México.

Misa Viva La Mexico

How can something with such a spirited, potentially exciting name be so blah?

Misa VLM set

All cremes.  Two pinks which are almost indistinguishable from each other.  A red.  Two greenish shades.  Yay for the bright orange, I guess.

I mean, really — a bright summer set and a third of it is plain pink?  No glitter, no shimmer, no holo?

I’ve liked the very few Misa polishes I’ve tried in the past but this summer set has me saying a big “So what?”

5 more colors from Street Fusion by SinfulColors

Disclosure:  These polishes were supplied by SinfulColors for review.

So happy to be swatching the rest of the Street Fusion collection polishes that I received!  The first was the shimmery pink Cherry Blossom and today I have my other five.

There are many more colors in the set than the ones I got; some are new and some are repromotes.  Don’t forget that this week Walgreens has all SinfulColors on sale for 99 cents.  Screamin’ deal and these are full-sized bottles, not minis.

SC Street Fusion bottles

Left to right:

  • Cherry Blossom (new)
  • Island Coral (repromote)
  • Maroon Fine (new)
  • Sky Tree (new)
  • Keira Blu (new)
  • Mamasita (new)

All photos are under indirect sunny outdoor light and then the flash.

Island Coral is a coral creme, more of a pink-coral and not a red-coral.  I don’t wear corals much but really like this one; it’s not too peachy or yellowish for my skin tone and looks very summery.  My first and second coats were streaky so I used three.

Island Coral

Island Coral flash

It reminds me a lot of my favorite Revlon lipstick EVER, Pink in the Afternoon.  :-D

Maroon Fine is an unusual one.  More of a shimmery copper than maroon, the color makes me think of my favorite bottled hot sauce.  I suspect the name is a pun on the band Maroon Five.  It had a good formula and I only needed two coats.  I tried one coat of it over Island Coral (on my middle finger, left-most in the photos) but prefer Maroon Fine on its own.  Little bit of gold shimmer in there too!

Maroon Fine

Maroon Fine flash

Sky Tree is a medium teal shimmer/fleck.  It’s darker than SinfulColors’ own Mint Apple, which is a very popular shade.  The first coat seemed sheer so I thought I’d need three coats but Sky Tree looked good with just two.

Sky Tree

Sky Tree flash

Keira Blu is a stunner, an ethereal shimmery medium-light blue.  It’s sheer and I needed three coats, plus its formula was thin and I had to be careful not to flood my cuticles.  The “shining water” look is great, although the bright shimmer seemed to confuse my camera.

Keira Blu

Keira Blu flash

Mamasita is one of the new glitters in the Street Fusion set.  It’s got red, white, and blue glitter, both micro and small hex, in a clear base.  Actually, the base is supposed to be clear but mine has a faint pinkish tone and I’ve read of others who experienced the same thing.  The red glitter seems to have bled a little and I wonder if that was from the hot weather during shipment.  I think that pinkish tone (bottles in-store may not have it) would only show up if you used it over pure white.  I used one coat of Mamasita over Cherry Blossom and think it’s so cute.  Great for the 4th of July.


Mamasita flash

Hope you enjoyed seeing these (mostly) new colors.  I sure enjoyed swatching them!

All that good SinfulColors info:





Disclosure:  These polishes were supplied by SinfulColors for review.

Mr. Wrong, Mr. Right, or Mr. Right Now?

I have all three, and two of them are nail polishes.  Actually I could have all three in polishes but I’ll get to that in a minute.

Several months ago I first heard of the new cosmetics company Colour Prevails via one of my favorite bloggers, Nouveau Cheap.  A month later she reviewed one of the company’s eye shadow palettes and I thought the swatches looked great but for some reason thought the look of the packaging was too gimmicky.  All that butterfly stuff, the weird handles.

Well, I have changed my mind.  Big time.  Several reasons, the main one being I am so sick of the same ol’ same ol’ that I could scream.  Gimme something new and different.  The second reason is that I thoroughly enjoyed this interview with Colour Prevails founder Nonie Creme by Karen Falcon at BeautyGeeks.  I’ve read so many interviews with makeup company owners or makeup artists that are nothing but “I’m the greatest ever, buy all my products,” that this was an irreverent breath of fresh air.

Look at that Mohawk!  Look at the silver in her hair!  Since my own Mohawk experience at age 53, I love seeing other older women with one (and by older I mean over the age of 25 or so).  Nonie looks and sounds a little bit diva and a whole lot badass.  Divass?  Is that a word?  It is now.

Nonie Creme

So I decided that I was ready to seek out some of the Colour Prevails products and took myself to the local Walgreens.  Hot dog, a whole big display, right by the cosmetics check-out counter.  I fondled almost everything — which is not as perverted as it sounds — and picked out two nail polishes and one eye shadow palette.

I was only going to get one polish, the Mr. Wrong that I saw in the BeautyGeeks post, but when I saw Mr. Right Now I just had to get it as well.  There is a Mr. Right polish in the line, a gold glitter in a clear base and I will probably get it too, but for now I’ll be content with my real Mr. Right aka Mr. Silver Nail.

The first thing you may notice about the Colour Prevails polishes is the outré bottle shape, or should I say the handle.  It’s got a butterfly on its winged ergonomic shape.  The second thing I noticed is that all the bottles (and all the other products in the line) are shrink-wrapped.  Let me repeat that:  shrink-wrapped.  No getting home with your new polish only to discover that some bratty tweener with communicable diseases opened it and ruined the polish, plus the brush for good measure.

I saw so many tempting colors.  Half the fun is the cheeky names:  Frenemy, No Regrets, Glamazon, Boss Lady, Troublemaker, Wine o’Clock.  Oh yeah.  The polishes are $8 for 0.32 oz/9.5 mL and are Walgreens exclusives, although e-tailer Drugstore.com has them too.  Currently U.S. only.

Does the price seem a bit high for a drugstore brand?  It depends.  While I often promote $1.99 Sinful Colors, if a polish is something you’d gladly pay $8 for because of the quality, why does it matter if it’s in Walgreens or in Sephora?  Several mid-range brands such as OPI, Butter London, and China Glaze have increased their prices lately, so I’m fine with the drugstore habitat.

The two top coats I bought are the cool (in more ways than one) Mr. Wrong, which has different sizes of blue,purple, and silver glitter in a very pale blue base, and the warm Mr. Right Now, a sweet copper, bronze, and silver glitter mix in a clear base.

With the shrink-wrap removed:

ColPrev two bottles

I’ve read you can pull the butterfly handle off if you want but I couldn’t seem to do it with a light tug, and didn’t want to pull too hard.

How does the full handle feel?  I like it.  Gives me a place to rest the curve of my index finger while I apply the polish and feels very stable.  Could be a godsend for people whose fingers can’t grip as strongly as they used to, or whose hands shake a little.

The polish had almost no noticeable smell.  First I used two coats of the black shimmer called Raven from Zoya for a base.  With one coat of Mr. Wrong:

ColPrev Mr. Wrong one coat

And with two coats of Mr. Wrong to intensify the look:

ColPrev Mr. Wrong two coats

Wow.  I hardly ever wear black polish but that’s gonna change.  Can’t wait to try Mr. Wrong over dark blue, purple, silver, gray.

For a base for Mr. Right Now, I pulled out the new China Glaze polish What’s She Dune? which I’d thought was rather blah on its own.  One coat of Mr. Right Now was only so-so, but two coats look good.  Under indirect outdoor light and then with the flash:

ColPrev MRN outd

ColPrev MRN flash

I still think What’s She Dune? is meh but love Mr. Right Now.  I think the new top coat would look better over, say, a dark brown creme or shimmer.

Bottom line, I’m wild about both these polishes and plan to buy more.  One thing to watch out for when you’re shopping for Colour Prevails:  As with many makeup displays, a few items were out of place, and the nail polish bottles are the exact same size and shape as the bottles for the liquid eye liners and the eye shimmer powder, both of which look intriguing.  But you don’t want to get them mixed up.  The butterfly wing on the handle of the polishes is mostly red, and it’s mostly blue and yellow on the eye products.

I have one of the three eye shadow palettes to review for you soon, and did I mention there’s a colored ombre mascara that looks like fun?

P.S.  I’ll leave you with a Mr. Right/Wrong/Whatever sound bite that changed my life.  Literally changed my life.  Many, many years ago I read the phrase, “Mr. Right doesn’t have to be Mr. Perfect” and it hit me hard, making me realize I’d been looking for Mr. Perfect all along.  Ain’t no such thang.  Shortly thereafter I found Mr. Right!


EDIT:  Per a request, I wanted to add some photos to show more about the unusual handle of these polishes and how I hold it.  Sorry I didn’t explain that well to begin with!

Here’s the bottle and handle from the front and from the side.

CP bottle handle front

CP bottle handle side

The acrylic handle tapers down slightly, sort of a rounded wedge shape.

You can pull the “wing” handle off too, if you prefer, and hold the inner handle.

CP bottle handle off

Personally I love this new shape of a handle.  I found it very comfortable and steady, no more having to use a “pincer grip” on a small handle.

Hold it with your index finger resting lightly along the entire convex upper curve (side) of the handle.  This finger rests there kind of like it does when you hold a pencil or pen.

CP bottle handle hold

(Ugh, naked nails and big wrinkled knuckles.  Oh well.  I don’t care.)

As mentioned, you don’t have to use this handle.  Also, if you like the handle but have several of the bottles and find them awkward to store, you could pull off the handles and keep just one, then put it on whatever bottle you’re actively using.

Hope that helps!


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