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A neutral I actually love? Alert the media!

Wait a minute; I am the media.  So I’m alerting myself to alert you:  I found a neutral from Zoya I love.

I certainly can’t say it’s a new polish.  It’s quite old, judging from its item number at Zoya’s web site, ZP139.  For reference, the newest polishes have numbers around 800.

It’s Flowie, part of the Classic line, and it’s a warm light brown with a peach tone.  It reminds me a bit of very light milk chocolate, and is one I picked up on a whim in Zoya’s recent Earth Day promotion.

It’s not super-opaque, and I needed three coats.  I do think Zoya’s more recent releases have a better formula than their older ones, but Flowie’s not bad, just needs a little more attention.  With no top coat, under indirect bright outdoor light and then with the flash:


Flowie flash

While I think it would be prettier on warm-toned skin as opposed to my AWG (average white girl) cool-toned skin, I still love it and don’t think it gives me Band-Aid hands.  No yellow tones, not blah.  This would be a beautiful subdued office-safe color, and while I no longer work in an office, I’ll be happy I have this when fall rolls around.

I don’t really have another Zoya color like it.  Here it is in between Flynn and Chanelle.

Flowie comp

You can see that it’s much peachier than either one, and is lighter than Chanelle.

Island Fun Collection from Zoya — full review!

Disclosure:  These polishes were sent by Zoya for review.

The new Island Fun and Paradise Sun summer collections just landed on my doorstep.  Or, as I want to call all of them together, Island Paradise Fun in the Sun!

First let’s take an in-depth look at the set of cremes, Island Fun.

Island Fun set

Left to right:

  • Demetria
  • Nana
  • Serenity
  • Talia
  • Cecelia
  • Jace

Most of them had a great formula — smooth, creamy, and glossy — and covered well with two coats.  Photographed without a top coat under indirect cloudy outdoor light.

Demetria is a vibrant poppy red; that is, a bright red with an orange tone.  Very vintage!  In the bottle and on the nail it looks more red, but next to any pink it looks quite orange.  Sometimes I think orange-reds make my skin look grayish, but I don’t get that feeling with Demetria and love it.  Rock this one when you’re lounging by the pool.  Or by the carpool.

Island Fun Demetria

Nana is a medium-dark cool raspberry pink.  This color is one of my favorites for polish in general and pinks in particular.  I never get tired of it.

Island Fun Nana

Serenity is a blue-purple, a color that many people call “blurple.”  Call it the color of irises.  It photographs more blue than it looks in person.  I wish I could convey how dusty purple it looks, but I will never artificially manipulate the color in my photos.

Island Fun Serenity

Zoya calls Talia a true turquoise.  It’s a green-toned blue, much more blue than green, but it doesn’t photograph quite as turquoise as it appears in person.  Love love love this one.  It looks summery but would be just as pretty any time of year.

Island Fun Talia

Cecelia’s the teal of the group, a blue-toned green.  I think teal is one of those rare colors that looks equally good on warm and cool skin tones.

Island Fun Cecelia

Jace is a warm tropical green, darker and more muted than lime and yellower than what I’d call a grass green.  It’s a fashionable color but I find warm greens very difficult to wear.  As Kermit the Frog sang, “It ain’t easy bein’ green.”  The formula of Jace seemed a bit thinner and more streaky than the other five.

Island Fun Jace

My impressions:  Island Fun is a great set of cremes that are modern and also have vintage shades of poppy red and raspberry pink.   My surprise favorite is Talia, the turquoise, but I love all the others too except for Jace which just doesn’t play nice on my skin tone.  What are your faves?

Island Fun six swatches

I hope to post many comparisons later this week, after I swatch and review the Paradise Fun set of shimmers.

Zoya polishes are 5-Free — free of toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, and dibutyl phthalate (DBP).  The Island Sun polishes are $9 each at Zoya.com .

Disclosure:  These polishes were sent by Zoya for review.

P.S.  Interesting trivia — I may live in a landlocked state, but we have islands too.  One of the most breathtaking is Wild Horse Island State Park.  ISLAND FUN!!

Tobey & Peggy Sue

While we wait for samples and swatches of the new summer collections from Zoya, Island Fun and Paradise Sun, let’s look at an older Zoya.

Tobey is a bright bubblegum-pink creme with a retro vibe, part of the company’s Classics.  (Don’t know why it’s spelled Tobi in the URL.)  The formula was average, and I needed three coats.  It doesn’t dry super-glossy, but I love the color more than I expected.  Just a good summer shade.  Under indirect bright sunlight and with the flash:


Tobey flash

I get kind of a 1980s feel from it; do you?  I hope so, ’cause I’m giving away something from the ’80s.

I love fantasy books and movies about time travel, and my fave movie in that genre is Peggy Sue Got Married (1986, rated PG-13), starring Kathleen Turner and Nicolas Cage, plus some scenes from a young Helen Hunt and Jim Carrey before he was a star.

Turner plays the title character, and as the movie opens she’s getting ready to attend the 25-year reunion of her high school class of 1960.  She’s going through a tough time and is on the verge of a divorce from her high school sweetheart Charlie (Cage).  Off to the reunion she goes.  It’s overwhelming, Peggy Sue faints, and when she wakes up, she’s back in 1960.  Haven’t we all said we’d do things differently, if we knew then what we know now?

It’s mostly a comedy but there are a couple of scenes that make me cry.  The music when Peggy Sue first walks up to her childhood home gets me every time.  How would you feel if you could go back to your childhood bedroom and touch your old bedspread, use your old record player?  Well, I don’t want to spoil too much.  Does Peggy Sue make different decisions?  Does she really time travel or is it all a dream?

You can find out.  I’m giving away the DVD of the movie, and I’m not pretending that it’s anything swanky.  It’s a DVD and not Blu-ray, it’s used, and there are no extras on the disc.  But hey, free movie.

To enter, you must be a follower of The Silver Nail and leave a comment below.  U.S. and Canada (DVD Region 1) only; I pay postage.  Let’s have some fun!

Ready for some Island Fun and Paradise Sun? Preview of the new Zoya Summer Collections!

Usually in April I’m still shoveling snow, but we’ve had a glorious warm, early spring this year and so I’m more ready than ever for summer polish news!  Every season I await the new collection news and fantastic photos from Zoya with an excitement that other people reserve for the latest Star Wars announcement.

Without further ado, let’s meet Island Fun and Paradise Sun.  (Click any of the pictures for larger shots.)

Zoya summer 2015 banner2

Zoya summer 2015 spill

What beautiful, rich colors!

As usual, one set is all cream/creme and one is shimmery/metallic.  Color names and descriptions:

ISLAND FUN (cremes)  Ready for an island vacation, these playful creams embody a tropical getaway!  They are strong in color to balance the brilliance of the summer sun, with a flawless cream formula.

  • Demetria — vibrant poppy red
  • Nana — deep summer fuchsia
  • Serenity — blue-toned deep purple
  • Talia — true turquoise
  • Cecelia — classic teal
  • Jace — tropical green, more muted than lime

Zoya summer 2015 cremes bottles

Zoya summer 2015 cremes

PARADISE SUN (metallics)  Fully saturated with a gorgeous micronized metallic sheen, these shimmering beauties are much like sunshine sparkling on water. Meant to be used as an independent color, these shades feature a full-coverage, densely pigmented formula.

  • Aphrodite — vibrant summer red
  • Mae — warm magenta pink
  • Isa — deep blue-based purple
  • Oceane — true turquoise
  • Selene — true teal
  • Genesis — crystalline white, designed to look like fine diamond dust

Zoya summer 2015 shimmers bottles

Zoya summer 2015 shimmers

I’m excited for all of these, especially the pinks, teals, and purples.  And that Genesis, what a great addition.  I wonder if it will be opaque or more of a sheer topper?  I’m hoping sheer so we can try it over each of the other colors.

Zoya summer 2015 display

Release date is 05/05/15 at http://www.zoya.com

As always, Zoya polish is BIG5FREE:  contains no formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate, toluene, or camphor.

$9 (US)
Available in top salons, spas, and on Zoya.com

An Adrenaline Rush — Orly’s summer set

Haven’t talked about Orly much lately, because I haven’t bought any.  Their spring collection, Sugar High, had me saying “meh” because it didn’t seem like a coherent set nor a particularly attractive one.

So is their summer collection called Adrenaline Rush better?  Well, it is brighter and more intense.  But where are the fun finishes?  Five cremes and one shimmer.

Orly Adrenaline Rush

They’re OK but I’d like to see something different since they look extremely similar to Orly’s own summer 2014 collection called Baked.  I get that summer is for neons and brights but it doesn’t have to be such a rerun.

Colors are:

  • Risky Behavior – Fuchsia pink creme
  • Fireball – Coral-red shimmer
  • Push The Limit – Peach creme
  • Thrill Seeker – Lime green creme
  • Be Daring – Purple creme
  • On The Edge – Indigo blue creme

There’s a mini set of the fuchsia, red, peach, and blue.

Seems like we have to wait for fall and winter to see any glitterati from Orly, and they used to have such great foils too.  Bah.  Boo.

Despite my negativity, have a great weekend!

Pink in the Afternoon IS BACK at Ulta!!

I almost hesitate to post this news, what with it being April 1st.  But this is not a joke or a prank.  And I don’t want to wait an extra minute to let you all know that my favorite Revlon lipstick, Pink in the Afternoon, is back, at least at Ulta.

I slobbered endlessly about this lipstick in this post.  Pink in the Afternoon (PitA) is a gorgeous peachy pink creme that had apparently been discontinued, but I found a few left in outdated displays months and months ago.  Just now I was in our local Ulta, looking at the Revlon display, and…… WUT???  There it was!  So when I got home I had to check their web site, and sure enough, it’s there too.

Pink in the Afternoon is back

I know when I checked Ulta’s web site last fall for PitA, it was not available, nor was it in their stores and believe me, I looked!

Again, this is not a joke.  I actually hate most April Fool’s jokes.  Icing on the cake is that Ulta is having a BOGOHO sale on these lip colors and the offer may apply to other Revlon products too.

OPI Soft Shades for 2015

Every spring for the last few years, OPI has come out with a Soft Shades Collection, and this year is no different.  In 2012 there was a ballet theme and one year the set was tied in to a new Oz movie (Wizard of, not Frank).

I don’t see a theme this year; they are just Soft Shades.

OPI soft shades 2015 display

They’re quiet, soft, pale shades.  No surprise there.

OPI soft shades 2015

While very pretty, I have enough pale pinks and silvers for several lifetimes so won’t be buying any of these.  But several bloggers have swatched them all — the ever-dependable-but-not-in-a-boring-way Beauty Geeks, and the also wonderful Of Life and Lacquer.  Really good reviews with helpful photos.  If you’re in the mood for something very pale or a sheer shimmer, they might fit the bill, although This Silver’s Mine is, as both bloggers agree, a brushstroke-showing nightmare.


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