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In the winter…. The Fall

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Such a quiet time of year.  Recovering, for better or worse, from the holidays.  No news.  No new polish.  I’d like to hibernate for about six weeks.

Since I have nothing germane to the blog, I’ll ramble.  Quelle surprise.  If I can’t talk about polish, I’ll talk about color.  I’ve mentioned many times over the years about the use of color in movies, how it’s used for symbolism, for attention, and so forth.  It’s interesting to see how others use color and how we can use it ourselves in our polish and makeup.

One of my all-time favorite films — and my #1 favorite when it comes to use of color — is the little-known The Fall from 2006.  Starring Lee Pace as Roy, it’s set in a California hospital in the 1920s, and it introduces Catinca Untaru as the little girl, Alexandria.  Both Catinca and her character are Romanian and since her hospital scenes were shot in chronological order, you can literally see and hear her English improve.

Roy is confined to his bed…. but he wants something.  To get it, he convinces Alexandria to be an accomplice by telling her a fantastic story but parcels out the “chapters” to keep her on the hook, à la the tale of A Thousand and One Nights.  What’s fascinating is that what Roy says is not always what Alexandria understands.  For example, when he says “Indian” he means Native American but she pictures a person from India.

The dark, shadowy hospital scenes contrast perfectly with some of the brightest, most saturated colors you’ll ever see.  It’s the reason to have an HDTV and a Blu-ray player.

The Fall characters

The Fall woman

(Ooh, bright red polish!)

The Fall has some of the most gorgeous and striking scenes I’ve witnessed in any movie, any time.  Stills don’t do justice to them.  I was lucky to see the film in the theater, and bought it as soon as I could.  Here’s the trailer:

Direct link:  http://youtu.be/4YIEjqOzyP8

The Fall is rated R for violence and violent/frightening images, but there is no nudity or offensive language.

What’s this? A sale on Nonie Creme Colour Prevails?

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This morning when I was in my local Walgreens to grab two or three or ten SinfulColors nail polishes for 99 cents each, I happened to notice that the Nonie Creme Colour Prevails display right next to the cosmetics checkout counter had everything at 20% off.

Now, I don’t know if this was just my store or what.  I haven’t read of a NCCP sale in general, so I’ll say be careful and that prices and participation may vary.  But if you’ve been wanting to try Colour Prevails, a new Walgreens-exclusive brand, this might be a good time.  I picked up a lipstick/lip gloss combo that I hope to review soon.

Links to reviews I’ve done of Colour Prevails products:

This isn’t the big news I hinted at this morning on my Facebook page.  Stay tuned for that tomorrow morning!  Big news.  Big big news.  Big McLargeHuge news.

ColorChat by OPI, an app that does… not much

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OK, I’ll bite, or should I say I bit.  I like to try new things.  OPI has a recent free app called ColorChat that lets you type in anything on your iPad, iPhone, or Android device, and it will convert the letters into nail polish splashes.

That’s it.

Hmmm, I thought there might be more to it, but unless I’m being incredibly dense — always a possibility, mind you — it’s a straight one-to-one conversion.  One letter equals one splash of color, always the same one for the same letter, but it does make bigger splashes for capital letters.

I downloaded the app for my iPad, typed out “The Silver Nail” and got this:

OPI colorchat The Silver Nail

It’s pretty, but now what?  I guess today I am just not easily amused.  Would be fun for kids to play with.

How about something more interesting about OPI?  Saw online that their new Color Paints are now available.  Now that’s news I can use!  I’m going to check for them in person when I go out later and if I can’t find them I’m buying the mini set online.  I see Sleek Nail has it, as well as all the colors in full size bottles.

OPI color paints mini set

This mini set includes an opaque silver base, and the translucent yellow, orange, pink, purple, and teal Color Paints.  I watched a good video about the new set here, and vlogger jessFACE90 also has an art tutorial with the polishes here.  If I love these I can pick up the red and the indigo blue separately, not interested in the grass green.

While The Silver Nail loves silver polishes, I’m not most excited about using the Color Paints over the silver base.  No, I want to use them over other colored polishes to change up and refresh the look — purple over pink, orange over red, teal over green.

UPDATE 5/9/15:  The Color Paints are now on the Ulta web site but I have not seen them in my local Ulta, and I just checked again today.  Warning, the mini set is a ridiculous $21.95 on Ulta’s web site which I think may be a misprint, as I’ve seen it for $12.95 or so on every other web site.

New from OPI — Color Paints Blendable Collection

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Well, this is different.  OPI is introducing a set of polish called Color Paints Blendable Nail Lacquer that consists of eight sheer, blendable, buildable shades along with a silver polish that can be used as a base.


At first I was reminded of their smaller Sheer Tints set from last year, which I meant to get but never did.  Seemed like when I thought about it, it was out of stock, and then I’d forget.  So, are the sets the same or similar?

Blogger Swatch and Learn has them all and compares polishes HERE.  I’m intrigued.  Online retailer Nails Ave. has them up for preorder, and I think the mini set looks sweet.  Could be very fun to play with, this summer or any time.  Release date sometime in May.

Remember the mood ring?

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Oh, I loved the 1970s.  A time of peace, love, and REALLY REALLY questionable fashion sense.  You may have read some of my old posts with pictures from 1972 issues of Seventeen.

Do you remember the mood ring?  It fit the true definition of a fad — came out of seemingly nowhere, was wildly popular for a short time in 1975 and 1976, then disappeared.  In case you missed it, the mood ring was tongue-in-cheek supposed to sense your moods and change color to fit them.  Blue – happy, red – angry, green – normal/average, black – get the hell out of my way, and so on.

These rings, of course, did not read your mind but merely had a thin layer of temperature-sensing liquid crystal display in them, and they even wore out after a while, settling into a greenish-brown shade of blah that wouldn’t change any more.  Being in high school at the time, naturally I just had to have one.  It was a real cheapie.  Many years later when I was married with small children, I bought a kids’ forehead thermometer strip that worked on the same principle, except it was marked in degrees.  I used to think, “Mood ring for your forehead!” every time we used it.

Which leads me to color changing “mood” polish for your nails.  LeChat has come out with a bunch of them, seen on the company’s web site here.  This is the picture:

LeChat mood colors

Like the rings of yore, they respond to changes in temperature.  Here’s a video showing one of the shades (by the way, I pronounce the brand’s name in the French way, “le shah,” which means “the cat”).

They’re gel polishes and rather pricey; Transdesign has them for $15.95 each.

The price is only one reason I’m not interested in trying them.  Another is that I would think you need to have all your nails the exact same length (including your nail beds, something you can’t really control) in order for the polish to look nice and not patchy.  I’ve tried polish from Ruby Wing that changes color in the sun and it’s cute but not really my thing.  Great for kids, though.  And I suspect that were I still in high school, I’d be all over it like snags on a pink polyester jumpsuit.

Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year – Marsala

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As I’ve already lamented on Facebook, Pantone has come out with their Color of the Year for 2015 and it’s a reddish-brown or brown-mauve called Marsala.

Marsala is a town in Italy and the term is more famous as the region’s eponymous red wine.  It’s also the name of the evil guy in Ben-Hur.  No, wait, that was Messala.  At any rate:


I don’t generally care for this color but hey, it’s no big deal and will not keep me from having a Merry Christmas or whatever.  In fact, until just a few years ago, I was blissfully unaware that there even was a Color of the Year (CotY).  And as I said in the post about 2014’s CotY, Radiant Orchid, who picks these things?  A committee?  A Magic 8 Ball?  Is it random?

Some colors will flatter some of us and not others.  This Marsala is OK for me in small doses or on an occasional product, such as the Revlon lipstick Toast of New York, which I do love, but only in the fall and only for a short time.  This color in clothing or nail polish makes me look sallow.  As an example, here’s Pepper from Zoya.


In general the color of the fabric swatch shown above makes me think “grandma color” and late 1970s or early 1980s.  Don’t mind me — I’m just being grumpy today.  It’s one of those days when nothing’s gone right.

Now, you may have a warm complexion that will rock Marsala.  Go for it!

Velcome to ze laboratory…. ze Zoya laboratory

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BWA HA HAAAAAAA!  It’s Halloween week and all the ghoulies and ghosties and things that go bump in the night are coming out.

It’s going to be a great week here on The Silver Nail — I hope to review my first Memebox and should also be getting the new Zoya Winter Collection for swatching.  Maybe some Halloween looks, too.

But today, let’s have some fun with the Zoya Color Laboratory!

Zoya Halloween

Zoya Halloween2

Official press release:

Go Mad For Zoya & WIN*!

Are you “MAD” for Zoya?! Now’s your chance to bring the color of your dreams to life! Step inside our virtual color labooooooratory (muahahaha) to experiment with color and finishes to “mix” your very own shade. The Zoya color animator offers various pieces and parts (finishes, opacity and hues) to play with – feel free to use the description section to elaborate on your masterpiece. Give your creation a name, submit it, and there’s a chance we will bring it to life!

NOW – Thursday, October 31st (10:00am ET) Piece together your creation for a chance to have it custom created just for you! The highest voted shade will win, so don’t forget to share your creation with your friends and family after it’s been submitted!


How It Works:

Go CRAZY! (You know we are) Create a custom shade using the Zoya Polish Animator
Name your creation and describe any additional elements you would add to the polish.
Submit (and don’t forget to share!) your custom shade for a chance to bring it to life! Have more than one color you’re mad about? Create as many as you’d like!
One winner will be selected on October 31, 2014 at 9am EST

*Terms and Conditions
Purchase not necessary to enter. Valid Art of Beauty account required in order to participate. Enter NOW through 10/31/14 (9:00am ET). One winner will be selected and contacted by 5pm ET 10/31/14. Please allow up to two weeks for production of custom shades. Winning shades will be created based on Zoya’s Creative Director’s interpretation of the description and cannot be returned, exchanged or duplicated at a later date.


Have you always wanted to design your own Zoya shade?  I have, practically on a daily basis.  Now’s our chance!

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