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Matte Rouge — new collection from Color Club

Well, this is intriguing — an all-matte seven-polish set from Color Club called Matte Rouge.

You’d guess from the name that all the shades are red or reddish, wouldn’t you?  Here’s a pic of the bottles from Color Club’s web site, where each one costs $8.50.

CC Matte Rouge

I find the official photos at CC’s site to be less than accurate when it comes to the real color of the polish.  For what I suspect is a better look, check out this Instagram picture from Ink361.  Whoa.  Much more vibrant!  I know lighting can vary, and so on, but this shot is IMO better for gauging the colors.

If you’re interested, this set is out now, and Head2ToeBeauty has it for $3.50 per polish.  I’ve ordered from H2TB in the past and been very pleased, no affiliation.

More… you guessed it… fall news

It’s been a week of fall news and nothing but.  Now watch — in a couple of weeks I’ll have nothing and be back to my boring self.  Without further ado, Color Club’s fall collection called Cabin Fever:

CC Cabin Fever

CC Cabin Fever bottles 2

CC Cabin Fever bottles

All photos from the Color Club web site.  The colors appear much more vibrant in the third picture than they do in the second one.

In the synchronicity that is the polish world, the collection’s theme sounds super-close to China Glaze’s Fall 2015 set, The Great Outdoors.  That one even has a polish named Cabin Fever.  Sigh.

These all appear to be cremes and frankly it’s hard to work up any enthusiasm.  I don’t see anything I must have.  Another mauve-pink?  Yawn.  The yellowish ones Leaf Me Alone and Oh Deer look maybe a little different but yellows look dreadful on me.

$8.50 each at Color Club

Oil Slick — new collection from Color Club

There’s a new collection from Color Club.  It’s called Oil Slick and the company calls it “tri-chrome,” it looks duochrome, and it could be multichrome.

Color Club Oil Slick banner

Color Club Oil Slick bottles

At the company’s web site, these polishes are $10.00 each and I haven’t seen any reviews yet to know if they’re all they claim to be.  ‘Scuse me for sounding skeptical but I’ve been burned on these type of chromes before.   Years ago another company came out with some widely hyped duochromes and I was disappointed with the actual products.  Very streaky and showed a ton of brushstrokes.  Of course that was then and this is now.

I do like a couple of the looks and names.  Who remembers the 1983 song from The Weather Girls called “It’s Raining Men”?

Color Club Oil Slick IRM

It became a real cult hit.

So ’80s!  Bright neon colors, bad lip synching (but awesome voices), and terrible green screen usage.  But fun.

And hey, I’m sure we’ve all heard the Lorde song “Royals,” but for a different cover of it, sung by a sad clown along with the group Postmodern Jukebox, no less:

Different, huh?  These polishes could be something different too and I look forward to others’ reviews.

EDIT 6/23/15:  Here are actual swatches:  http://instagram.com/p/4IFaxcuYrq/  While pretty, they look duochrome to me and not like any color combinations we haven’t seen before.  I dunno, I expected something…. more.

Another desert-named collection for summer

The desert must be “in” this year.  A few weeks ago I posted about China Glaze’s upcoming Desert Escape Collection and now Color Club has announced its Desert Valley set.

Color Club Desert Valley banner

With the tag line, “Head west!  A new collection inspired by Route 66,” I think a much better name for the set would have been “Route 66,” but it’s not my company.  Considering half of the famous and historic Route 66 is not in the desert, why not?

Anyway, there are seven shades.  Actually, now that I read the names, the set also reminds me of China Glaze’s spring collection, Road Trip.  (Click on the following picture for a larger view.)

Color Club Desert Valley bottles

I dunno, kind of a hodgepodge to me.  For a desert theme, where’s the gold, the tan, the rust, the shimmer?

Polishes are $8.50 each at Color Club’s web site but a much more reasonable $3.50 each at Head2ToeBeauty.  Also worth noting is that at H2TB, the colors seem much less vibrant, which is not a bad thing.  For example, Grand Canyon looks less tangerine and I like it better.

Color Club Grand Canyon at H2TB

Overall I’m much more excited about China Glaze’s summer “desert” set and still hope to find the mini-set of six polishes.

Diggin’ the Dancing Queen

Regular readers will know of my love of nail polish, the 1970s, music, and dancing, not necessarily in that order.  Color Club has a new spring collection out called Poptastic Pastel Neon, and it’s disco-tastic.  Well, no, it isn’t really.  It’s pastel.  I don’t think you could have a true disco set without a stark white and a jet black, like Tony Manero’s trend-setting suit in Saturday Night Fever (1977).

But I digress.

Poptastic Pastel Neon does appear to have some pretty shades.

CC poptastic pastel banner

CC poptastic pastel bottles

There’s also a four-polish mini set of what looks like Hot-Hot-Hot Pants, Disco’s Not Dead, ‘Til The Record Stops, and Meet Me At The Rink for $12.95.

CC poptastic pastel minis

Each full-sized polish is $8.50 at Color Club’s site but can be found for less at other places.  Head2ToeBeauty, a fave e-tailer of mine, has the new colors for a screamin’ $3.50 each.  You’ll also see two other new sets from Color Club there, the glow-in-the-dark Pastel Neon Remix Collection and the neutrals of Shift Into Neutral Collection.

The names of these polishes are good for some nostalgic chuckles.  Remember hot pants?  I can remember asking my mother to make me some hot pants when they were all the rage, not knowing at the time that “hot pants” was a euphemism for, shall we say, filled with desire.  At the time, I thought the epitome of romance was holding hands.

Just to mention one of the songs referenced in these two Color Club pastel neon sets, Dancing Queen was a massive hit for the Swedish pop group ABBA.  You couldn’t turn on a radio in late 1976 without hearing it.  So for a blast from the past, tune in to this video for some lip synching and more ’70s hairstyles than you can shake a disco ball at, then have a great weekend!

(http://youtu.be/xFrGuyw1V8s if the embed doesn’t appear)

I’ve got two, I mean seven, tickets to paradise

After the first of the year, I’m always in the mood for news about spring polishes.  I love snow in December and Christmas and all that jazz, but in January I start wishing for less snow and cold and looking for that extra minute or two of daylight we get as we move towards spring.

Color Club has had a new collection announced for quite some time now but I didn’t want to mention it ’til I was in more of a spring mood.  It’s Ticket to Paradise.

CC Ticket to Paradise

The marketing blurb on Color Club’s page says, “Travel to where the palm trees grow, where the breeze is warm, and the sun is shining. Pair shades together for a tropical gradient, or where [sic] alone for a semi-matte beach glass finish.

There’s a mini-set of Ticket to Paradise that looks like a good variety of colors, and also the colors look slightly different from those above, much darker.

CC Ticket to Paradise minis

Blogger The Nail Polish Challenge has swatches of all seven and they look lovely.  Most have a jelly texture and a slight shimmer.  Check out her beautiful nails HERE.  Further proof that short nails can be fashionable and fantastic!  I’m still searching for a perfect peach, and Tiny Umbrella might be it.

Each polish is $8.50 at Color Club’s web site but only $3.25 each at e-tailer Head2ToeBeauty.

The title of my post comes, of course, from the 1978 rock single, “Two Tickets to Paradise” by Eddie Money.  Catch a live version here and dig that ’70s shag hair:

or, if the embed doesn’t work, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uCacbNlrqYk .

This song was famously spoofed by Mr. Money himself (real name Eddie Mahoney) in this 2012 Geico commercial:


Have a great weekend!

New scented polishes from Color Club

And now for something a little different for the holidays.  Just heard of a new seven-polish collection from Color Club called “Love Tahiry.”  The blurb on the collection’s web page:

“Color Club is sweet on Tahiry Jose! Tahiry has designed seven exclusive scented nail polishes to share with her devoted fans.  Seal it with a kiss and share this special collection with a loved one.”

I freely admit I’ve never heard of Tahiry Jose so I looked her up and she’s a reality TV personality, and I never watch reality TV.  I prefer reality reality.  But it comes as no surprise that Color Club has a scented collection since the company also makes the Ruby Wing division of polishes, many of which are scented and/or change color in sunlight.

Here’s the new set.  I get a Valentine’s Day vibe, actually!  (Click on photo for a much larger picture.)

CC love tahiry bottles

The scents are:

50 Shades of Love — candy
Jitters — bubbly
On Cloud Nine — white chocolate
Red-Handed — cinnamon
Seal It With A Kiss — strawberry
Sweet Getaway — pink rose
Tall, Dark & Handsome — cologne

Some of these sound vague (Bubbly?  Like champagne?  “Cologne” could encompass a world of good and not-so-good scents.) but overall I think it sounds like a fun collection.  Here’s a closeup of 50 Shades of Love:


The only place I’ve seen these for sale so far is Color Club’s own site, $8.50 per full-sized 0.5 oz/15 ml bottle, but if you live near a Rite-Aid they often carry Color Club, and Sally Beauty Supply may also.

These polishes would make some really cute stocking stuffers (my constant chorus this time of year), but one caveat:  I’ve found that I personally can’t wear scented nail polishes because they trigger headaches.  If you’re prone to migraines I’d be careful.  But what little girl wouldn’t love the polish filled with hearts?


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