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I’ve got two, I mean seven, tickets to paradise

After the first of the year, I’m always in the mood for news about spring polishes.  I love snow in December and Christmas and all that jazz, but in January I start wishing for less snow and cold and looking for that extra minute or two of daylight we get as we move towards spring.

Color Club has had a new collection announced for quite some time now but I didn’t want to mention it ’til I was in more of a spring mood.  It’s Ticket to Paradise.

CC Ticket to Paradise

The marketing blurb on Color Club’s page says, “Travel to where the palm trees grow, where the breeze is warm, and the sun is shining. Pair shades together for a tropical gradient, or where [sic] alone for a semi-matte beach glass finish.

There’s a mini-set of Ticket to Paradise that looks like a good variety of colors, and also the colors look slightly different from those above, much darker.

CC Ticket to Paradise minis

Blogger The Nail Polish Challenge has swatches of all seven and they look lovely.  Most have a jelly texture and a slight shimmer.  Check out her beautiful nails HERE.  Further proof that short nails can be fashionable and fantastic!  I’m still searching for a perfect peach, and Tiny Umbrella might be it.

Each polish is $8.50 at Color Club’s web site but only $3.25 each at e-tailer Head2ToeBeauty.

The title of my post comes, of course, from the 1978 rock single, “Two Tickets to Paradise” by Eddie Money.  Catch a live version here and dig that ’70s shag hair:

or, if the embed doesn’t work, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uCacbNlrqYk .

This song was famously spoofed by Mr. Money himself (real name Eddie Mahoney) in this 2012 Geico commercial:


Have a great weekend!

New scented polishes from Color Club

And now for something a little different for the holidays.  Just heard of a new seven-polish collection from Color Club called “Love Tahiry.”  The blurb on the collection’s web page:

“Color Club is sweet on Tahiry Jose! Tahiry has designed seven exclusive scented nail polishes to share with her devoted fans.  Seal it with a kiss and share this special collection with a loved one.”

I freely admit I’ve never heard of Tahiry Jose so I looked her up and she’s a reality TV personality, and I never watch reality TV.  I prefer reality reality.  But it comes as no surprise that Color Club has a scented collection since the company also makes the Ruby Wing division of polishes, many of which are scented and/or change color in sunlight.

Here’s the new set.  I get a Valentine’s Day vibe, actually!  (Click on photo for a much larger picture.)

CC love tahiry bottles

The scents are:

50 Shades of Love — candy
Jitters — bubbly
On Cloud Nine — white chocolate
Red-Handed — cinnamon
Seal It With A Kiss — strawberry
Sweet Getaway — pink rose
Tall, Dark & Handsome — cologne

Some of these sound vague (Bubbly?  Like champagne?  “Cologne” could encompass a world of good and not-so-good scents.) but overall I think it sounds like a fun collection.  Here’s a closeup of 50 Shades of Love:


The only place I’ve seen these for sale so far is Color Club’s own site, $8.50 per full-sized 0.5 oz/15 ml bottle, but if you live near a Rite-Aid they often carry Color Club, and Sally Beauty Supply may also.

These polishes would make some really cute stocking stuffers (my constant chorus this time of year), but one caveat:  I’ve found that I personally can’t wear scented nail polishes because they trigger headaches.  If you’re prone to migraines I’d be careful.  But what little girl wouldn’t love the polish filled with hearts?

Color Club’s holiday collection, Made in New York

Ready to see one more holiday collection?  I just posted about Color Club’s fall set last week, and now we’re talking holidays:  Made in New York.

On Color Club’s web site, I see what I think is the worst winter holidays advertisement banner ever.  It looks like a disembodied zombie hand:

CC made in ny banner

Yuck!  Here’s CC’s inspiration for the collection, which is better:

CC made in ny insp

Those pictures are pretty and I just do NOT know what is up with the Blue Hand of Doom shown in the banner.

The set’s blurb reads, “Twinkle and shine in the city that never sleeps. Each shimmering shade was expertly designed to make your holiday season sparkle. For a unique effect, layer multiple shades together.

Here’s the set of seven — click on  the picture for a better/larger view.

CC made in ny coll

Some appear to be opaque cremes or shimmers, and some are tinted shimmery top coats.

Apple of My Eye

CC made in ny apple of my eye

Bright Lights Big City

CC made in ny bright lights big city

Concrete Jungle

CC made in ny concrete jungle

Lady Liberty

CC made in ny lady liberty

Million Dollar Listing

CC made in ny million dollar listing

Night at the Met

CC made in ny night at the met

Off Duty

CC made in ny off duty

I think Apple of My Eye is gorgeous and that some of the top coats could be fun to play with — maybe Million Dollar Listing or Concrete Jungle over the red?  There is also a mini set of Million Dollar Listing, Apple of My Eye, Bright Lights Big City, and Off Duty.

CC made in ny minis

The full-sized polishes are $8.50 each and the mini set is $12.95 directly from Color Club.  Head2ToeBeauty has the polishes for $3.25 each, plus shipping & handling.


Edit:  I haven’t seen any swatches yet but would like to point out this photo from Work/Play/Polish, taken at this summer’s Cosmoprof convention.  In it, Bright Lights Big City looks more pink and less coral than in Color Club’s bottle picture.  Also, Concrete Jungle looks more light blue.  I really like the look of both of these top coats!

It’s good to be bad

Bad as in sinful…. but only if you’re talking about nail polish.

Presenting Color Club’s fall collection, Seven Deadly Sins.  On CC’s web site, we find this dagger-clawed vixen:

CC 7 banner

Color Club shows these pictures as inspiration for the collection, but note there are only six, so one sin got shortchanged.

CC 7 inspiration

The short description reads, “Color Club® Seven Deadly Sins contains 7 matte, textured glitters. Each of the deep, sexy hues was created to bring out the bad girl in all of us. Being sinful never seemed so glamorous.

Ooh, matte textures!  Just when I think I’ve tired of this fad/fashion, I see some new shades I’d like.  (Click on  the picture for a larger view.)

CC 7 collection

And now let’s look at them up close and sinfully personal.

Dirty Money

CC 7 dirty money


CC 7 fierce

Friends with Benefits

CC 7 friends with benefits

Indulge Me

CC 7 indulge me


CC 7 obsessed

Under Your Spell

CC 7 under your spell

You’re So Vain

CC 7 youre so vain

Wow, I think I’d love to have the fall-looking Indulge Me and Fierce.  And Dirty Money.  And You’re So Vain.

These are $8.50  each directly from Color Club, but one of my favorite e-tailers, Head2ToeBeauty, has them for $3.25 each, not counting shipping & handling.

So what are the real seven deadly sins?  You may have seen the Brad Pitt/Morgan Freeman/Kevin Spacey movie “Se7en” from 1995, which uses the sins as a theme.  Creeeeeeepy.  Not for the faint of heart.

The big seven are:

  1. Lust
  2. Gluttony
  3. Greed
  4. Sloth
  5. Wrath
  6. Envy
  7. Pride

I’d match them up with the polishes this way:

  1. Lust  —  Friends with Benefits
  2. Gluttony  —  Indulge Me
  3. Greed  —  Dirty Money
  4. Sloth  —  Under Your Spell (this one is a reach)
  5. Wrath  —  Fierce
  6. Envy  —  Obsessed
  7. Pride  —  You’re So Vain

What do you think of these colors?  Do you Lust after them and feel perhaps a bit of Greed?  I do, and normally I’m nothing but Sloth.  ;-)


Edit:  Found some lovely swatches of four of the colors, the ones that are included in a mini-kit:  Under Your Spell, You’re So Vain, Dirty Money, and Friends with Benefits.  Look here at LiveLoveGlittr !

Also, Veni Vidi Varnished (love that blog name!) has four colors too, but not the mini-kit.  She shows Dirty Money and Friends with Benefits as well, but also shows the GORGEOUS Fierce and Indulge Me.  Now I want those latter two more than ever.  They’re great matte but magical with the clear top coat.

New from Color Club — Paris in Love

Quick post today!  And through the magic of the internets, I’m not really here (something Mr. Silver Nail has known for ages).  No, this post was written days ago and magically scheduled for publication today.

I haven’t posted about the company Color Club in a long time, although I’ve liked most of their polishes I’ve tried.  Looking at their web site, I see they’ve redesigned their bottles.  At any rate, they have a new six-polish collection called Paris in Love.


Food analogies always appeal to me, so let’s see what we have here.

Paris in Love bottles

Chocolate, butterscotch, mint, and some other macaron tints, n’est-ce pas?


The polish colors really aren’t anything groundbreaking and they’re all cremes, but I think Paris in Love is a pretty set.  Blogger Nail Polish Wars swatched them all and has beautiful photos and nails.

Ballerinas, Moonbeams, and Sea Salt

True news about nail polish collections usually seems scarce this time of year, so much else going on.  But I have three items for you, one of which isn’t terribly new.

First and not so new, a-England’s latest collection is a 4-polish set called Ballerina.  They’re light holos — silver, rose, lavender, and a blue-purple that’s darker than the other three.  The silver and lavender look awfully similar to my eye.  I haven’t bought any a-England polishes in a long time, partly because of the cost but mostly because I kind of (oops) forget about them.  I have loved the ones I’ve gotten, smooth as butter and a great holo look.

Vampy Varnish has many photos in her review of the Ballerina collection.  Worth a peek.  These polishes would also make a pretty one-coat top coat over cremes.  In the U.S. you can find a-England at Ninja Polish and some other etailers.

EDIT:  More great swatches from The PolishAholic here.

Secondly, I just read about a new line from Misa called MoonBeams Glitters.

Misa MoonBeams

Left to right:  Atomic Number 29, Super Nova, and New Star.  The nerd in me likes that Atomic Number 29 means copper, because that’s its number in the periodic table.

I think all three are gorgeous.  They are $10 each on Misa’s web site, the only place they’ll be available.  Also, according to Misa’s Facebook page, they’ll be introducing one new special glitter per month.  Don’t know how long this release will last.

Hmmm, I like the Misa polishes I’ve bought but they’re notoriously hard for me to find.  My only etailer for them in the past, Head2ToeBeauty, hasn’t gotten any new Misas in ages.  Also, Misa’s web site, blog, and social media channels are not in my opinion particularly helpful and sometimes aren’t even current.  C’mon, Misa, I like your polish — make it easier for us to find out about and get them!

Finally, can you stand another textured collection?  Color Club has just introduced Sea Salt.

Color Club Sea Salt

These are rather beachy colors — peach, gold, light turquoise-blue, silver, teal-green, and white.  The green Riviera intrigues me.

CC Riviera

Not sure what the textured look is like — matte, semi-matte, sparkly.  The set is too new for swatches.

After the holidays I hope to place an order with Head2ToeBeauty and may try one.  Love their prices!

It’s fate… Cosmic Fate

Back in January I showed you one of the few linear (rainbow-like) holographic polishes I’ve ever bought, Halo-graphic from Color Club.  Let’s see its coppery-peach sister in the Halo Hues line, Cosmic Fate.

Like the pink one I swatched, Cosmic Fate has a great formula and applied smoothly and easily.  It self-leveled well and dried to a glossy finish.  I used two coats with no top coat.  Under indirect outdoor light, it merely looks like a nice peach with silver shimmer, rather neutral on my medium Caucasian skin.

Cosmic Fate outd

The bottle hints at the holographic look to come.  With the flash:

Cosmic Fate flash

Now it looks like a really bright foil.  Let’s take ‘er out in the bright direct sunlight:

Cosmic Fate sun

Gah!  The linear holographic look is so strong that I expect to see unicorns with rainbow-colored manes leaping from the ends of my fingers.

This is a look I wouldn’t wear often but it’s fun once in a while.  I think Color Club has the best mass-market linear holos lately.  China Glaze tried to get back in the game this past year with their “Hologlam” set but the general reaction to it, from what I could tell, was disappointment.

Color Club’s Halo Hues are $10 each at the company’s web site, a bit steep.  The bottle is a full-sized 0.5 oz./15 ml and I bought mine at Head2ToeBeauty.com for $8 when I placed my last order.  I was only going to allow myself one of the Halo Hues and it was tough to choose between Cosmic Fate, the purple Eternal Beauty, and the dark gray/black called Beyond.  There are also shades of blue, green, and pink.


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