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Invite Only — Holiday Collection from Butter London (preview)

Butter London has pretty much fallen off my radar in the past year.  While I love the polishes of theirs I’ve bought — some beyond all reason — their price increase has made them mostly a no-buy for me.  Plus a lack of what I see as anything truly new and exciting.

Nevertheless, the polish world doesn’t revolve around me and so I still like to see BL’s new collections, whether I plan to buy them or not.  This year the holiday one that includes makeup is called Invite Only.  There are three polish-only pictures on their web site: Invite Only, RSVP, and Twelve Months of Mani:

BL Invite Only set


BL Twelve Months

Lots of white space, miniscule bottles that practically require a magnifying glass to see properly.  Sigh.  I believe these are all mini-size bottles (0.2 oz) or what Butter London ridiculously refers to as “Fashion Size.”

Invite Only ($39) contains:

  • Pash (Set Exclusive!) – Berry, Shimmer
  • Vapour (Set Exclusive!) – Soft Grey, Creme
  • Lock In (Set Exclusive!) – Deep Navy, Creme
  • Peep Hole (Set exclusive!) – Teal, Metallic
  • Glad Rags (Set Exclusive!) – Opal, Shimmer
  • O.T.T. (Set Exclusive!) – Textured Red Sparkle, Glitter

RSVP ($29) contains:

  • Her Majesty’s Red – True Red, Creme
  • Ta-Ta! – Soft Grey, Creme
  • Dearie Me! – Cool Rose, Creme
  • Posh – Warm Nude, Creme

and Twelve Months of Mani ($68) contains:

  • High Tea – Opaque, Nude Creme
  • Luv (Set Exclusive!) – Light Pink with Deep Pink Glitter, Glitter
  • Fiver – Opaque, Mint Creme
  • Molly-Coddled – Opaque, Lavender Orchid Creme
  • Petal (Set Exclusive!) – Soft Cool Pastel Pink
  • Petticoat – Periwinkle Blue, Creme
  • Summer Hols (Set Exclusive!) – Jell Pink, Creme
  • Tiddly – Opaque, Melon Creme
  • Clever Clogs (Set Exclusive!) – Orange Rust, Creme
  • Swish (Set Exclusive!) – Deep Smoke with Metallic Gold Sheen, Metallic
  • Scrummy (Set Exclusive!) – Rich Crimson, Creme
  • Bubbly (Set Exclusive!) – Tinted Gold with Gold Glitter, Overcoat

I think some of the polishes in Invite Only are pretty but nothing I’m dying to have.  I love the “Twelve Months” idea but not at that price for minis.

You can see a better picture of the Invite Only set at Ulta’s web site, where you can mouse over them.

How ’bout a little Arm Candy?

I haven’t talked about Butter London for a while for several reasons.  One, there have been few new polishes.  Two, the ones that have been released haven’t grabbed me.  Three, the SRP for BL polishes is $15 and that’s become unreasonable to me most of the time, considering what other brands and quality is out there.  Unless they come out with something unique — Scuppered, I’m lookin’ at you — then I’ll pass.

Nevertheless, I’ve liked/loved most of their polishes I’ve tried, and I do like to point out new collections.  The latest one is called Arm Candy and is a collaboration with Allure (the magazine, I presume).

BL Allure banner

BL Allure

Left to right:

  • It’s Vintage — opaque rust creme
  • I’m On the List — rose gold metallic
  • Lust or Must? — opaque charcoal brown creme
  • Statement Piece — opaque orange-red creme
  • Disco Nap — charcoal glitter
  • Nude Stilettos — sheer pink-nude creme

There will also be a four-piece mini-set, with completely different colors and an SRP of $30:

BL Allure mini

  • Violet’s Revenge — blue-purple creme
  • The Sweet Spot — dusty pink creme
  • So Major! — loden green shimmer
  • Front Row — wine creme

I can’t say that any of the colors are grabbing me.  Really, out of ten polishes, three of them are nudey-pinks?  Yawn.  I want something else for fall… but don’t know what it is yet!

High Tea collection from Butter London

Taking a full-on break from swatching and comparing today, hope to have more tomorrow.  I wanted to alert readers to the new Butter London collection if they didn’t already know about it.

It’s called High Tea and is billed as limited edition, so I don’t know if it’s BL’s Spring 2015 Collection per se.

BL Tea banner

What’s super-confusing is that BL already had a set of eight polishes in 2013 called High Tea…

BL High Tea collection 2013

… so if you do a Google search for “Butter London High Tea swatches,” that’s probably what you’ll hit on.  Don’t DO that, big companies!!

At any rate, here are the six new polishes in the 2015 High Tea collection.  Photos from BL’s site (sorry the green one is a different size than the others).
BL Tea Ruby Murray BL Tea High TeaBL Tea Sloane Ranger

Ruby Murray, High Tea, Sloane Ranger

BL Tea Cheers BL Tea Kip BL Tea Tiddly

Cheers!, Kip, Tiddly

There’s also a mini-set that — more confusion — contains three of these colors, Ruby Murray, High Tea, and Tiddly, plus a totally different one, a light mint green creme called Green Fairy.

BL Tea collection

The only one really grabbing me at the moment is Kip, but I want to see them in person.  I know I definitely don’t need a yellow or bright orange, and I have enough dark reds to open my own shop.

EDIT:  A few hours later.  Just got back from my local Ulta, where I saw all of these new polishes except one, the yellow Cheers!, and they didn’t have the mini-set.  Ruby Murray is, to me, just another dark red creme and High Tea is a very plain nude cream.  Kip is pretty but not a must-have, and Tiddly is more of a coral orange in person than the bright Halloween orange it appears in the picture.  The nicest one to my eye was Sloane Ranger, which has a lovely thread of silver shimmer running through it.  Still didn’t buy any though, since they’re $15 each and don’t qualify for coupons.

The best polishes of 2014

Disclosure:  Most of the Zoya polishes listed were supplied by the company for review.

Although I’m wrapping up my third full year of blogging — thanks to all my readers! — I’ve never done a year-end “best of” roundup but thought it would be fun to start.  I’m only going to feature nail polish, because even though I started reviewing makeup in 2014, I don’t feel I covered enough products to have a “best of” in makeup.  The polishes I’m spotlighting were mostly new in 2014, but some were merely discovered by me for the first time this year or were re-releases.

Shut up and show us the polish!,” you say.  Here goes.

Best Pink:  Dana from Zoya


This is an older creme that just makes me happy to look at.  Smooth as glass, it looks both modern and retro.

Best Red:  India from Zoya

Ignite India

India’s a dark red foil with a touch of gold sparkle that was part of the Ignite Collection.  Excellent formula.

Best Gold:  Oxford Street from SquareHue

SqH Sept14 Oxford

Yellows and golds are hard colors for me to wear successfully.  Oxford Street has a slight pumpkin tone that made it a great fall choice.

Best Orange or Copper:  Autumn from Zoya

Ignite Autumn

Yep, fall in a bottle, that’s what Autumn is.  Also from the Ignite Collection.

Best Green:  Dillon from Zoya

Awaken Dillon

Dillon, from the spring Awaken Collection, is a slightly blue-toned color that reassured me, yes, I can wear light green without making my skin look red!

I love blue polish so much that I have two awards, for light blue and dark blue.

Best Light Blue:  Rebel from Zoya

Awaken Rebel

This one is robin’s egg blue perfection, also from the Awaken Collection.

Best Dark Blue:  Remy from Zoya

Ignite Remy

Another one from the Ignite set, this marvel was a one-coater.  A little bit teal, a whole lot gorgeous.

Best Gray:  Full Steam Ahead from Butter London’s Steampunk Collection

Steampunk Full Steam

So creamy and glossy!

Best Black:  Dovima from Zoya


Dovima w tc

A matte, Dovima can also be worn with a clear shiny top coat to make it sparkle like the night sky.  A very versatile polish.

Best Purple:  Haven from Zoya

Wishes Haven outd

From the recent winter Wishes Collection, Haven is deep but with a bright flash.

Best Duochrome:  Barkers from Butter London

Steampunk Barkers flash

It’s green!  It’s purple!  It’s weirdly fascinating!  Also from the Steampunk collection.

Best Top Coat:  Pure Icicles from Pure Ice

Pure Icicles

This top coat was like playing in the snow.  It’s so much fun over a variety of colors, and had just enough sparkle and glitter.

Best Budget Color:  Rich In Heart from Sinful Colors

Rich in Heart2

A dark, vampy red, it’s blackened but not black, with some plum and brown tones.  Beautiful, stylish shade, and I got it for 99 cents, typical for a Sinful Colors sale at Walgreens.

I didn’t pick a Best Glitter because I frankly couldn’t decide.  Zoya had a lot of lovelies this year, between all their PixieDusts plus the spring Bubbly Collection.

And now, the final winners of BEST POLISH:  It’s a tie between India and Remy, pictured above.  Remy had an amazing formula, with one coat providing perfect coverage, and I love the dark teal blue.  But India is also a beautiful foil and I feel I would wear it more often since it’s red.  I love both.  And it should come as no surprise that my BEST COLLECTION of the year is….

…. Zoya’s Ignite Collection.

Zoya Entice Ignite 5

Zoya Entice Ignite 2

There wasn’t a runt in this litter.  Every single color was a great foil that was exactly what I wanted for fall.  It’s a hard act to follow!

Did I touch on some of your faves for 2014?  What would you have chosen?  Happy New Year!!

Disclosure:  Most of the Zoya polishes listed were supplied by the company for review.

Autumn tidy-up — raking leaves, or raking in the polish?

Butter London’s 30% off sale may have ended, but there are a bunch of products for 50% off on their Last Orders page.

BL 50 pc off sale

There are makeup + polish sets, makeup alone, and polish alone.  There are minis and full sizes (be aware that when BL calls a bottle of polish “Fashion Size” they mean mini).

Some of my favorites on this page are the Double Take Ice Duo, Scuppered — or should I say SCUPPERED because I love it so much, the Boxing Day Fash Pack in Pinks, and Dust Up.

Good time to do a little pre-holiday shopping perhaps.

Butter London 30% off sale, and Memebox musings

Were you tempted by the Butter London Steampunk Ball set I swatched the other day?  Still considering it?

If so, be glad you waited because Butter London is having a 30% off sale and I don’t see any exclusions.

BL 30off sale

As you can see, use the code BEZZIE14, and the offer is valid through 10/27/14 at 11:59 pm PST (actually PDST, since the time hasn’t switched over yet).

I tried the code on the Steampunk Ball set and a few other items, just to see if it worked on new releases, and it does.  Also, I believe that orders over $50 get free shipping.


In an unrelated note, would you be interested in my reviewing the beauty box service (not a subscription) called Memebox?  It’s a Korean-based company, and here is the U.S. link.  I asked this question on my Facebook page and didn’t receive any replies.

I recently got interested in the company thanks to (or, considering how addictive it’s becoming, perhaps I should say “no thanks to”) blogger-reviewer Formul8edphrase.  Specifically what fascinated me was her post called “Let’s Chat:  Skincare Routine.”  Also the post from Skin & Tonics that she references makes informative reading.

From what Formul8edphrase said and showed — amazing before and after photos! — and other things I’ve read, Asian skin care is so much more intensive and thorough than most American efforts and certainly more than what I’ve been doing for myself.  I think we often tend to concentrate the most on makeup because it’s fun, and less on skin care because it’s “work.”

At any rate, I ordered some separate Korean products such as a BB cream from Missha and some facial masks (two words:  honey mask — it’s heaven!) and am loving them.  Then I ordered one Memebox to see if I liked it, and I sure did.  I got one called Pinkaholic, which is currently sold out.

New boxes usually go up for sale several times a week with a roughly two-month-out shipping date, and sometimes sold-out boxes are restocked.  These aren’t junk-in-a-box thrown together to get rid of crap that isn’t selling; they are curated, themed collections.  Sometimes you know what will be in them but most often not.  I like the combination of a known theme but surprise specifics.

Some of the current boxes for sale are Cleopatra, Brighten & Correct, and Wine & Cheese.  Some boxes are more skin-care-focused and others are more makeup-focused, although I believe the term “cosmetics” includes all of that, not just makeup.

So, what do you think?  Want to see what I got in Pinkaholic?  Can’t hurt, right?  Said no enabler ever.

The Steampunk Ball 6-lacquer mini-set from Butter London — full review

Woot.  A new Ulta store just opened where I live and you better believe I was there the day it opened.  I was looking for the new 6-piece polish set of minis from Butter London called Steampunk Ball ’cause I had to see it in person.  The whole new collection is called Steampunk Ball, as is this one set.  There are other sets such as Gilded Gears and Clockwork Couture, but they either have colors I don’t want or ones I already have.  The release is confusing; know what you’re buying.

I attempted to briefly explain the concept of steampunk here a little over a week ago.

BL Steampunk

I couldn’t tell enough from the stock photos on either BL’s site or the Nordstrom’s site, especially about Barkers and Brass Goggles….

BL Steampunk Ball

BL Steampunk set

…. but when I saw them in person I wanted them.

Steampunk set

The colors, left to right, top row and then bottom row:

Barkers – Set Exclusive!
Opaque, grey with magenta-green shimmer

Pinkies Up – Set Exclusive!
Opaque, pink shimmer

Baroness – Set Exclusive!
Opaque, burgundy metallic

Full coverage, flaring shimmers in saffron red gel-like base

Full Steam Ahead – Set Exclusive!
Opaque, grey creme

Brass Goggles – Set Exclusive!
Semi-sheer, black and gold foil glitter

These are all new except for Bric-a-Brac, which was part of the fall Brick Lane set, but it’s a shade I’ve been craving so I’m cool with it being included.

Let’s jump right in!  I used two coats of each polish except for Bric-a-Brac which needed three, and Brass Goggles which is a top coat and needed but one coat.

Barkers is a very odd color, in a fascinating way.  It’s just like the official description, opaque gray with dark pink & green shimmer.  Kind of looks like a sheen of oil, if oil had sparkles.  The overall effect is purplish but it’s way more complex than just a shimmery purple.  Under indirect outdoor light and then with the flash:

Steampunk Barkers

Steampunk Barkers flash

Doesn’t it look absolutely wild in the bottle in the second picture?  Like some weird elixir.

Pinkies Up, on the other hand, is a demure peachy-pink shimmer.  Might look like it doesn’t belong in the set but I actually like it.

Steampunk Pinkies

Steampunk Pinkies flash

Let’s jazz it up.  The polish called Brass Goggles in this set is a glitter top coat, a clear base with gold and black glitter of various shapes and sizes, even some tiny black bar glitter and gold shards.  Here it is over Pinkies Up.

Steampunk P and BG


Baroness is a beautiful dusty burgundy shimmer and while I love the color, visible brushstrokes were a bit of a problem.

Steampunk Baroness

Steampunk Baroness flash

However, with the top coat of Brass Goggles, brushstrokes disappear, and it looks pretty cool.

Steampunk B with BG

Full Steam Ahead is the color I thought I’d like least, but for “only” a gray creme, I love it.  So smooth, and the bluish gunmetal shade strikes me as “just right” and very glossy.  Really glad I found this one since I have a hard time wearing medium to dark grays.

Steampunk Full Steam

I tried Brass Goggles over Full Steam Ahead but wasn’t crazy about it.

Steampunk FS with BG

Finally, Bric-a-Brac.  Love, love, love this “ruby slippers” polish.  The base is a pinkish-red and the heavy red and gold metallic is so beautiful.  A holiday polish for sure.

Steampunk BricaBrac

I didn’t try Brass Goggles over Bric-a-Brac because there was already so much glittery goodness going on.

So that’s the Steampunk Ball set.  The bottles are minis, 0.2 oz/6 ml, and the set is $39 SRP.  It does seem expensive for minis, but Butter London is more expensive than Zoya, OPI, and drugstore brands.

The polishes are not available individually or in full sizes except for Bric-a-Brac, and Full Steam Ahead is available as a full size in the Art of Alchemy set ($65) but that set also contains five older colors.

Overall I love this Steampunk Ball set and I’m OK with the bottles being minis.  I never use up full-size bottles anyway!  My favorite shades by themselves are Bric-a-Brac, Barkers, and Full Steam Ahead, and I also love Brass Goggles over Baroness.  Barkers is the most unusual shade in this set, and photos don’t do it justice.


Coming Monday, big news.  Have a great weekend!


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