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Moving day

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Said I wouldn’t be updating this blog any more, yet here I am.  It’s to say the first post on my new blog — absolutely nothing to do with nail polish or makeup — is published and I hope you can check out A Meal and a Movie if you’re so inclined.  Tell your friends.  Tell your family.  Tell your friends’ families.  I’m on another Facebook page as well.

The layout and buttons on AMaaM are almost the same as on The Silver Nail so I hope it will be comfortable to navigate.  Still working out a few settings and tags and other details.

Thank you all so much for all the great comments in the past few days.  See you on the other side!

Roundup of the Zoya looks at NYFW

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Another New York Fashion Week (NYFW) has come and gone.  I posted about some of the looks last week and here’s a summary:

Nude, nude, nude, black, nude, nude, white, nude, nude, nude, black, nude, bronze, nude, nude, and nude to the point of why the hell even bother to take the time to put on polish and oh I don’t know LOOK LIKE YOU’RE WEARING POLISH?!?!

Oops, got a little carried away there.

I know or at least suspect that Zoya does not tell the designers what color of polish to use; isn’t it more likely that the designers tell Zoya what polish they want?  So I’m not blaming Zoya, a company I love.  It’s just that when fall rolls around I’m all about bold autumn colors — apple red, copper, teal blue, pumpkin, gold, and saddle brown.  Not a polish that appears to be one drop of tan in a vat of clear base.

OK, that’s selfish of me, but I like what I like.  HERE is a link to Zoya’s blog with an entry on each designer’s look(s).  For example, click on the blog entry Rachel Zoe or Greg Lauren, anything with AW15 in the title.

I do like the two custom bronze polishes that Zang Toi used.  Loren is a shimmer and Cinnamon is a glitter, and let’s hope those appear in a fall collection from Zoya.  Also, I like the three darker Satin shades used by Rolando Santana.  Again, I hope to see them in a fall set.  Perhaps ’til then we can get our mitts on the promised Zoya Satin Top Coat and turn any creme into a satin, eh?

So you want to blog

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Thanks to all my regular readers for putting up with my online absence lately.  As explained earlier, we’re in the middle of moving, and it’s complicated.  Home situations and real estate closings require that we be in limbo for over a week, and I’m living in a hotel with Mr. Silver Nail and a small, demanding-yet-utterly-lovable, elderly dog.  We’re living out of suitcases and boxes, and 99% of my stuff is in storage.

This too shall pass.

I’d love to have some more guest posts, if anyone is interested in contributing.  I and my readers have enjoyed the ones I’ve posted so far, here, here, and here.

In the meantime, I thought I might put up a casual guide to starting your own blog — my own opinions only.  Have you been thinking of starting blog?  Join the crowd!  Sometimes I think there are more blog writers than blog readers.  😉  But why not?  It can be free, fun, interesting, and informative.

These are tips, not rules.  Well, actually, there is one rule and I’ll get it out of the way first:  thou shalt not steal.  Don’t steal others’ content, either text or photos or videos or anything else.  If you want to use content from other people or their sites, ask first and wait for permission, and give proper credit.  If you accidentally break this rule — and I’ve done it, used a photo I thought was public domain when it wasn’t — apologize immediately and correct the situation.

OK, now some tips, in no particular order, if you are thinking of becoming a blogger:

1)  Enjoy writing, or be someone who wants the practice and wants to enjoy writing.  If you don’t enjoy it, it’ll seem like a chore, and the shine will wear off real fast.

2)  Have something original to say.  Don’t merely quote others, although…

2.a.)  There are blogs, useful blogs, that are completely made up of links to other blogs and their information.  I call these “roundups,” and yes, they can be quite fun to read.  Sort of a one-stop shop for info on a particular subject.

3)  Find your niche.  What will set your blog apart from others?  When I was thinking of starting a blog, I thought about the things I enjoyed and decided on nail polish.  But there are a bazillion polish blogs out there, and I thought one aimed at and featuring older women would be a little different.

4)  Decide on your “voice.”  Although this can certainly evolve over time, do you want a scientific blog?  A formal blog?  A chatty blog?  A blog that’s almost all photos?

5)  Have good grammar, spelling, and punctuation, but you certainly don’t have to be perfect.  (May I suggest that at bare minimum, know the difference between its/it’s, they’re/there, and lie/lay, my personal bugaboos!)  Heck, you may even want to try blogging in your second language for the practice.

6)  Know your platform.  I use the free version of WordPress and like it just fine.  WordPress also has a paid version with more features and support.  Tumblr is also popular, and there are many others.

And now some “don’t’s,” although I don’t want to sound all gloom and doom:

1)  Don’t start a blog expecting to be immediately showered with free swag, samples, and products from various companies.  New blogs are a dime a dozen, and like small businesses, many of them don’t last.  You need to show companies you’re in it for the long haul and have a growing following.  Wait at least six months to a year before asking companies for samples, and be prepared to show a report of your site stats, although I don’t think there’s a problem with asking for emailed news releases right away.

2)  Stay away from the big hot-button topics, unless your blog is primarily related to them.  Yeah, you know what I’m talking about.  Politics and religion.

3)  Don’t be too hard on yourself and don’t expect to be perfect right out of the gate.  Actually, don’t expect to be perfect, period.  I look at my first few posts and photos and literally cringe, they were so bad!  Oh well, it was a learning experience.  I was learning WordPress, how to write to an audience of strangers, how to use my old camera to its best ability, how to take care of my nails so they’d be tolerable for photos, and so on.

I could go on and on.  It may seem like I have.  One final tip – to thine own self be true.  Don’t let anyone tell you what to do, and that includes me.  Blog what you want and when you want.  Trust me, when I started out, I had others telling me, “You should blog about _____ , not _______ .”  As the old Rick Nelson song “Garden Party” says, “Can’t please everyone, so you got to please yourself.”

My final words on blogging are the same ones I have for wearing nail polish:  HAVE FUN.  PLAY.


Edit, a few more tips:

Read and understand the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) disclosure rules for bloggers if you’re in the U.S., or your country’s equivalent.  https://www.ftc.gov/sites/default/files/attachments/press-releases/ftc-staff-revises-online-advertising-disclosure-guidelines/130312dotcomdisclosures.pdf

And a really important suggestion:  Don’t drink and post.  ‘Nuff said!  😉

Color, getting older, and living on the bright side

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Just a short post today since it’s Sunday, a day I don’t usually blog at all.  But I was struck by a short essay I read this morning in the newspaper supplement Parade and wanted to share it with you all.

It’s by one of my favorite writers, Connie Schultz.  She used to be a regular columnist in our paper and I read her words faithfully.  In fact, one time I cut out one of the paragraphs she’d written and taped it to the inside of my medicine cabinet, where it remains and I see it every day:

“Aging well takes a lot of guts.  Increasingly, it is I who must heed the advice I so often gave my children when they were young:  Act brave and the courage will come.”

Her article today is called “On the Bright Side” and it’s all about color.  She talks about breaking out from wearing too much black to wearing color again.  Personally, I’ve never understood the wearing black thing.  I know some people think it’s chic or slimming but to me, an all-black look is just funereal.  If you’re overweight and wear all black, you will not look slim; you will look like an overweight person wearing black.  Hope I’m not the one to break this news.

I do love black as accents or isolated pieces. Black pants with a bright sweater?  Sure.  Black shoes or belt?  Of course.  But all black, all the time, is just…. drab and depressing to me.  Wear flattering colors, and yes, we all have them.

Another thing I’ve never understood is the phrase “_______ is the new black.”  Sometimes it’s red or blue, this year the phrase is orange, partly because of a new TV show.  Well, let me tell you something:  Black is the new black.  Because black is the old black and the current black.  Only black is black.

So be like Connie.  Have so much color in your closet and in your nail polish collection that you need sunglasses!

One year!

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Today I celebrate the one-year anniversary of The Silver Nail.  😀  I truly could not have done it without each and every one of you, so…

Thank you to:

  • Readers and commenters, whether you’ve been dropping in for a year or whether this is your first visit
  • Fellow bloggers, who inspire and challenge me
  • Nail polish companies, who create all the wonderful looks we love

Looking back at my earliest posts, I could just about cringe.  Less than optimal manicures and photos abounded.  But I learned, and I still have a lot of room to improve.  Since I’m in a nostalgic mood I wanted to bring back the very first polish I showed you — this time with better pictures — Runway Diva from Misa.  It’s a glossy mauve or rose pink with outstanding durability and wear time.  This is just one coat under indirect outdoor light:

Runway Diva outd light

But since this old dog strives to learn new tricks, I thought I’d spice up the look with a really fun glitter from Ninja Polish called Sticks ‘n Stones.  It’s a clear base with micro, hex, square, and bar glitter in black and white that looks great over medium-toned polishes.  Red, pink, blue, gold, pick your favorite.  I probably wouldn’t wear it over black or white because then you wouldn’t see half the glitter.  There’s also a tiny bit of multicolored microglitter.

One of the things I like about Sticks ‘n Stones is that none of the glitter shapes overpowers the others.  Here’s one coat of it with a few extra dabs, topped off with a clear top coat:

Sticks n Stones outd light

Sticks n Stones flash

Sticks n Stones closeup

Hope you like it, because I bought a second bottle — full-sized, brand new, unopened — and am giving it away!

Just go to the Giveaway tab on my Facebook page.  (see picture)  There will be no requirements other than you must “Like” my Facebook page, and you must have a continental U.S. mailing address because of postal regulations.  You can earn an extra entry by Tweeting about the giveaway.

my Facebook page

Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading The Silver Nail and helping me to prove that great nail looks truly have no age limit!

It’s nice to be noticed

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Yes,  it’s always nice to be noticed in a positive way.  Hopefully we’ve all had the great feeling that comes when a loved one or even (maybe especially) a stranger says, “I love your nail polish; it’s so pretty!”

This morning I received an “atta girl” in that I have been nominated twice for the Liebster Blog Award.  Liebster is German for “dearest” and is an award for new bloggers with less than 200 followers.  I don’t know all its history or how a winner is chosen, and am under no delusion that it’ll bring me fame and fortune, but it’s fun.  A big thank you to Nail Alchemy and to The Nailing List for nominating me!

Although the rules might make the process sound a bit like a pyramid scheme or a chain letter, remember it’s all in fun.  The rules are:

  1. Post eleven facts about yourself.
  2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you and create eleven questions for the people you’ve nominated.
  3. Choose eleven people to give the award to (with fewer than 200 followers) and link them in your post.
  4. Go to their page and tell them.
  5. Remember no tag backs.

I’m not sure why eleven seems to be the magic number.  Let’s start with 11 facts about me:

  1. I’m American and Canadian.
  2. I was once chased by a mountain lion.
  3. Foreign films are my favorite movie genre.
  4. I’ve been happily married to the same great guy for over 30 years.
  5. I’m a family history nut, am descended from several of “les filles du roi” of early New France (Québec), and am distantly related to John Chapman aka “Johnny Appleseed.”
  6. Just had my hair cut in a Mohawk at a recent gaming convention.
  7. Without my glasses I’m legally blind.
  8. I’ve hiked to the top of Croagh Patrick in Ireland.
  9. I like to play the collectible card game Magic the Gathering.
  10. Growing up, my nails were really awful because I picked at them nervously.
  11. I still can’t decide if the fairy rings in my yard are from a fungus or from fairies actually dancing by the light of the moon.


Here are the 11 questions asked of me by Nail Alchemy and my answers:

1. Do you tell you friends and family about your blog?

Yes, I shamelessly self-promote.

2. How often do you shop for beauty products?

Probably about once or twice a week.  I rarely make dedicated beauty products shopping excursions, but often check the department stores and drugstores when I’m there on errands.

3. Do you vote?


4. How often do you do your nails?

I use skin/nail care products like sunscreen and cuticle cream every day, swatch different nail polish colors every few days, and probably do a full manicure about once a week.

5. Who is your style inspiration?

No one in particular; I look at many different styles and pick what I like and what works for my casual lifestyle.

6. Whats you sign?


7. What is your dream vacation?

Traveling through Europe and visiting all the places that our ancestors were from:  England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Norway, France, Germany, and Bohemia.

8. Would you ever have any plastic surgery?

Only to correct a serious injury.  I will never have botulism poison injected in my body!

10. Favorite season?

Fall, hands down.

11. What is your favorite Author or Book?

That’s a tough one.  Right now my two favorite books, which I re-read every year, are “Memoirs of a Geisha” and “Cold Mountain.”  I get something new from them each time I read them.

And here’s what The Nailing List asked me:

1. What is the most disgusting thing for you?

Racist, sexist, or homophobic comments.

2. Would you take a job that requires you being away from home 90% of the year?


3. Do you like your birthday? I mean, do you really appreciate/celebrate it?

It’s OK; no huge deal but I do celebrate it.  I’m glad to be alive and I must have cake!

4. Do you believe in the biblical God?


5. What’s your dream car?

I don’t know much about car models but I’d say anything with all the latest and greatest techie gizmos.

6. What’s your favourite nail polish?

Oh, I can’t pick just one!

7. Would you have plastic surgery done? In which conditions?

See answer above.

8. Do you have piercings/would you like to have some done?

Just my ears are pierced and that’s enough.

9. Would you move to live in another country? And if yes, where?

Yes, Canada.

10.What is your ultimate “no-go” in a potential life partner?

I’m not quite sure I understand the question, but if I was single again I wouldn’t date anyone who was hateful.

11. Would you let someone shave your head bald for 100.000 $?

You bet!  See my Mohawk comment above!


Here are my 11 questions for the people I’m nominating:

  1. What’s a nail polish color you love that you never thought you’d wear?
  2. What’s your favorite style of dance?
  3. What fictional character would you like to have lunch with?
  4. Who’s your hero?
  5. Dogs, cats, or some other pet?
  6. What current nail trend do you dislike?
  7. Would you ever try to run a marathon?
  8. What game from your childhood do you miss?
  9. Would you ever run for political office?
  10. How many languages do you speak, read, or understand?
  11. You just found a genie in a magic lamp — what’s the first thing you ask for?


It’s hard to be sure about how many followers bloggers have (Facebook?), but my nominees are:













Whew, that was a lot of work!  Have a great weekend, everybody!

How to do a polish sponge gradient

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Short post today, and I’ll be scarce this weekend because I have sooooo much going on, but I wanted to tell you about this great tutorial posted by Makeup Withdrawal.  You can also get to it via Zoya’s blogspot.

Isn’t that beautiful?  I really want to try it!  I’m thinking two shades of pink, or a pink and a purple.  Wait, maybe silver and blue.  The possibilities are endless.

I’ve also read of using disposable sponge eyeshadow applicators instead of cosmetic sponges, and I might try that since I think the handle would make it easier to maneuver.  We’ll see.  Hope everyone has a great weekend and I’ll see you on Monday!

By the way, did you know Zoya’s web site has a new feature — wish lists!  Look under your account.  🙂

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