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Title is a nod to the passing of David Bowie yesterday.  Sad news, but it made me go ahead and write what I’ve been meaning to say:  To all my readers,  you probably guessed this day was coming.  I’ve decided to stop updating The Silver Nail.

There are several reasons.  First of all, nothing’s wrong!  I’m not sick or dying or drunk or losing my mind (Mr. Silver Nail finds the last point debatable).  I’m not mad at anyone; nothing bad happened.  I love my readers!

Mostly, I feel I have nothing new to say any more on the subjects of nail polish and makeup.  I always feel that when someone has nothing to say, they should stop talking.  Basically, it’s become a struggle to post.  You may have been able to tell from the recent lack of quality, for which I apologize.  I said to a fellow blogger that I didn’t have “the fire” any more, and as soon as I said it, I knew it was true.  And believe it or not, I’m actually tired of accumulating polish and makeup, especially at today’s costs.  It’s become stressful instead of enjoyable.

I didn’t try it for a month or two and give up; I’ve been doing it for four years.  Kind of like high school or college.  I achieved my goals of having fun with the blog, reaching older women and lots of younger ones too, and letting us all know that yes, we can wear blue polish or purple or whatever we damn well want.  I hope someone else takes up the banner and has a good, interesting blog about the subject (minus plastic surgery!) aimed at 40+ or 50+-year-old women.  I’d read it.

If anyone feels abandoned or angry at my decision, I’m sorry.  I’ll probably still post on The Silver Nail’s Facebook page with occasional news but won’t be writing full reviews.

Since I like to write but want to switch gears, I plan to start a new blog called A Meal and a Movie, where I’ll pair a film and food in a very low-key, uncomplicated way.  I’ll probably post there once a week or so, and I’ll update this post when the site goes live.  I have the domain parked in the free universe but nothing posted yet.  I don’t expect you all to flock to it; I’ll start small again.

To everybody — thank you very, VERY much for being along for the ride.  I have appreciated you all and your comments more than I can say.


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  1. It has been an absolute pleasure reading you over the last four years. For all the words and all the pictures and all the friendship, thank you.

    I’ll miss the crap outta you, Susan!
    Thanks for all of it.

  2. Congrats! You’ve done a great job and I’ve enjoyed reading your blog these past few years. I can totally understand and respect your decision to wrap it up, but it’s been nice to hear a “voice” in the beauty world from someone who is a “more mature” female. I’ll be looking forward to the new “Meal and a Movie” blog when the spirit moves you. Best of luck and thanks for your efforts!

  3. Sorry to hear this, but totally understand. I drop hobbies that have become burdensome all the time and it feels so freeing, doesn’t it? At this age, I finally know myself and know what I want to do with the time I have left (lots of it, I hope!) and that is one of the beauties of aging. I am delighted to hear you are continuing to blog because I like your writing style. Definitely link your new blog when it’s live and I will follow you there. ‘Til then, take care and be well, my friend. It’s been grand…

  4. I’m so sad to see you go. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the pictures, comparisons, and commentary. You will certainly be missed. I do look forward to reading A Meal and a Movie, though. Best of luck to you in this new season. =)

  5. I have always loved your perspective and engaging posts! What struck me, is that your readership and followers seemed to be of all ages, all in it for the fun of color cosmetics. It reminded me that cosmetics is an ageless hobby, and, employers notwithstanding, no one can dictate our style choices unless we let them. Thanks so much for your hard work over the years- many nail news scoops, swatches, reviews and unique perspectives. I am so glad to hear you will continue to blog about other interests, since your voice comes through so clearly and articulately. It will be a pleasure to read whatever you blog. Best of luck!

  6. I’m almost in tears, reading these comments — thank you SO MUCH!

  7. Thank you so much for all the advice and joy you’ve given over the years to us not so young but young at heart gals! We need blogs like yours that inspire that spark and allow us to feel beautiful at our age! I’m going to miss your comparisons and your perspective. I follow you on FB so I’ll keep a in touch that way ^_^ Good luck in your future endeavours!

  8. You were a fresh voice and offered something different to those the beauty world has seemed to deem too “mature”. I appreciated your posts a lot. Happy trails and best of luck in your new ventures.

  9. Aw, Susan, so sad to see this come to an end but totally understand! I have enjoyed reading your posts for the past 4 years.

    Glad to hear you will update us with your new blog.

  10. Oh my gosh, I hardly know what to say. I want to say so much and express in just the right way how much your blog has meant to me. But, I’m afraid I’m going to fail miserably. I guess it might seem silly, but your blog to me was more than just polish and make up. Even though your reviews, your tips, your everything were always so excellent, and exactly what I wanted to hear, and looked forward to reading, wondering what would Susan say today. I loved your honesty, your humor, and how you, and you alone made me fearless when it came to wearing polish other than pink or red. Now it’s all about what my mood is, and you made me feel it was not only okay, but it was fun to play with colors. Even if my kids thought I was going a little crazy. But, my grand kids thought I was just being their cool Grandma Suzy. You always had such kind, and encouraging words for me, at a time when I really needed them. But, I can see that if you don’t feel the passion, and if some of the fun has gone out of writing about polish and makeup, you know it’s time to move on. After 4 years, it’s brave to switch gears, and try something new. I loved your blog so much. Thanks for sharing it with me, with us all. Thanks for giving me that extra push of confidence. You are a rock star. A Meal and a Movie. I LOVE it. looking forward to it. Love, Suzy

  11. So sorry to see you go. I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts but I totally understand. Good luck with your new blog, it sounds great!

  12. I really enjoy your blog and talking about movies, cosmetics, and polish. I’m sad that this has come to and end, but your new venture sounds interesting. Best wishes!

  13. I only recently found your blog and I’m sad to see you go! But I completely understand your reason and am thankful I had the chance to read your posts! And thank you for posting an official goodbye rather than disappearing – I like closure! 🙂 All the best to you in your new venture!

  14. I’m really sad to hear your news, but I completely understand. Everyone has a right to pursue their passion and fulfill their potential. I wish you the best of luck with whatever else you choose to do. I will keep reading your other blog. I enjoyed your writing and your insight, that’s what kept me coming back. Thanks for sharing with us your thoughts and opinions, I’m going to miss checking your blog for news and reviews every day. Thanks for all the effort that you put into it. Best of luck!

  15. I don’t often comment on anything, but I wanted to say how much I have enjoyed your blog over the past few years. Having reached the “over 50” mark, I appreciated your candor and sense of fun. I love nail polish (to which my husband and overflowing nail polish cabinet can attest) and also love food and movies — I will be looking forward to your new blog. Thanks for your efforts. Selfishly I will miss your posts but enjoy your new adventures!

  16. i have thoroughly enjoyed following your blog, even though I rarely ever comment I read every post in my email notification. I will surely miss it and most of all the news you post! Your blog has always been the first place I find news about polish, you’ve kept me in the know for a long while. Thank you and I hope you enjoy your new endeavor!

  17. I have so thoroughly enjoyed each and every post of yours – from ramblings about our state to Zoya comparisons to movie mentions, thank you for each post! I will miss this blog but I look forward to your new one.

  18. Michelle Tetreault

    Bummer. This is my favorite polish blog. But I know what you mean. I ran a political blog for 6 years. I lost the fire and was wise enough to quit as it was becoming a chore. I will miss this blog and your posts.

  19. Wow, I’m behind the times. I am sorry that you won’t be blogging anymore, but I am so glad that you started The Silver Nail. I’m also glad that you later expanded to make-up as well as nail polish. You blog from an under-represented segment of the beauty industry and I love the inspiration you have given me to get re-involved with the beauty world. I just changed my settings on my news feed on FB so I won’t miss any posts. Thank you for all you have done. If you ever want to start a movie review blog, let me know so I can follow. I’ll bring the popcorn.

  20. I have enjoyed and valued your swatches over the past few years. They’ve been wonderful resource. Thanks for taking the time and putting up quality content. Best of everything in the future to you and yours!


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