I’m dreaming of a black Christmas

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A White Christmas?  Dead cert.  We’ve gotten tons of snow in the past week.  Mr. Silver Nail has shoveled so much snow that most days he doesn’t need to go to the gym for extra exercise.

So let me show you my little lump of coal.  Now, I’m not one of those bloggers who talks about her pets much, although I love them dearly and am very involved with all of them every day (except the one who was feral and whose idea of a good day is “Eat, hide, repeat.”)

Here’s the latest member of the family:

Sigyn, 8 weeks old, with favorite toy

She wasn’t a Christmas gift and has actually been with us a few months.  Her eyes have changed from green to gold and she looks like a tiny black panther now.  With humongous feet.  She’s polydactylous on every foot and her front feet look like oven mitts.

Naming her was fun.  My son started a theme of naming his cats after Scandinavian deities and has two named Skadi and Dagr, and I wanted to pick a name from that pantheon too.  Finally decided on Sigyn (SEE-gin).  We all know that Loki is a very popular pet name, Loki being the god of mischief, but how come his wife gets no love in the naming department?  Sigyn.  Often we call her Siggy.  She’s super-mischievous but also a joy too.

What does this have to do with Christmas?  Nothin’.  But I hope that you are all surrounded with the ones you love, human and animal alike.



Check out the blog early this Saturday morning, the 26th, for a preview of a brand new polish collection!


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  1. Siggy is adorable! And I love your son’s naming rules.

  2. I love black cats. I have one myself. They get such s bad rap but I think they’re so gorgeous.

  3. What is this snow of which you speak & how did you get so much of it!?! Here in the Great White North, not only have we not had any snow this year, the temperature yesterday was 59F. Normally it’s about 30F. Your kitty is adorable (I too have a thing for black cats). Happy Christmas to you & yours!



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