Sephora Pantone eye shadow palette, I scoff at thee

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I’ve talked about it before, maybe too much.  The new Sephora eye shadow palette is out, the annual one that focuses on the Pantone Color(s) of the Year, and I was so NOT impressed.

Sephora pantone 2016

Those palette colors are all over the place and only a few would flatter me.  I mean, chartreuse???  So you know what I’m gonna do?  MAKE MY OWN.

I’ll start with the Colors of the Year for 2016, Rose Quartz and Serenity.

Pantone colors of the year 2016

Then I’m going to buy individual eye shadows at Coastal Scents in the colors I want.  The pink and the blue, sure, but then add several neutrals in various shades of brown and gray, more pinks, an off-white highlight.  Perhaps a violet or two.

I’ve bought from Coastal Scents before and been very pleased with everything — quality, prices, shipping.  Individual eye shadows, called “Hot Pots,” are usually only $1.95, and several times a year, as in NOW, are only 98 cents each.  They are magnetized and fit into empty palettes that are also reasonably priced.  You can pop the pans in and out as you wish but they stay put until you do.

Here’s one eye shadow calling my name, Baby Pink.

CS Baby Pink

There are dozens more pinks, some closer to Rose Quartz, some cooler or warmer.  Pick the ones that work for you.  Pick the finish you prefer — matte, shimmer, etc.

There’s a blue that’s close to Serenity, called Cornflower Blue, which unfortunately is out of stock, so it must be popular.

So remember, if you see a palette that you want but can’t afford or one where you only like a few of the colors, you can build your own.  You are the boss of you!


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  1. I was rather disappointed in the serenity blue lipstick. I’d’ve much rather seen these colors as polish shades.

  2. OMG… I just lost 20 minutes on Coastal Scents! What a great site. In the past 2-3 months I’ve become more focused on make-up than I have in a long time. The Shadow Pots are gorgeous colors and the price is beyond reasonable.

    • There are some great colors there. I love being able to build my own palette for a few bucks, and being able to swap pots in and out with no trouble is great. BTW, the shadow called Peachy Pink is my fave — looks awesome with, well, everything! Also, you can start with a premade palette such as the beautiful Fall Festival, buy some individual shadows, and switch it up depending on your mood and the season. I really need to review Coastal Scents products on ye olde blogge.

  3. So true, that palette is ridiculous. Did they even THINK through what colours to include or they just let a bunch of 2nd graders choose the colours?

  4. I love Coastal Scents eye shadows. I have several that I’ve received in subscription boxes. That palette looks a lot like the Wet n’ Wild Silver Lake edition shadows that came out late last spring. Take a look at the palettes Vegan Culture, California Roll, Embrace Obscurity, and Thriftstore Chic. I kept thinking that Sephora palette looked familiar and then when I checked my eye shadow palette, yep, there they were. I do like that green Chartreuse color. It’s like lime green but more like green apple. Green apples make me think of those Green Apple Bonkers from the Beatles movie The Yellow Submarine. Random, I know. But there it is. I’ve tried blue lipstick in the past and it was not a good look for me. I think if I were 20 something again, maybe I could pull it off, but over 50 it just isn’t working for me.


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