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Hey, it’s Christmas week!  Hope all my readers are doing well and aren’t stressed over weather, family, or anything else.  I’m pretty much burned out on blogging about nail polish — you may have noticed — and hope that the new year gives me a much-needed reboot.

So this week I’ll be talking Christmas, for an uplifting (I hope) break.  With all the shopping and spending and hustle and bustle, sometimes it’s nice to kick back with a funny movie.  Here’s one you may not be familiar with, 1955’s We’re No Angels.


What?  Bogart did comedy?  He most certainly did, and I wish he’d done more (1941’s All Through the Night is another one).  This is a very dark comedy, to be sure.  You have to find humor in crime, thievery, and, um, arranged death.

Don’t confuse this We’re No Angels with the 1989 supposed remake.  The latter bears almost no resemblance to this one, which is based on a stage play.  Here’s the story in a nutshell:

Set in 1895, Joseph (Bogart), Albert (Ray), and Jules (Ustinov) are escaped convicts from Devil’s Island prison off the coast of French Guiana.  They plan to hide out in a store over Christmas Eve, kill and rob the owners, then make their permanent escape.  You know what they say about the best-laid plans.  The trio overhears conversations between the married owners — bumbling but kindly Felix Ducotel and his sensible wife Amelie — that highlight their many worries.  They’re in financial straits and dread the upcoming visit from Cousin André (Basil Rathbone at his most despicable) who holds the family pursestrings.  Also, their teenage daughter Isabelle is suffering from unrequited love.

Our three not-so-wise men decide to help the Ducotels just a little, THEN kill and rob them.  As Joseph says, “We came here to rob them and that’s what we’re gonna do — beat their heads in, gouge their eyes out, slash their throats.  Soon as we wash the dishes.”  Do I really need to tell you that the guys find better ways to use their criminal talents?

We’re No Angels has some of the best deadpan lines in moviedom, and the shot of tough guy Bogie in a pink frilly apron alone is worth the price of admission.  Then there’s the pineapple scene.

Well, I won’t go on and on.  If you’re in the mood for something different and, like me, loathe most Christmas comedies, give this one a try.


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  1. I haven’t seen that movie, but it sounds like just what I need to watch. I know I would enjoy it. I love older movies that rely on great acting and great lines rather than a lot of special effects and technology to impress. I’m trying not to be stressed and let the crazy rush of events get to me too. Polish was always my escape and then I started an Instagram just to keep all my mani pics in one place and just for me and then I got followers and now that I am at almost 100 followers I am feeling a sense of obligation to keep pumping out beautiful or creative fun manis. Now I sometimes do mani’s that aren’t Instagram worthy, it all was really a place for me to keep them in order and easy to find and it was never intended to be for show, but I somehow still feel the pressure to perform, you know? I think I get a little bummed though when I wear a polish and it gets no likes and then someone else posts the exact same polish and it gets hundreds of likes. I guess that is why I don’t blog and keep my reviews to Makeup Alley and do Instagram.

    I hope you don’t feel pressured to post just to satisfy your followers. I am quite content with what you post when you post and honestly I don’t have time to read a blog post every single day or even every other day. I tend to let them pile up and then go through them on Sundays when I have a few hours of free time. I have been having a lot of fun trying out the new holiday collections, but with so many polishes there isn’t enough season to get through them all. Do you ever get stuck trying to decide what to put on next? I have such a hard time deciding and try to do nail art so I can use multiple polishes at once. Have a great Christmas week!

    • I do feel pressured to post but it’s self-imposed pressure. A big thing is that, almost 4 years after I started this blog, I get very few press samples (that is, free from companies) and I can’t keep affording to buy more polish especially when I already own so much. Yes, I do get stuck trying to decide what to wear next.

      Hope you get a chance to see We’re No Angels. Yep, it relies on good actors and good writing…. and one of the main characters is never even seen!


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