The OTHER “most wonderful time of the year”

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Ah, the holidays.  Spend, spend, spend.  Stress, stress, stress.

Part of the reason I’ve been scarce lately is that I have had basically a full-time job the last couple of weeks in finishing a hand-made Christmas gift.  As of last night, it’s done, though, so now all I have to do it go to the war zone post office and mail it.

If you’re like me, you’ve been absolutely bombarded with ads for the past month.  Major overload.  After a while I almost ignored them all.  But ** if ** you are still wanting to do some holiday shopping — perhaps for yourself? — then now is getting to be a real good time.  Years ago, Christmas things were not clearanced out until the day after Christmas, and standing in line in the cold before stores opened was for December 26th, not Black Friday.  Nowadays, however, it seems like stores slash the prices a week or more before Christmas.

To wit — Ulta is having a 50% off sale today, both in store and online, on some great items.  Just to mention nail polish:


I’ve got my eye on the Mini Mixers set from China Glaze.

The down side this close to Christmas, of course, is that selections are often picked over if not downright out of stock.  That’s a risk you take.  But you can also score some great deals.

So today, after buying some fishing lures for Mr. Silver Nail’s stocking, I think I’ll look for a little something for myself.  To celebrate the finish of that gift I made!


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  1. Handmade gifts are the best! It’s wonderful that you still take time and heart to make something so special for someone. Yay for getting finished on schedule too! I did all my shopping on line this year and that is a first for me. I used to slog it out in the war zone, uh I mean store zone too and the weather and the traffic but this year, it was goodbye stress and hello delivery truck! It the easiest and least stressful season I’ve had to date. We’ve just a week to go!

  2. It sounds like a really special gift. Care to share? Or is it a secret?

    • Happy to tell you, now that it’s been sent and received. It was a cross stitched Christmas tree skirt, probably the largest piece I’ve cross stitched in my 45+ years of the hobby! Son and DIL love it. Thanks for asking. Merry Christmas!


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