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Haven’t meant to ignore La Blog lately, but with all the holiday hoopla — shopping, mailing, cards — it has gone on the back burner.  Today, a new swatch for you.

Dagmara is one of the shades in Zoya’s Rolando Santana trio, all Satins.  I first mentioned it here and then let it drop, since it was limited edition and appeared to sell out quickly.  However, Zoya posted yesterday that it’s available again while supplies last.  To sweeten the deal you get the Naked Manicure Women’s Kit FREE + FREE Shipping.  You must use the code FLASH, and codes/coupons cannot be combined.

Here’s the trio:  Dagmara, Antoinette, and Constance:

Dagmara Antoinette Constance

The Satin finish is somewhere between glossy and matte.  You could call it semi-matte.

Today since we’re in the middle of a heavy snowfall and I felt like something wintry, I tried Dagmara.  Good news and bad news.  Good news in that only one coat covered well, and I love that.  Bad news in that it dried to an odd pebbly or textured finish, more noticeable with the flash.  I don’t know why that happened — is it the weather?  The fact that I only used one coat?  It’ll be interesting to see if Antoinette and Constance do the same thing.

Anyway, I like the color a lot.  It’s a dark blue, slightly gray.  You could call it denim.  Zoya calls it teal but I sure don’t.  Under indirect snowy outdoor light and then with the flash:

Dagmara outd

Dagmara flash

Another caveat is that it stained slightly, a common feature of blue polish, so I’d recommend a good base coat.

P.S.  You may notice that my index fingernail (left-most) is a different shape than my others.  I’ve had the squared or squared oval (squoval) shape for years now and am thinking of going back to a more rounded or oval look.  I feel squared shows polish better but as far as potential wear ‘n’ tear, I prefer a rounded shape.  I’m tired of catching the corners of my nails on things, especially my own face.  Ow.


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  1. I loved this trio. The formulas were amazing. Dagmara was a stainer on me too. I so agree with you about the nail shape thing. It’s such a bummer that the square shape appears to be preferred for swatching, and is flattering to more nail colors than the rounded shape, yet the rounded shape really does last a lot longer on me. Fewer maintenance-filings (my nails want to round themselves out after a couple of days) and much more resistance against breaks and cracks. The nail life ain’t fair! LOL! Thank you for sharing. I’m a regular reader but I rarely comment XOXOXO

  2. That looks like it’s the texture it’s supposed to be.

    I didn’t get the deal last night because I was a little mad at it costing $10 each, but I’m reconsidering because I love the fall colors and I loved the texture on the Satin I got earlier.


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