Hello Kitty 2016 from OPI

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I presume the Hello Kitty multi-billion-dollar-generating Japanese character needs no introduction.  It’s been around since the ’70s, but unlike much 1970s culture, it’s not one of my favorite things.  Don’t dislike it, just not crazy about it.

At any rate, OPI is coming out with a 12-polish Hello Kitty themed set for early 2016.  Exact release date unknown but I’ve read early January.

Hello Kitty OPI pic

Hello Kitty display2

Hello Kitty display

Heavy on the pink, no surprise there.

Blogger The Nailasaurus has a preview and swatches of six of the shades HERE.  Another sneak peek from BeautyGeeks HERE.  And more swatches of the same six colors by Really Ree HERE.

Cute, but, not being a particular HK fan, nothing grabs me.  Colors are pretty yet nothing new.  If you’re a Hello Kitty lover or know someone who is, though, have fun!


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  1. I honestly just want it for the handle. I like Hello Kitty but it’s a bit overdone nowadays! I’d probably want one of the pinks… heh.

  2. These are cute and I love the packaging with the Hello Kitty on the wraps on the tops. The colors though are core colors and I already have those. For someone starting a collection though this would be great.

  3. I followed your links and looked at both Manigeek’s and Nailasaurus’ pages. A few of the bottle shots intrigued me, but nothing that makes me want to make a list. I already stalk The Beauty Geeks (::waving hi Ladies::), but it was my first visit to Nailasaurus. Great page! Still mulling over the blue polish…

  4. Today is my 44th birthday…so being a young child in the 70’s I have always loved HK. I figured the colors would be dupes or basics. I have not been buying polish because I feel I own pretty much every color out there… So I’ve been waiting for this one. Only because it’s HK. Very excited about it.


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