It’s a brush. Just a brush. But what a brush!

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I rarely discuss makeup brushes other than to say whether or not a set or palette includes one.  My one and only post devoted to brushes was over a year ago.  You can see it here.

In it, I said that I have trouble using many standard-size makeup brushes because I’m so incredibly nearsighted.  As a result,  I have to have my face right up to a mirror when applying makeup, and long handles get in the way.  I love my little EcoTools sets of travel brushes which have very short handles.

Recently in one of Ulta’s online sales, I picked up some eye shadows, a blush, etc. that were on sale and needed one more little thing to hit a certain price point to get a gift bag.  I didn’t see any nail polish I really wanted and found this brush on sale at half price (sadly, it’s back to full-price).  It’s an Ulta exclusive called the IT Cosmetics Airbrush All-Over Shadow Brush #119, Item #: 2274503.  It’s regularly $14 and I got it for $7.

I’d heard good things about IT Cosmetics brushes and had wanted to try one, but the price held me back.  I know hard-core makeup gurus would snort at my thinking $14 is a lot for one brush (you can easily spend over $50 on one brush from various manufacturers), but it is to me.  Hey, $7 is do-able.

Finally my order arrived, I got a chance to try this brush, and I LOVE it.  While not a short travel size, the handle is still short enough for me to use comfortably.  At 6-1/2 inches, it’s probably at my upper limit though.  The handle is also rounded and easy to hold.  The brush hairs themselves are synthetic, densely packed, and I noticed no shedding.  They picked up and held just enough powder eye shadow without kicking up too much.

A very nice and handy bonus is that the brush comes with its own little clear plastic cap.  It slides on and off easily to keep the brush protected, and when you wash the brush, this cap would help it dry in proper shape; i.e. not get all frizzy.

Here are flash photos of the brush on my fabric cutting mat with one-inch markings:

IT brush

IT brush2

IT brush3

IT brush4

Obviously, I didn’t clean it after I used some shimmery shadow!  Oops.

If you’re looking for a good all-over eye shadow brush, I highly recommend this one from IT Cosmetics.


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  1. Looks like a good all rounder type of brush! And snagging that for $7 is sweet! 🙂

  2. That just looks magical!

  3. Your timing with this is spot-on. When I was doing my makeup this morning, I realized out of all my eyeshadow brushes, the one I most reach for time and again is a double-ended brush by IT. Normally it sells for $24, but I got it from QVC as a bonus for ordering the Naturally Pretty Romantic Eye palette. I knew if I waited for IT to run a sale, I could get the palette at a better price, but I also knew it would not come with the brush, so that’s how I justified my purchase and I don’t regret it. It’s a great brush (the Heavenly Luxe No-Tug Dual Eyeshadow Brush #5 — I guess they charge by the word, ha!). I may look into getting some more brushes by IT next time they have a sale.

  4. The It travel brush set link have been sent to various family members as a hint for my December birthday
    Now I ponder whether to buy the colorclub holoset 40 percent off with cyber40


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