More Jumbo Eye Pencils from Nyx

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Haven’t swatched any makeup in quite a while, but today I have two more Jumbo Eye Pencils from Nyx Cosmetics.  For other shades in this line, see my reviews of  Rust, French Fries, and Knight.

Here are two lighter colors that I like as browbone highlighters although of course you can wear them however you want.  Pots & Pans #6o3 is a shimmery silver and Sparkle Nude #625 is a peach-gold with a few glittery flakes.

2 nyx pencils closed

2 nyx pencils open

Swatched on my inner arm, under indirect cloudy outdoor light, with the flash, and under artificial indoor light:

2 nyx pencils outd

2 nyx pencils flash

2 nyx pencils artificial light

I think the second photo is the most accurate to my eye.

While I don’t think these colors will make anyone say, “Wow!,” I like them used lightly for a bit of shimmer.   I would not pave my eyelids from lashes to brows with them.  Funny, I thought I’d love Pots & Pans better but I actually reach for Sparkle Nude a lot more.

Like the other Jumbo Eye Pencils, these apply smoothly without tugging, and stay put until I take them off with eye makeup remover.  They come right off and do not have to be scrubbed off, sacrificing precious eyelashes in the process.  The only drawback is that they are not twist-up and have to be sharpened.

The SRP is a budget-friendly $4.50 and these can often be found on sale.  In fact, they are BOGOHO (buy one get one half off) at Ulta right now.


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  1. I really like NYX eye pencils and have about 4 or 5 of them. I sometimes use the white one as an eyeshadow primer when I really want a light shadow to pop. But the big drawback for me is that I can’t find a sharpener that fits them. I have three — count ’em three — dual opening sharpeners, all very similar in size but just sliiiiightly different enough to warrant keeping all 3 around, and the NYX pencils do not fit in any of the 6 openings. This is the only brand of eye or lip crayon that I have this problem with. It’s frustrating, because I either have to toss them when they’re dull or resort to dangerous tricks like paring down the tube with a sharp knife and yes, I am reckless enough to try that! 😀

  2. Hey is it just me, or do those to pencils look like they match the new Pantone 2016 colors??


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