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No, I’m not talking about today’s Black Friday stampedes.  I’m skipping that brouhaha again this year and am more into Small Business Saturday and CyberMonday.

Untamed is a relatively new polish from Revlon and comes in the old style “bell” bottle.  It’s rather complex — at first I thought it was brown but found it to be a blackened base full of gold and dark pink shimmer, along with some larger, irregularly-shaped pieces of gold glitter.  Together, those colors give a plummy bronze look.

My bottle of Untamed had horribly thick polish that was very difficult to use.  Since I’ve never had a problem with Revlon in the years I’ve been using the brand, I suspect my bottle was opened in the store and not closed properly.  Some thinning drops, which I always keep on hand, will fix that.

I picked up Untamed at Ulta, where it was $5.99 but there was either a BOGO sale or BOGOHO sale going on so I got it for less.  Revlon is of course widely available at big box stores, drugstores, and probably your local bar ‘n’ grill; it’s that popular.  The bottle is full-sized and contains 0.5 oz/14.7 mL.

Two coats covered very well although I had the thickness problem mentioned above.  Under very gloomy outdoor light and then with the flash:

Untamed outd

(Sorry that’s blurry; the light really is dim today.)

Untamed flash

You can see that with the flash it appears darker and more brown compared to the daylight view, where I see more pink and gold.

I decided to mattify Untamed for comparison.  Here it is on my ring and little fingers (two right-most) with two coats of Butter London Matte Top Coat.

Untamed w 2 matte outd

I think I like it mattified better.  Gives it kind of a leather look, in a good way.

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Nice color. I might look for it next time I’m out. What thinning drops do you use? Heard anything about if Zoya is coming out with some Holiday colors this year?

    • I use thinning drops I got at Sally Beauty Supply, their house brand. They’re only OK and I would rather have a bottle of OPI ones, I think.

      I haven’t heard of any new collections from Zoya for the holidays other than the Winter Matte Velvets. But stay tuned for a CyberMonday special from Zoya! I will be able to announce it early Monday morning. 😀

      • Thanks, Susan. I will stay tuned for CyberMonday. I’m glad also that you were able to see my comment via my smartphone. Technology is a very tricky thing these days.

  2. To get the same effect you can put a coat of Essie’s Shine of the Times over any dark polish (I put it over OPI’s Dark Side of the Mood or Here Today Aragon Tomorrow) & then mattify it after it dries. It’s a great dupe if you can’t find the Revlon.

  3. How sparkly and festive!!! 🙂
    It looks nice on your skin tone!!!
    xoxo and have a nice weekend

  4. Every once in a while Revlon pumps out a stunner of a polish and Untamed is a beauty! I love it mattified! It really reminds me of why I’ve loved Revlon for so very long. It looks great on you, Susan!


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