More spring news. Yep.

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I know, I know, it’s not even Thanksgiving.  The other day when I was in Wally World they were playing Christmas music already.  I don’t mind seeing Christmas things now but I’m not ready to listen to carols and “Jingle Bell Rock.”

So here I’ll make things worse by showing you spring polish news.  Hey, I hate to be scooped by other bloggers too much!

Orly’s Spring 2016 collection is called Melrose.

Orly Melrose banner

Orly Melrose display

Here’s the official blurb:

Take a stroll down the famous and funky indie shopping mecca that stretches from Silver Lake to Santa
Monica.  Here you’ll find designer couture, funky indie shops, restaurants, and one of L.A.’s most popular
flower shops.

An acid mixture of bubble gum, coral, raspberry and minty turquoise softened by pinkish nudes in a
variety of effects from matte to ultra-glossy, and foamy or gelatinous translucents.

Um, “acid mixture” and “gelatinous translucents” sound a little gross.  Why does the word “gel” sound so much better than “gelatinous”?  Anyway, color names are:

Beautifully Bizarre (pearl shimmer)
Vintage (creme)
Trendy (shimmer)
Feel the Funk (holographic glitter)
Hip and Outlandish (creme)
Window Shopping (creme)

Orly Melrose dots

Very spring-like!  I love all the pinks.  The greens are pretty too but may not suit my skin tone.

Polishes will be available separately, in a full set, and in a 4-polish mini set.

Orly Melrose set

Orly Melrose minis

Release date unknown.  Polish colors, names, and other details are subject to change.

P.S.  So… Melrose in California, huh?  Darn.  I was hoping they meant Melrose, Montana.  Population 138.  Elevation 5,467 feet.


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  1. Haahaha, Melrose, MT – I’ve been there!


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