More screenshots of the new Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette

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Earlier today I posted about newsy new stuff from Too Faced.  Since I’m obsessed with the new Chocolate Bon Bons eye shadow palette, I thought I’d go through TF’s video intro of the palette and take screenshots of the colors, all sixteen of them.

Keep in mind that colors can vary widely on different monitors or screens and also that TF did a pink halo effect around and behind each shade’s name in the picture, so I’d say that probably the color around the outside edge of each one is the most accurate.  This is no substitute for seeing the colors in person, but for now it’s what we’ve got.

Here’s the YouTube teaser: 

Direct link if you can’t see embedded videos:

TF Choc bon bons youtube2

Here’s each one, in alphabetical order, not the order they appear in the palette.

TF CBB Almond Truffle

TF CBB Black Currant

TF CBB Bordeaux

TF CBB Cafe au Lait

TF CBB Cashew Chew

TF CBB Cotton Candy

TF CBB Dark Truffle

TF CBB Divinity

TF CBB Earl Grey

TF CBB Malted

TF CBB Mocha

TF CBB Molasses Chip

TF CBB Pecan Praline

TF CBB Satin Sheets

TF CBB Sprinkles

TF CBB Totally Fetch

Divinity and Satin Sheets are the two largest rectangular pans and are probably more for using as a base or highlighter.  There appears to be a good mix of mattes and shimmers.  These old eyes can’t wear all shimmers but love a pop of them.

Hope you liked these closer views.  The pix go by so quickly in the YouTube video!  I’m really excited about the purples, pinks, and cool-toned browns… basically all of them.  If you are too, tell your family.  Tell your friends.  Tell Santa.


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  1. This is too stinking cute!


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