Frostbite from Color Club — preview

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Now that announcements of new fall collections are winding down, word of winter and holiday ones is heating up.  So to speak.  New on my radar is the 7-polish set called Frostbite from Color Club.

CC Frostbite banner

CC Frostbite display

As you might expect yet dread from the collection’s name, most of them are frosts.  There’s one that looks like a foil and one glitter.  One by one….

CC Frostbite Snowed In

Snowed In

CC Frostbite What a Flake

What a Flake

CC Frostbite Winter White

Winter White

CC Frostbite 24 Below

24° Below

CC Frostbite Triple Lutz

Triple Lutz

CC Frostbite Polar Vortex

Polar Vortex

CC Frostbite Im Gonna Luge It

I’m Gonna Luge It

I think this looks like a suitably wintry set, but how do they look in person?  Check out the video review from Phoebe Moon here.  She has lots of good, helpful reviews that I think sound very honest and real, so you might enjoy subscribing to her channel.

Sure appreciate her review because boy, did she just save me some money.  Brushstrokes galore in the frosts, the black & white glitter is nothing special, and the only one I like is the steel blue foil I’m Gonna Luge It, yet I’m sure I have a dupe for that somewhere.

What is it with frosty polishes?  Why do companies keep making them?  I don’t know anyone who likes them, do you?  If they’d magically self-level so that they weren’t an ocean of brushstrokes it would be different, but very few do.

Tomorrow, if FedEx comes through, I should have my media samples of Zoya’s new Winter Matte Velvets.  Probably won’t have time to swatch them all immediately but I’ll sure try to get at least one posted before day’s end.  Bet you know which one, too!


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  1. As a Canadian, I love the names of these polishes!

  2. Phoebe does such great reviews and her review of this was spot on!! I too gave this set a pass but her Color Club Oil Slick and Halo Hue 2015 reviews really wowed me!!
    If you thought the last matte velvet set was beautiful, this next one is stunning (in my opinion) I love Amal but the whole set is pretty!! I only wish I grabbed up Posh when it was still available!

  3. Frosts… I love frosts! But only when they’re not streaky. I cut my teeth on OPI frostyness more than a couple decades ago so they’ll always have a soft spot in my heart. They learned me the way of the polish – I would try and try and try to get the stuff on as streak-free as possible. I credit OPI frosts with a lot of my ability today.

    But these… *shudder*. Phoebe tends to use much more polish on the brush than I do but still, for me, those streaks land squarely on the other side of tolerable.


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