Invite Only — Holiday Collection from Butter London (preview)

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Butter London has pretty much fallen off my radar in the past year.  While I love the polishes of theirs I’ve bought — some beyond all reason — their price increase has made them mostly a no-buy for me.  Plus a lack of what I see as anything truly new and exciting.

Nevertheless, the polish world doesn’t revolve around me and so I still like to see BL’s new collections, whether I plan to buy them or not.  This year the holiday one that includes makeup is called Invite Only.  There are three polish-only pictures on their web site: Invite Only, RSVP, and Twelve Months of Mani:

BL Invite Only set


BL Twelve Months

Lots of white space, miniscule bottles that practically require a magnifying glass to see properly.  Sigh.  I believe these are all mini-size bottles (0.2 oz) or what Butter London ridiculously refers to as “Fashion Size.”

Invite Only ($39) contains:

  • Pash (Set Exclusive!) – Berry, Shimmer
  • Vapour (Set Exclusive!) – Soft Grey, Creme
  • Lock In (Set Exclusive!) – Deep Navy, Creme
  • Peep Hole (Set exclusive!) – Teal, Metallic
  • Glad Rags (Set Exclusive!) – Opal, Shimmer
  • O.T.T. (Set Exclusive!) – Textured Red Sparkle, Glitter

RSVP ($29) contains:

  • Her Majesty’s Red – True Red, Creme
  • Ta-Ta! – Soft Grey, Creme
  • Dearie Me! – Cool Rose, Creme
  • Posh – Warm Nude, Creme

and Twelve Months of Mani ($68) contains:

  • High Tea – Opaque, Nude Creme
  • Luv (Set Exclusive!) – Light Pink with Deep Pink Glitter, Glitter
  • Fiver – Opaque, Mint Creme
  • Molly-Coddled – Opaque, Lavender Orchid Creme
  • Petal (Set Exclusive!) – Soft Cool Pastel Pink
  • Petticoat – Periwinkle Blue, Creme
  • Summer Hols (Set Exclusive!) – Jell Pink, Creme
  • Tiddly – Opaque, Melon Creme
  • Clever Clogs (Set Exclusive!) – Orange Rust, Creme
  • Swish (Set Exclusive!) – Deep Smoke with Metallic Gold Sheen, Metallic
  • Scrummy (Set Exclusive!) – Rich Crimson, Creme
  • Bubbly (Set Exclusive!) – Tinted Gold with Gold Glitter, Overcoat

I think some of the polishes in Invite Only are pretty but nothing I’m dying to have.  I love the “Twelve Months” idea but not at that price for minis.

You can see a better picture of the Invite Only set at Ulta’s web site, where you can mouse over them.


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  1. My only experience with Butter London was buying a BOGO deal from Ulta (via mail order). One arrived completely dried up (I guess that was the free one, lol). I was foolish and hopeful enough to waste half a bottle of Seche Restore but only managed to revive about one-eighth of the bottle before declaring the patient D-E-A-D. The other one was a glittery black and very pretty, but I’ve worn it only once. I agree, the price point makes them less attractive than they’d otherwise be. I will say my eye zoomed right in on that vivid berry color (Pash) so maybe I’ll look for another BOGO some day….


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