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Yesterday I showed you some of the understated — if not downright underwhelming — sheer Naked Manicure products from Zoya.  What’s the opposite of demure?


Doing a 180 today with Interstellar (#1571) from SinfulColors.  It’s a new polish in their limited edition Truly Madly Sparkly line.  There are three polishes in this set plus an additional five that are Walgreens exclusives.  I often wait to buy SinfulColors polishes when Walgreens has a 99-cent sale, but I didn’t want to miss out on Interstellar and so paid the still-not-exorbitant price of $1.99 for a full 0.5 oz/15 mL bottle.  There are a couple of teals in the set that tempted me as well.

Interstellar is a sheer amethyst purple base packed with bright purple, blue, silver, and holo tiny glitter.  No hex glitter.  No large pieces of round glitter that “taco,” or fold up on themselves.

After I got home I found that my bottle had not been closed tightly — someone probably opened it to look at the polish — and so it was rather thick.  Still usable, however, and I can always add thinning drops later.  I put one coat of Interstellar alone on my little finger to show you how sheer it is, three coats of Interstellar alone on my ring finger, and one coat of it over a plain black creme on my middle (left-most) finger.  Under indirect bright outdoor light:

Interstellar indirect

With the flash:

Interstellar flash

These two photos show my camera’s maddening tendency to see blue-purples as mostly blue.  But Interstellar is really mostly purple.  A much more accurate color representation is visible here in direct sunlight:

Interstellar sun

You can see how sheer one coat is, and even three look patchy.  I love it over black, though.

As an aside, Interstellar is also the name of a recent scifi/dystopian movie starring Matthew McConaughey.  Makes you think.  Trailer here.  And “Truly Madly Sparkly” made me think of another film, Truly Madly Deeply from 1990.  This is one of those “be careful what you wish for” movies — heartbroken Nina cries to have her recently-deceased boyfriend Jamie back, and sure enough, he comes back as a ghost.  But he brings friends….. and won’t leave.  Trailer here.

Have a great weekend!


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  1. mistletoeandhitch

    Oh Geez, it looks like I’ll be headed to Walgreens very soon. I promised myself I’d not buy anything new until I tried at least 5 of the 15+ bottles I’ve got waiting. Well. At least it’s Sinful Colors and won’t break the bank! Great photos. I love it over black. Oh, and please forgive the weird name this post under. It’s from when I set up this account to comment on a friends blog about her cats, so I used my cats names. I’m Dorothy and I really enjoy your blog. ^-^

  2. A great polish, I bought practically all of this collection….

  3. I picked this one up during the last 99 cent sale and now I’m SO glad I did. This is SO up my alley!


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