Be a Butter Head

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Sometimes I think we should have a group for people who love Butter Glosses from Nyx.  In the same way that fans of The Grateful Dead are called Dead Heads, I’d call us Butter Heads.

This occurred to me recently when I was doing some family history research and came across some Norwegian ancestors of Mr. Silver Nail’s who actually had the nickname Smørhatt — literally “Butter Hat,” or “Butter Head” meaning someone with striking blonde hair.  It’s a good nickname.  “Hey, Butter Head!” rolls right off the tongue.

My latest butter adventure is with another of Nyx’s Intense Butter Glosses.  I reviewed two of them back in February and liked them OK but said I wasn’t going to get any more since I generally prefer the lighter regular Butter Glosses.  But when I was at Ulta recently and needed something about $6 to hit a use-this-coupon threshold, I picked up Toasted Marshmallow.

First thought is that Toasted Marshmallow (TM) does not in any way resemble the color of toasted marshmallows, so it’s a very odd name.  But whatever.  TM is a dark mauve, not golden brown.  Nyx calls it a “mauve purple” but I think it’s a true mauve in that I think of mauve as a mix of pink, brown, and purple.

Toasted Marshmallow is opaque, very pigmented, and has a light, pleasant vanilla scent; it comes with a flat sponge-tip applicator.

Toast Marshm closed

Toast Marshm open

One light coat on my inner arm, under indirect cloudy outdoor light and with the flash:

Toast Marshm outd

Toast Marshm flash

This is a color I think I’ll wear a lot in cooler weather.  SRP is roughly $6.00, and Nyx is often on sale at Ulta plus qualifies for the “non-prestige brand” coupons.

So, g’wan — be a Butter Head!


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  1. That is a great shade for me, that I wouldn’t have expected from “Toasted Marshmallow”.


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