Infamous, the holiday collection from Orly — preview

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All the fall collections are — as far as I know — out now and holiday news is rolling in.  I even heard about a spring/summer collection for next year!  (OPI’s if you’re interested; the theme is New Orleans.  You can Google it ’cause I’m not talking spring/summer yet.)

Orly’s holiday collection is called Infamous.

Orly-Infamous set

Orly-Infamous-Holiday-2015-Collection circles

This looks like a good set of holiday/Christmas/New Year’s colors; you’ve a got a dark red, a dark green, a glittery gold, a sparkly black, plus two others.  Front Page looks rather frosty, not my favorite finish, but maybe you could use it as a sheer top coat.

I sure like this set better than Orly’s fall one called In the Mix, which did not look at all autumnal to me.  Infamous will be sold in the six-polish set, individually, and there will also be a set of four minis:

Orly-Infamous mini set

Apparently it’s already out, at least from certain retailers, because the polishes are on YouTube.  Check out vlogger Phoebe Moon here for a great review.  Look at the multicolored sparkle in that black!


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  1. Which U.S. retailers? I think I want Makeup to Breakup.

  2. I wish Orly was easier to get my hands on here in Toronto, Canada. They’re available at Sally Beauty but those stores are all waaay out of the downtown core. Instead, I have to wait until it comes re-bottled as Quo by Orly next year. Boooo. Frenemy & 15 Minutes have my name all over ’em!

  3. Wowowow very pretty! Thanks for the heads up for the next polish collections…I’m always partial to glitters, you can never have too many. These are beautiful colors. Thanks always for sharing your knowledge!


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