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Hey, hey, I’m back from my short break.  Felt good.  In the last few days the weather has cooled down a lot, for which I’m thankful.  I love summer with all that there is to do, but the heat and drought were pretty bad for a longer time than usual.

When the weather cools down I’m definitely more in the mood for warmer colors.  Today I have another polish from Colour Prevails, the relatively new Walgreens-exclusive brand.  It’s called Date Night, and don’t confuse it — like I do — with the similarly named Blind Date, which is a totally different color and finish.

Date Night is a bronze-gold metallic shimmer, not a yellowish gold nor overly brown.  A pretty, festive color, I’d probably save it for a party or a…. wait for it… date night.  It had a good formula and an average nail polish smell.  The first coat was thin and streaky but the second coat gave good coverage.   Brushstrokes were only slightly problematic and are avoidable with careful application.  Under indirect bright outdoor light and then with full flash:

Date Night outd

Date Night flash

Isn’t that a beautiful gold?  Not greenish or yellowish at all, and good even on cooler skin tones.  I really like it yet feel it would look even better on very light or very dark skin.

As long as there was a party on my nails, I decided to see what it would look like spiffed up further.  I added one thin top coat of the bronze-gold sparkle in a clear base from Colour Prevails called Mr. Right Now, which I reviewed earlier this year.  Same two lighting conditions:

Date Night w MRN outd

Date Night w MRN flash

This combo is such a fancy (to me) look that I’d probably save it for a holiday party or other big deal, probably not a casual date night down at our favorite beer ‘n’ pizza place.  SRP is $8.00 for 0.32 oz/9.5 mL, but I got it when it was on sale for $6.80.


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  1. That is a beautiful combo. I love the shimmer in that gold base.


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