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No news today, no swatches.  Hopefully tomorrow my new Satin trio from Zoya will be arriving and I’m excited to see those in person.

Nope, today I want to talk about one’s stash and saving money.  Take from this what you will.

At the beginning of every season I want new makeup, new nail polish, new clothes, and new accessories.  This is intensified every January 1st when I also want a new face, a new body, and a new head of hair!  Like the saying goes, if wishes were fishes the sea would be full.  I don’t have the money to buy everything I see, and that’s OK.

What can you do when you see a dozen new fall makeup/polish collections or palettes and you want them all?  I’ve got a few tips.

Number one, try to be patient.  Stop and mentally take a deep breath and wait for a bit if possible.  Many’s the time I’ve seen a preview of a new big nail polish collection and I think I want them all.  Months later when they actually come out and I see them in person, maybe they don’t look as good as I thought or I already own dupes.  It’s the purpose of a company’s marketing or PR department to whip up enthusiasm.

Secondly, and the title of this post, shop your stash.  That means go through what you already own and I mean go through it all — what’s stored in your bathroom, your bedroom vanity table, your purse, your other purse, your other other purse, your travel bag, and your personal desk drawer at work.  Do you already have fifteen shades of coral lipstick, and if so, do you really need another?  Since you bought and never really liked Company XYZ’s first four palettes, what makes you think you want their fifth one?  Really think about what you love and what you got suckered into buying just because it was a trend or a fad.

While you’re going through your stash, get real when it comes to “clean and fresh.”  Is there a stick concealer that’s dried up yet you can’t throw it away because you remember how perfect it was?  When it comes to personal products that have dried up or gone bad, believe me, they’re dead and they ain’t comin’ back.  Anything liquid or creamy such as foundation, mascara, lotion, moisturizer, lip gloss, and nail polish can separate, discolor, or spoil. Do yourself a favor and say bye-bye.

You may find it useful to rotate your stash and store a big chunk of it away for part of the year.  I do this, partly because of limited display space and partly because I like to be generally seasonal with things.  Not saying this is the right way to do it or the only way to do it, just what I enjoy.  I have peppermint body lotion that I like to use in the winter but not in the summer, I prefer brown nail polishes in the fall, and so on.  Sometimes when you get things out every few months it’s like having something brand new without spending more money.

Another idea is to keep a tote or container with samples or minis you’ve received, plus items that are almost used up (that nearly empty eye cream, the bottle of nail polish that only has one manicure left in it).  Next time you take a trip, pack a handful of those, use them, and then throw them away before coming home.  Kind of hard to dig something out of the garbage when it’s a thousand miles away.

I’d love to know what tips you all have when it comes to organizing your stash or keeping the “new stuff cravings” at bay.  Some say to write the date on everything you open but I’m not quite that OCD…. yet.


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  1. I agree, I want everything from every season for nail polishes. Lots of these are ‘dupes’ which are fun to see and that calms me down and keeps my money in my wallet. I recently dumped a bunch of old makeup etc…Great post!

    • In the past year or so, eye shadow palettes have become my poison. How many brown shadows can I wear?!?!?

      • Me too! I love all makeup, but I have a particular weakness for eye shadow palettes. I have more than I’ll ever be able to use up, but as I’m frugal in all other areas of my life, I allow myself this one indulgence. However, I do have limited space and funds so I can’t own ALL the palettes I want. Waiting it out is my usual strategy. There is a ton of hype in the beauty blogging and YouTube communities, and I fall victim to that time and again. I find that if I wait a couple of weeks after a palette’s launch, the lemming will usually pass. If, OTOH, I am *still* thinking about a palette months down the road and can find it on sale, I will get it (like I finally scored Too Faced’s Romantic Eye palette today for $16, more than a year after first coveting it). I definitely think that shopping — the hunt — is 3/4 of the fun. Often by the time the item arrives in the mail, I’m already onto the next thing. This kind of shames me to admit because for most of my 50+ years, I prided myself on NOT being a shopper at all. Please — anyone reading this — send help. lol

        • You stated it very well — you’re frugal in all other areas of your life and allow yourself this one indulgence. I think many of us are the same way; goodness knows I pinch pennies when it comes to conserving electricity, making clothes last and last, and so on.

          Glad you got TF’s Romantic Eye palette for $16 in the sale since it sold out quickly! I find that it’s hard for me to enjoy something if I spend a ton of money on it — I feel like I’m putting dollar bills on my eyes instead of eye shadows. I feel much better about using something I get in a half-price flash sale such as the IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty palette or a recent Bare Minerals one whose name escapes me at the moment.

          • I so agree about the dollar bills on the eyes thing. 😀 I rest easier knowing I got 90% of my stash on sale. Speaking of IT’s Naturally Pretty palette, did you see they’ve come out with a “Romantics” version? I got it from QVC (not on sale, but it did come with a free $24 brush so that was my justification). I find I’m liking this palette even more than the first one. IT really does mattes extremely well!

          • We must be makeup twins separated at birth — the IT Romantics palette was a big splurge for me lately too! I got both the Naturally Pretty and the Celebrations palettes in half-price sales and just love them. I feel IT does matte shadows very well, and I’m learning that when I find truly good mattes, I need to pounce, because there’s so much shimmer and glitter out there.

  2. I am guilty of buying dupes and my biggest splurge in cosmetics remains nail polish. I collected all my greens to send them onto a board in Makeup Talk and sadly noticed I keep buying dark green metallics. Zoya Suvi. Avon Noir Emerald. Wet & Wild Poison Ivy. Deborah Lippman Laughin’ to the Bank. Estee Lauder Viper. Etc, etc, etc. As you can see, high end or frugal end I’m still drawn to metallic emerald. After catching onto the greens, I then noticed I am now doing it with milk chocolate cremes.

    Mary, if you would kindly send whatever help you receive onto me when you are done, I would be grateful! lol

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