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Disclosure:  These polishes were provided by Zoya for review.

The Focus and Flair Collections are out!  Due to popular demand, I’ll be swatching the metallic set, Flair, first.


Tris (ZP813) – blackened brushed nickel
Cinnamon (ZP812) – classic bronze
Aggie (ZP811) – gold liquid metal with bronze microglitter
Ember (ZP810) – fiery red
Giada (ZP809) – purple with a hint of fuchsia pearl
Estelle (ZP808) – blue liquid metal with a blackened base

Flair bottles

I’m having a hard time swatching this week — temps are soaring, humidity is plummeting, and the outdoor ambient light is yellowish due to smoke from nearby wildfires.  I had to stop and try again at a different time.  For all polishes unless otherwise noted, I used two coats with no top coat and each color is shown under indirect outdoor light.

Tris is indeed a dark nickel gray.  I think I see a slight greenish cast.  Zoya calls it cool-toned but I think it’s a neutral.  It was sheerer than I expected and required three coats, which led to a slight problem with brushstrokes.

Flair Tris

It’s OK, not crazy about it.

Cinnamon, oh Cinnamon.  How I love thee.  It’s a molten brown-bronze and is one of those polishes where, once I’m wearing it, I keep holding my hand out at arm’s length and admiring the color.

Flair Cinnamon

Wouldn’t this look gorgeous if you were wearing, say, a loden green sweater or an orange-red jacket?  Brushstrokes were a bit problematic but I feel the trouble was with the weather and not the polish.  When I got to my last swatches late yesterday it seemed as if polish was drying as soon as I touched my nails.

Aggie is quite the unusual one.  While I expected a duochrome look from the promo bottle shot, it’s even more than that.  Aggie seems to have a sheer dark grayish base that makes the polish much more than gold.  It’s gold at some angles, coppery at others, and has a dusty blue-green sheen at others.

Flair Aggie 1


Flair Aggie 2

Can you see the glints of copper?

Flair Aggie 3

At first I couldn’t even decide if I liked Aggie or not, and then I decided that yes I do.  It’s refreshingly different, not — I repeat NOT — the world’s umpteenth dupe of Chanel’s Peridot.  In 2012 everybody was trying to dupe that one.  Here’s an OPI I had that was a Peridot dupe and you can see they’re very different; Aggie is more of a bronze-gold and much less green.

Ember is a great name for this glowing red shimmer.  I think it’s warm-toned and is slightly but not overtly orange-ish.  Like, you know, embers.  Definitely not a plain red.  It seemed to have a particularly smooth formula.  I am SO wearing this with a denim shirt!


It looks like I have an extra light shining on Ember but I don’t.  Call this baby Rudolph, ’cause you could even say it glows!

Giada is a very dark cool-toned purple, not blackened but with a fuchsia shimmer.  It was almost but not quite a one-coater.

Flair Giada

Zoya calls Estelle “blue on blue,” which us oldies may remember as the name of a Bobby Vinton song.  No heartache on heartache with Estelle, though.  I thought I’d need three coats because the first one was so sheer, but two were enough.  By the way, did you know Vinton recorded an entire album of blue-themed songs?  The super-popular “Blue Velvet” came from that album too.

Flair Estelle

My surprise favorite in the Flair Collection is Ember, and I also love Cinnamon and Aggie.

My recommendations?  Pick what you love.  Hoped I’d love Cinnamon and I did.  Didn’t think I’d love Ember but I did.  Giada and Estelle are beautiful but I feel I have several polishes that are dupes or nearly so, but if you don’t have any that are close I highly recommend them.  Aggie’s the kooky cousin that comes to visit — some people don’t know what to think of her but you love her ’cause she’s stylish and different.  Tris is not my cup of tea.

The Focus Collection review will be up tomorrow, hopefully, and I will continue through the weekend with comparison posts.  Want me to compare certain other Zoyas to Focus and Flair?  Just ask!

ZOYA IS THE HEALTHY COLOR OF FASHION!  The Focus and Flair Collections are shipping NOW!

$9 (US) Available on and at finer salons and spas.

*BIG5FREE: Formula contains no formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate, toluene, or camphor, and is vegan-friendly.

Disclosure:  These polishes were provided by Zoya for review.


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  1. I agree with your choices! I knew I would love Cinnamon, but Embers may be the star here! Thanks for the swatches.

  2. Thank you so much for your swatches and wonderfully detailed review!!! 😀 I’m very intrigued by Aggie, but I’m not sure whether it would look good on my fair skin with cool undertones. As for comparisons: I’m interested in how Giada compares with Belinda and Suri; Ember vs. Elisa; Aggie vs. Ziv; Tris vs. Freja; Estelle vs. Song; and Lidia vs. Pinta (I’m looking for a rich purple that’s not too red and not too blue — just call me Goldilocks 😉 ).

  3. Love the swatches. Glad you started with the metallic set, my favorites. Love the Cinnamon, and Ember. I would love to get Aggie as well. It looks different and really pretty. Looking forward to your comparisons. Despite your weather, your nails look fabulous. Good post. Thanks. Suzy

  4. Giada reminds me of another deep purple by Zoya but I have to check my stash to see what I’m thinking of…if I remember I’ll comment the name. As always, can’t wait for your comparison posts!

  5. mistletoeandhitch

    Oh Zoys! I love those Zoya blues and grays.. Estelle and Tris will be joining their Zoya relatives at the next promotion. I love Ember but hate to add another warm red that looks terrible on me to my collection. But sometimes I get a chance to paint someone else. Maybe I’ll get it, play with it then give it away. Depends on how great the next promo is! Great Swatches!

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  8. Love seeing the swatches and will equally love your comparisons. Those are my kind of colors, but if I have near-dupes already, I’m going to try to resist the new beauties. How about Tris v Claudine? Also interested in Giada v Belinda. I have a couple of Butter Londons I’m curious about, if you have them….Trifle for Cinnamon, and Knees Up for Embers. I’m absolutely drooling over Cinnamon. Your pictures & comparisons are so helpful. Thanks!

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