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Disclosure:  This polish was provided by SinfulColors for review.  A comparison polish was supplied previously by Zoya for review.

When it rains, it pours.  For weeks it seemed like I had little or no new polish to swatch but now I’m inundated.  I’m still catching up on my new SinfulColors plus just got the notification that my Zoya Focus & Flair samples have shipped!  That’s not even counting some lovely new makeup that’s arrived or is arriving.  FedEx packages, come to Mama.

Here’s another polish from SinfulColors’ Class Act  collection.  I’ve swatched a demi-matte and a glitter topper from the collection, a shimmer, and a creme.

For something quite summery-looking, here’s Burst of Fresh Flair.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with this polish.  One of the first SinfulColors I ever got was the pastel yellow called Unicorn years ago.  I wore it a few times but it stained my nails horribly so I tossed it.

Burst of Fresh Flair is a sheer light yellow shimmer with a faint bluish duochrome glint.  Here are photos then I’ll discuss.  The first picture is under indirect bright sunlight and the second is with the flash.

Burst of Fresh Flair and comps outd

Burst of Fresh Flair and comps flash

On my little (right-most) finger, I have one coast of Burst of Fresh Flair (BoFF).  You can see how sheer it is.  On my ring finger next to it I have three coats of BoFF.  You can still see visible nail line.

On my index (left-most) finger, I have two coats of a taxicab yellow creme called Darcy from Zoya, and on my middle finger I have two coats of BoFF over two coats of Darcy.

No matter how you look at it, I think yellow polish gives me Lobster Hands aka makes my skin look too red.  But I love the color yellow in general.  What to do, what to do.  I think Burst of Fresh Flair, because of its sheerness, would work best as a top coat.  Could be fun over, say, green or orange.  You may have a warm skin tone that would look lovely with one coat of BoFF  worn solo as some sheer sparkle.  I like to wear pink or lavender that way.

BoFF reminds me of Daisy from Zoya, but Daisy has more of a turquoise shimmer to it.  Also, BoFF did not stain my nails although I only wore it for the short swatch time.  I recommend always using a good base coat.

SinfulColors are SRP $1.99 for a full-sized 0.5 oz/15 mL bottle but are on sale through Saturday for 99 cents each at Walgreens.

Disclosure:  This polish was provided by SinfulColors for review.  A comparison polish was supplied previously by Zoya for review.

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  1. This one reminds me a bit of the Sally Hansen HD polishes but with better coverage. Looks like a pretty shade.

  2. Of the four nail options, I like the BoFF over 2 coats of Darcy the best. I like how BoFF lightens the deep mustard yellow of Darcy and adds a touch of sparkle. And honestly I don’t think the lobster effect is very pronounced. If you love yellow, by all means enjoy it! 🙂

    Speaking of polishes staining nails though, what is your take on the Zoya Naked Manicure line that claims to color correct stained nails (among other nail appearance issues)? Sorry if this is old news, I’m only recently hearing about the line because Allure Magazine is giving away a set along with a bunch of other goodies this month.


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