A busy week!

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Sorry I’m not posting as much as usual this week.  I’m here and everything’s fine, but just so busy.  Summer has a bajillion things to do, and unfortunately blogging just has to wait sometimes.

Hope you’re enjoying the Zoya fall collections preview I posted the other day.  Want to see a bunch more photos to drool over?  You know you do.  Look at Zoya’s blogspot HERE.  These shots are helping me pull other Zoyas for comparison when I get my media samples of the Focus & Flair collections.

Have you hit the 99-cent SinfulColors sale at Walgreens this week?  If you want an early inexpensive shot of autumn, I recommend Copper Pot.  I picked it up and haven’t swatched it yet but it looks wonderful.

Remember the Essie fall collection, Leggy Legend, that I previewed?  BeautyGeeks has swatches of the set and I must have Frock n Roll.  I believe these new ones may be found in Ulta and other stores now.

Finally, I haven’t posted any blurbs from our small town newspaper’s “Law Enforcement Roundup” in a while.  So for your morning chuckle:

Several runaway juveniles were intimidating people near an outdoor sports store in Evergreen.  The situation no doubt was exacerbated by the young men’s weapons.  They were carrying knives and throwing stars, like “teenage ninjas.”  No word on whether they were mutant or turtles.

A Bigfork resident called to report the CIA was investigating him and sending teams from England to get him for what he knew.  He was making his call from under a steel wool blanket and aluminum foil to avoid their “beams.”  Officers told him to calm down, which is just what the CIA would say.

Two women were fighting on the west side of Kalispell, prompting a call to Kalispell Police.  One of the women said the other had “done some meth” and was afraid she had done too much.  Considering any amount of methamphetamine is too much, she was likely correct.

OK, more swatches soon!


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