The news we’ve been waiting for — new Zoya Fall Collections — Focus & Flair

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I’ve been checking every day for weeks, waiting for a preview of the new fall collections from Zoya.  It’s here!  They’re here!  You know what I mean!

Meet Focus & Flair:

Zoya Focus & Flair banner2

ZPPLATE15051506_Fall2015_Nail Plate_RGB

As we’ve come to expect, there’s a six-piece set of cremes and a six-piece set of metallics or shimmers.  Here’s a really awesome pic; click on it for a BIG, glorious view:

Zoya Focus & Flair fall 2015

The collection of cremes is called Focus —

Zoya Focus set

Charli (ZP807) – dusty taupe with a hint of green
Desiree (ZP806) – classic sable brown
Hannah (ZP805) – clear, classic red
Janel (ZP804) – deep warm red
Lidia (ZP803) – rich eggplant
Sia (ZP802) – true royal blue



And the collection of metallics is called Flair —

Zoya Flair set

Tris (ZP813) – blackened brushed nickel
Cinnamon (ZP812) – classic bronze
Aggie (ZP811) – gold liquid metal with bronze microglitter
Ember (ZP810) – fiery red
Giada (ZP809) – purple with a hint of fuchsia pearl
Estelle (ZP808) – blue liquid metal with a blackened base



May come as no surprise to anyone who knows me that I’m already ga-ga over Cinnamon.  Makes me want to have a slice of cinnamon apple pie with cinnamon ice cream with cinnamon sprinkled on top.

Zoya Focus & Flair Cinnamon mani

And Aggie looks like it’s a subtle duochrome.  I love golds that aren’t too yellowish.

Zoya Flair Aggie

The rest of the Flair set is grabbing me and won’t let go as well.  Tris is a beautiful-looking dark nickel, and I think there are subtle differences in Ember, Giada, and Estelle as compared to the very popular Elisa, Suri, and Song from the 2012 Diva Collection.

Zoya Focus & Flair banner



$9 (US) Available on and at finer salons and spas.

*BIG5FREE: Formula contains no formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate, toluene, or camphor, and is vegan-friendly.


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  1. I was just thinking about fall zoyas this morning. Thanks for your post! I guess this means they won’t be releasing those pretty fall satin colors they used in fashion week =(

  2. Zoya’s fall collections are always my favorite! Thanks for posting this. 🙂

  3. I went to Zoya’s website yesterday and I saw these!! I’m so excited! I’m love with Cinnamon already! I have nothing like it in my collection, and I’m really hoping that Sia is a dupe for Sally Hansen Pacific Blue. It wouldn’t hurt to have a dupe, right? Thanks for sharing this info!

  4. Oh, yes. Love, love, love those metallics. Sep would be a better time for me to purchase any of them, due to my stupid limited budget. Hope they don’t sell out due to extreme popularity. I’m sure they won’t. Because I must have them. I was hoping this would be your big surprise, and I was not disappointed. Thanks. Suzy

  5. Great shades – nice to see a fall collection that really is made up of fall shades – I recall last fall there were lots of collections out there that had summer and spring shades

  6. Oh. My. I am in love. Starry eyes here ** those metallics are all so gorgeous. The jewel tones, the rich fall colors, but that brown Cinnamon will be the first one to land in my shopping cart.

  7. Cinnamon will be MIIIIIIIINE!!

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