What I won’t be wearing from Chanel this fall

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Have you noticed how I keep posting fall news?  It’s just that time of year.  I’ll have a fistful of new polishes from SinfulColors to show you soon, but they haven’t arrived yet.

In the meantime let’s pretend we have lots of money to spend on polish and look at what Chanel is introducing.  I think it’s worth seeing the colors just to put our fingers (pun intended) on the pulse of the fashion world.  And they are beautiful.

Chanel fall 2015

These limited edition colors are:

  • Châtaigne — or chestnut in English
  • Écorce Sanguine — doesn’t translate very well; I think it means blood-colored bark
  • Vert Obscur — means dark green, how original

They’re only $27 each!  Buy a bunch!

Seriously, I have absolutely nothing against the Chanel company and they are a fashion icon, but ain’t no way I’m paying $27 for one bottle of polish.  I love the shades but am sure they’re dupable.  I’d rather buy 27 bottles of SinfulColors in one of their frequent 99-cent sales.  I’m as blue-collar as can be and that’s how I roll.

But hey, speaking of good deals….. Zoya hasn’t announced their fall collection(s) yet, but check your account there because they’ve got some awesome new promo codes.  Have you been interested in their new Naked Manicure (NM) system?  I keep wanting to try it.  There’s a new promo code to get the NM Men’s Kit FREE with a $20 purchase.  This kit includes the Naked Base Coat, Buff Perfector, and the Satin Seal Topcoat, and is usually $22.  Augh, if only this was the pink or lavender perfector instead I’d be all over it.  But I don’t want the buff one.  Picky, I know.

The complete professional NM kit is on sale too, with a different promo code — $75 instead of $96.  Keep in mind that promo codes cannot be combined.  You can only use one per order.


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  1. I don’t have any Chanel polishes, but that’s ok.

    I did check out the Zoya promos, but I finally just got my 3 for $15 that I ordered a month ago, because I wanted Isa from the summer collections and it is very popular. I like that the Zoya system warns you when a polish is in high demand. When I see that then I just don’t sweat the order, it arrives when it arrives. Zoya has great promos, more than I can use them all, so I think I have more Zoyas than any other brand!

  2. I love your blog because you always give us the news first, thank you for that!! With that said, are you going to review the Zoya fall collection when it comes out? Have you seen it yet? After seeing OPI’s, Essie’s and China Glaze’s fall collections that didn’t really impress me, I have high hopes for Zoya!

    • Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words! You are very welcome for the news.

      I sure hope to review Zoya’s fall collection when it comes out. I have not seen nor read anything about it at all. They’re really playing their cards close! Apparently press people at the recent Cosmoprof convention in Las Vegas got to see it, but they had to sign a non-disclosure agreement or something like that, and I wasn’t there. Anyway, since this is the last week in July, I hope we receive news about it soon.

  3. Hi, Silver Nail – We just found two dupes for Chanel Ecorce Sanguine: even-more-expensive Tom Ford Shameless ($32) and OPI Romantically Involved ($9). Still working on the others! (Vert Oscura is GORGEOUS)


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