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Never did swatch all the Zoya polishes I picked up in their most recent Earth Day sale.  Let’s make another foray into the Box o’ Goodies.

I showed you an older color, Flowie, that I got in that sale, and was surprised how much I liked it since I’m not generally big on neutrals.  Today I have a firecracker of a color, Mieko.

Mieko is an older shade and was part of the 2008 winter collection called Flourish.  Zoya calls it “rosy pink with a touch of orange and tons of bold metallic gold shimmer.”  I call it one of those shades that looks pink in some lighting and red in others.  Definitely shimmery and very pretty.  Two coats, no top coat, under filtered bright outdoor light and with the flash:

Mieko outd

Mieko flash

I think it looks more red in the first picture/lighting and more pink in the second.

I really like it but have several other Zoyas that are close, although not total duplicates.  Here’s Mieko compared to Kimmy, Elke, and Reva.

Mieko comps bottles

Mieko comps swatches

Kimmy and Elke are slightly more orange-toned yet not outright orange at all.  Reva is also dark pink-toned but has more shimmer.  Of all four, my bottle of Kimmy had the best formula and was almost a one-coater.  Kimmy and Reva are still available at Zoya’s web site but Elke is not.


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  1. I just recently got Mieko, and love it. I have Kimmy, and Reva as well, and still love Mieko. I believe I got the idea from you, so thank you. It’s so pretty. Suzy


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