Orly In the Mix — fall collection preview

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It’s July, which means that fall collection news is starting to trickle out, and soon the trickle will become a deluge.  I’ve already seen a few fall nail polish collections, makeup palettes, and so forth.  You know that pretty soon all the stores will be having back-to-school sales.

For those of you who hate to rush the season, I apologize.  But I try to post news as soon as possible, otherwise it would be called “olds.”

A quick perusal today of Orly’s six-polish set for this fall, called In the Mix.

Orly In the Mix set

Fall?  Really?  In what world or hemisphere?

There are five cremes and one multicolored glitter.

Orly In the Mix drops

It looks like more of a summer set to me.  Call me a stick in the mud, but as I’ve said many times, fall to me means apple red, cinnamon brown, pumpkin orange, and rust…. rust.  The dark plum of Off Beat is a beautiful color in the second photo, but in the first photo it looks so much lighter, more of a berry color, that I know I have dupes.

Tentative release date of August


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