Essie Fall 2015 Collection preview

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Good morning!  While skimming pages and photos online ISO news, I saw this fuzzy little picture labelled “fall collection 2015” at the Instagram site of Samaria Beauty Supply in Florida.  It appears to be a shot from Essie itself.

Essie Fall 2015

If this is the upcoming fall set, then I don’t know the name of the collection, although Essie almost always has one of the polish names as the set’s name.  I’ll make a stab and guess it’ll be either “Color Binge” or “Frock ‘n Roll.”  Cool that the first color is a beautiful bronze, because I think bronze is going to be the color for fall.  Zoya had some bronze-y, cinnamon-y hints at the last New York Fashion Week show — see this photo to see what I mean.

So…. no other photo of the Essie collection yet… or IS THERE???  There is.

Check out this site,¡Ya están aquí los nuevos tonos de Essie!  There are “rojos profundos, azules intensos, y sofisticados bronces.”  This has some really pretty shots of five of the shades, although the one I’d want to see most, the bronze Leggy Legend, is missing.  Also, the two reds and the plum appear to be mislabeled.  I think the first color shown is called In the Lobby, not With the Band.  The reds are Color Binge and With the Band, not Color Binger and Color Finge.  But the blue and the granite gray look accurate.

I’m dyin’ here in a mega-heat wave, but seeing fall shades has me dreaming of cooler temps and autumn tones.  Can hardly wait to see what other companies will be announcing in the next month or two!


EDIT, 7/6/15:  Found one more picture; it’s a good one.  Look here:

From this link, the name of the set may be Leggy Legends, not sure.  I love the wine and the bronze!


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  1. Don’t know about Essie, but here in WA it’s way too hot for me. No AC in my little apartment, just fans. I’ve already showered twice. Too hot to even sleep. I decided to put my polish on in my room, in front of the fan to stay cool. Bad idea. The fan was blowing my polish around on my nails. So, I had to start over. Kind of funny. And, my nails are so short and brittle due to some health issues, I spend more time cleaning the polish off my skin, then actually putting it on my nails. Oh, brother. But, in celebration of the 4th of July, I used a combination of Mieko, Rebel, and Seraphina. Happy 4th to you and your family.

  2. Yeeehaw!! I love a sneak peek! Thanks, lady!

  3. i am way too excited right now.. fall collections are my fav! and a rock ‘n’ roll collection?! i’m gonna be all over this. i can’t wait. that bronze.. that… grey??? idk.. i love them all already. bring it on!!!

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