Another duo from Colour Prevails, this one for eyes

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Disclosure:  This product was supplied by Nonie Creme Colour Prevails for review.

We’re on the last day of a whole week of reviews of Nonie Creme Colour Prevails (CP) products, a new cosmetics company that’s a Walgreens exclusive.  Hope you’ve enjoyed the lip color/liner duos, the CC creme, the nail polish, and the eye shimmer powder.

Today I’ve got another two-in-one item, the Eye Design Shadow/Liner Duo.  The packaging is identical in size and shape to the lip color/liner duos, and like that one, one end has a liner and the other a color, in this case an eye shadow.

CP eye duo

It comes completely shrink-wrapped and the ends are securely covered with clear removable caps.  Both pencils/crayons are soft and twist up, no sharpening required.

CP eye duo 1

CP eye duo 2

Sorry the inside of the liner end looks a little messy; that happened in shipment and the weather here is horribly hot.

The Eye Design Shadow/Liner Duo comes in twelve color combos; the first one is the shadow and the second is the liner:

  • Rose/Black
  • Pearl/Black
  • Wine/Black
  • Peach/Brown
  • Royal Purple/Brown
  • Nude Frost/Navy
  • Mocha/Hunter Green
  • Mocha/Purple
  • Gunmetal/Olive
  • Gunmetal/Purple
  • Silver/Grey
  • Lavender/Grey

I think it’s great that the liners come in more colors than just black or brown!  I’ve discovered it’s hard to find a good dark green liner and may get Mocha/Hunter Green.

As you can see, I received Rose/Black.  The black liner gives a very precise line and is true black, not rusty or grayed out.  The shadow is a shimmery, buildable rose pink.  On my inner arm under indirect bright outdoor light:

CP eye duo swatch

The liner applied smoothly with no tugging or skipping, and wear was excellent.  The shadow also applied softly and smoothly and had good wear with no noticeable creasing.  Both the liner and the shadow removed easily with drugstore eye makeup remover.  I have some other liner pencils that are pretty but are such a bear to remove that I don’t wear them very often.

I tried another shimmer pink eye shadow crayon before from a Korean vendor but it was such a glitter bomb that it looked silly on me and I gave it away.  You can see a swatch of it here.  In different lighting it had big flakes of almost-holographic glitter.

As with the lip duo, the SRP is $12.00 US and it would make a versatile product for your travel bag.

So, thoughts overall about Colour Prevails?  I mostly love what I’ve tried so far from the company and plan to buy more for myself.  Have a great weekend, everybody!

Disclosure:  This product was supplied by Nonie Creme Colour Prevails for review.


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  1. I’ve really enjoyed this CP series, Susan. Very informative and fun. I think I will pick up a few items. I have a great fondness for pink eye shadows, so I’m glad that was the one you swatched for us. It looks very pretty. Lately I’m having trouble with all my eye liners either going on with great effort and/or being a p.i.t.a. to remove. So I think this liner/shadow combo is one of the items I will pick up, along with a lip/liner and maybe a nail color (or five). 🙂

  2. Lol I actually like the crayon from the pink memebox ;P but on your swatch it’s indeed very heavy, so weird. mine doesn’t look like that :O REally like this swatch, it’s a very sweet candy like pink! 😀

  3. Susan. This is an unrelated question, but have you tried the Maybelline Brow Drama, which is like a brow mascara? It looks interesting. When I go for my next haircut in mid August, my hairdresser said if my brows are grown out enough, she will try to clean them up. I mean, anything would be an improvement. But, at this point I don’t own any brow products, and it doesn’t help that I am very unskilled at any kind of makeup application. I’m hoping whatever she can do, I’ll be able to maintain my brows, so they look more acceptable to me, and less messy. I think I might need a brow brush too. Any thoughts?

    • Hi Suzy, I haven’t tried the Maybelline Brow Drama, but I did try a Korean brow mascara last year. I didn’t care for it because, while it looked OK, once it dried it flaked off horribly, and removal was a nightmare — tiny flakes all over my face. Ugh. That may have been just that brand so I can’t speak for the Maybelline one. I’ll try to dig up some reviews for you.

      I highly recommend a soft pencil with an included spoolie brush, such as the ones I talked about here: Those were both Korean, but there are similar products in American brands. Here’s one from Milani: Yesterday when I was in Walgreens I saw a big new endcap display for an eyebrow product but now I can’t remember what brand it was. Looked interesting, though. Next time I’m there I’ll make a note of it.

      Oh, another brow product I tried, based on someone else’s recommendation, was a fine-tip brow marker from Milani. Not a fan, because it looked exactly like — no surprise — someone had drawn on me with a fine-tip marker! It wasn’t blendable.

      • Thanks, Susan. I have memory problems due to my MS, and maybe some from old age, so you are always so good to remind me. So, I decided I’m going to look for a soft pencil with a spoolie brush on the other side. I’ll see if my Walgreens has the Milani brand and this product in their store. I really prefer buying make up I’m unsure of from Walgreens, even if they are a few dollars more. Being able to return anything that doesn’t work for me is so helpful. Sometimes, I just return it for the same product, but a different brand. Anyway, my brows are also a very dark brown with a few grey hairs, similar to yours. I know they have different shades of brown, but you also mentioned that the browns seem to lean toward red. You also mentioned a black/grey, but I’ve read elsewhere that it’s better to go lighter than darker. So, I’m trying to decide on a good color and shade. I’m a bit confused. Thanks, Suzy

        • You’re very welcome. It sure is nice to be able to return items, but it looks like that Milani brow pencil/brush is sold online only and not in stores. 😦 Maybe your Walgreens will have that new display of a brow product I mentioned. Haven’t been out of the house today to double-check the brand.

          • Thanks, Susan. Let me know if you get to Walgreens before me, and are able to check out that new display/brow product. I’m curious. Suzy

          • Hi Suzy, I did stop by there this morning. The big new endcap display is a Maybelline one, and it showcases several (new?) different brow products. One is dual-ended — one end is a wax pencil and the other appears to have powder with a sponge tip. Eh. The second is also dual-ended and has a hard pencil on one end and a spoolie brush on the other. Again, eh, as I personally don’t like hard pencils. The third was a brow mascara with an odd-looking brush.

            So nothing I personally would buy; sorry I’m not of more help!

        • Suzy, the rule of thumb is blondes go a shade darker than their hair for brows and brunettes go a shade lighter. I have brown hair with a few greys and so many brown eyebrow pencils lean way too red for me. The best is to find an “ashy” brown, which means it leans almost grey. Try to find one that is taupe rather than pure brown as true taupe is ashy and looks good brunettes and even salt-n-pepper haired ladies. After your stylist cleans up your brows, just try any decent (Milani is good) brand of soft eye pencil, fill in any sparse areas with light, small strokes to resemble real brow hair rather than drawing a thick heavy line. Lighter brows are always preferable to dark ones, so use a light touch. If you like the texture but not the shade, just return it for a different shade. If you dislike both texture and shade, start all over at the drawing (eyebrow drawing, that is) board. Good luck! 🙂

          • Thanks so much Mary for your very helpful reply. I have some time before my haircut/eyebrow appt, so I will be making a trip soon to my Walgreens. I’ll check out the different brands, and color shades. So, I’m looking for a soft pencil with a spoolie brush, in an ashy brown color, almost grey(taupe). Thanks also for your advise in how to appy the brow pencil. I appreciate both Susan and yourself for giving me some much needed tips. I love how I not only get continuous advise and suggestions from Susan “The Silver Nail”, but her readers as well. That I like. Thanks to you both.. Suzy

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