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Disclosure:  This product was supplied by Nonie Creme Colour Prevails for review.

Exciting times here at The Silver Nail.  May I gush a little?  I have just received my first samples directly from a makeup company for review.  So thank you to Colour Prevails for flying with us over-40 gals.  We love our pretties!

And I might as well repeat myself, but please know that my reviews and opinions will always be my own.  If I like something, I say so, and if I don’t like it then I let you know that too, whether I bought it myself or received it free.

Nonie Creme Colour Prevails aka Colour Prevails (CP) is a new cosmetics company that is a Walgreens exclusive.  The products are more expensive than, say, Wet n Wild or Maybelline, but less costly than Urban Decay, Dior, etc.  Sometimes these in-between lines are called “masstige,” a hybrid of “mass market” and “prestige.”

The products are available at Walgreens.com and in many but not all stores.  For example, my Walgreens just a few blocks away has the full line but the store 15 miles away doesn’t carry them at all.  Yet.

I’ve already bought some CP items and my review of two nail polishes is here, plus an in-depth review of one of their three eye shadow palettes is here.  I loved the ergonomic handle on the nail polish bottles.

So!  New stuff!  I plan to blog all week about Colour Prevails but don’t fret that it’ll be repetitive because I have a variety of products to show you.  Today let’s look at something very new to me, the Eye Shimmer Powder.

It comes in a bottle identical in size and shape to the nail polish ones but the butterfly on the handle (also ergonomic) is a different color.  Stock photo from Walgreens’ site in the color Ruby Rust:

CP Ruby Rust

You can see all twelve colors at the Walgreens site:

  • Copper
  • Pewter
  • Ruby Rust
  • Proper Purple
  • Emerald
  • Grey
  • Gold
  • Autumn Olive
  • Teddy Bear
  • Sapphire
  • Bronze
  • Rose Gold

Here’s the description:

Pure, Shimmering Color to Light up Your Eyes

    Promotes Long-Lasting Wear
    With Precision Painter
    With Shimmering Mica

The patented, ergonomically designed applicator will improve your results beyond belief!  Gorgeous, shimmering mica for pure color and light adheres like magic to the eyelids for long-lasting wear.  Specially designed Precision Painter applies just the right amount of powder shadow with no mess.  The range of shades from subtle to bold begs to be played with, mixed and blended for custom looks.  Wear alone or layer with liner, powder or creme eye shadows.

Made in USA

Apply directly around the eye area with the Precision Painter.  Can be used as an eye shadow or liner.  Blend with fingertip or with a brush for a sheerer look.

Before opening, please note the bottle is shrink-wrapped, as are all CP products, for safety and cleanliness.

CP Teddy Bear shrinkwrapped

With the shrink-wrap removed:

CP Teddy Bear shrwrp removed

Teddy Bear is a muted medium golden brown, neither yellow- nor orange-toned.  I haven’t used an eye shadow quite like this before so it takes some getting used to.  It’s like paint for your eyes.  The applicator wand has a short stem and doesn’t bend or wobble and the applicator is a small, precise sponge tip.  As with the nail polish, you can pop off the “winged” handle part if you want.

CP Teddy Bear open

CP Teddy Bear open cap

The product itself is neither a loose powder nor a liquid.  I’ve tried loose eye shadow powders before and find them too messy and too prone to settle into lines.  This Eye Shimmer Powder feels like a pressed powder during application, actually.

The ergonomic handle felt more natural to me when I was using it for nail polish than it did with this eye shadow but I think that I merely need practice.  On my inner arm under indirect outdoor light and then under artificial indoor light.

CP Teddy Bear swatch outd light

CP Teddy Bear swatch artif ind light

I swatched it both over eye primer and without, and think it actually looked better and less patchy without primer (the top half of the swatch).  It’s blendable at first, and after letting it set for a minute I did a swipe test and very little rubbed off on my finger, and it didn’t smear.  It removed easily and without shimmer residue with drugstore eye makeup remover.

I tried it both as an eye shadow and an eye liner, per the web site blurb above.  Didn’t really work as liner for me because I couldn’t get the dark precise line I prefer.  I do like it as eye shadow though, and think this shade Teddy Bear would be flattering for all eye colors.  Haven’t worn it all day yet but when I do I’ll post an edit with the wear report.

Overall,  I like the Eye Shimmer Powder although would probably not wear an all-shimmer eye look.  Still, it’s fun to try something different.  I look forward to using it as a highlight with one of my matte eye shadows, since I wear a lot of neutral tones.

SRP is $10.00 for 0.12 oz.

Colour Prevails on the web and social media:

P.S.  Regarding the title of my post, yes,  I now have the Elvis song stuck in my head!


EDIT 6/25/15 — Having played with and worn Teddy Bear Eye Shimmer Powder for a couple of days, here are my thoughts:

Wear is very good. One day I wore it on my whole eyelid without primer, and after ten hours there was some creasing but it was minimal.  I had to look very closely to see the creasing at all.

Blending the powder out with a brush yields a much prettier and less shimmery look than the big swatch I put on my arm for the above photo.

I’ve found that I much prefer using the product without the “butterfly wing” ergonomic handle, even though I prefer using CP nail polish with the handle.  I think it’s because I’m so extremely nearsighted that I have to be super close to a mirror  when applying makeup, and the larger handle is in my way.  Using the larger handle would be my preferred method if I was putting the shimmer on someone else.

I plan to buy ‘n’ try another color in the line, although I wish there was a really dark brown or dark plum.  All the colors seem to be in the middle when it comes to color value — nothing real dark or real light.  This may be because it’s a new product and it’s safest to start with “middle” shades.

For Colour Prevails eye shadow, I prefer the palette I bought and feel it’s a better monetary value, eight shadows for $19 instead of one Eye Shimmer Powder for $10; however, this is true for any brand, that a palette is cheaper per shadow than a single.

The Eye Shimmer Powder has some advantages in that I think it has more of a fun or cool factor, would make a very cute gift or party favor or stocking stuffer, and I also think I would love to throw this in my travel bag instead of some single eye shadows whose lids sometimes come open.  I like that it’s shimmery but not glittery and can be layered with other shadows.

Hope you don’t think I’ve analyzed this to death!  Since it’s a new brand and a new-to-me product, I wanted my review to be extremely thorough.  Thanks for reading!

Disclosure:  This product was supplied by Nonie Creme Colour Prevails for review.


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  1. That really does look patchy with the primer.

  2. Nice. Congratulations on your 1st sample make up. I will need to check out my local Walgreens to see if they have Colour Prevails products. I’m not into eye shadow. I wonder if they have lipsticks. I hope more make up companies (as well as nail polish) will take notice that your blog reaches the older crowd, as well as your younger fans. Suzy

  3. Yay! I’m glad you got some makeup samples; let’s hope this is just the beginning. You’re one of the best makeup bloggers out there, of any age. I haven’t bought anything from the Colour Prevails line yet, but it looks promising and I love the beautiful butterfly motif. My one small gripe is I wish she would have just named the line Nonie Creme because it’s cuter and catchier than Colour Prevails. (I have Elvis stuck in my brain now, too!)

    • Thank you so much! I’m really excited about this company and their generosity, and especially about their willingness to reach out to older women, although I’m glad I have many younger readers too. I’m sure a lot of the credit goes to the founder, Nonie Creme. Reading interviews with her is fascinating.

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  5. Hahahaa!!! I got one of these and couldn’t figure out what the heck happened to the nail polish brush. I looked at it for at least a few seconds before the light bulb went off. I liked the applicator and was surprised at how easy it was to apply – I figured it’d be everywhere but it wasn’t!

    Loved the review, Susan! Lookin’ forward to the next stuffs!

    • Stuffs! Lots of stuffs this week!

      The CP nail polish, eye shimmer powder, and eye liner all have the same bottles and handles, so one really has to read the label before buying, because you know how it is in store displays — someone picks up one thing and puts it back in the wrong spot. What color of shimmer powder did you get? I’ve got my eye on Copper.

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