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Sick of hearing about eyebrows from me?  What can I say, been thinking about my own a lot lately.  And by “a lot,” it’s relative — I certainly don’t mean I obsess about them night and day.  I really only think about them when I’m putting on makeup, and for so many years I didn’t think about them at all.

They needed something.  I was happy with the soft eyebrow pencils I’ve started using lately to fill in sparseness but the shape didn’t seem quite right.  I was a little — OK, a lot — afraid to start tweezing more than strays for fear of taking off too much or taking off in the wrong spots.  What to do?

There are several things you can do that aren’t real, so to speak.  You can take a photo of your face or your eyebrows and play with it in a photo editing program.  Erase some hairs or draw some in.  Change the arch.

Another thing you can do, and what I did last night, was to draw over part of one of my brows with a flesh-colored eye shadow crayon, in this case Almond Cream from Milani, to see how it would look before actually plucking the hairs.

Milani Almond Cream

You could also certainly use a concealer pencil or crayon.  Be sure to use a product that is safe around the eyes.

I colored over some of the hairs on the underside of my outer brow, and holy smoke!  Did it look better!  My arch had been a mostly flat inverted V and I experimented with making it look more rounded and generally more “cleaned up” with fewer rogue hairs that wanted to wander.  Then I carefully tweezed, one by one, hairs from the area I had covered with the Almond Cream until I was satisfied, then tweezed the other brow to match as much as possible.  Careful not to take off too much, and check your progress after every precious little hair.

I’m ridiculously pleased considering how minor the changes are.  Don’t know about you, but I grew up with the Makeup Law that said you should nevernevernever tweeze above your eyebrows.  Poppycock.  If I didn’t do that now I’d have a faintly fuzzy area straight from my brows to my hairline.  Thank you, loss of hormones.  {sarcasm}

I know, I know, you want a picture.  OK.  Normally I’m very shy and averse to posting any pictures of my 56-year-old face (As if the world isn’t cruel enough, there is an entire internet community dedicated to insulting makeup bloggers… although looking at the members’ avatars I wonder where in the beauty tree these people think they are perching!)

But here goes.  On top is an old picture of my right eyebrow with no pencil, no brushing, and very little tweezing.  Below is with a dark gray pencil, some brushing with the pencil’s spoolie brush, and my tweezing cleanup.  Is it gorgeous?  No.  Do I like it better?  YES.

eyebrow comparison

Hope the shadow/concealer pencil tip can help someone out there in deciding what to tweeze and what to leave.  Maybe you don’t want to tweeze at all and that’s fine too!


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  1. No, I for one am not sick of hearing about eyebrows. Thank you for addressing this issue once again, since I’ve been growing mine out, after over plucking for too long. The make up I wear currently is foundation, lipstick, blush, and a little compact powder on my shiny nose. I bought a mascara, but never seem to use it. But, keep it because I might sometime later. That’s the time when I look at my brows, and think they look awful.. I’ve seen pictures of where the arch should be, but I’m pathetically unable to trim them that way. I mean, my eyebrows are the least of my problems. But, with my health issues, any distraction is nice. Even if it’s a small one. Anyway, I was hoping that since I’ve been growing them out, I might find a salon that would clean them up, and then hopefully maintain them. Trim them, or wax them, or whatever they do with eyebrows. I trim some long ones here and there with my tiny scissors, but have only been tweezing the hairs way above and below my brows. I’ve tried using my Elf eyebrow wax set, but I see no improvement. I am so unfamiliar with so many makeup products, and what they’re for, and how to use them.

    So, this Milani product is for outlining the brows, and the pencil is for filling them in? I’m always confused about this stuff. My brows are a med brown to dark brown with some grey hairs.So, any advise you can give me is always appreciated. I have to ask, in the internet community, there’s bloggers that are dedicated to insulting make up bloggers? I’m glad I haven’t run across this, and wonder why they even bother. Last thing. I can see a big difference in your before and after brows. They look much better. Hell, the before ones look good to me. Well, ending my eyebrow novel. Thanks, for all your blogs. I read and enjoy them all. Suzy

  2. Never ever in a million years did I think I would have to use a brow pencil to fill in my eyebrows. I always had full-mostly too full- eyebrows. I reached age 40 or so and then BAM..where did they go? Oh, right. My chin. How lovely. Lol.

    That trick with the light colored pencil..ingenious! I had my eyebrows done the same time I chopped all my hair off in February. Unfortunately, she does hair better than brows..So now I have been practicing using a pencil to even the arch out and fill them in.

    Thanks for all your tips and tricks 🙂


    • You’re welcome, and thanks for reading!

      In my first post about brows, I wondered aloud why is it that older women’s brows get sparser but older men’s get thicker? Anyway, mine are getting sprinkled with white hairs which are practically invisible, so they make my brows look even sparser. Sigh. Back in the ’70s I did tweeze mine into the then-current fad of ultra-thin but since then haven’t had to do much with them… until now.

  3. Susan. This doesn’t relate to eyebrows, but to nail polish thinner. It seems some of my Zoya polishes sometimes seem not so much thick, but would apply easier if thinner. Have you used the Zoya thinner, and if so, does it seem to be effective? I’ve read that only Zoya thinner works on Zoya polishes. Not other brands of thinners, due to the compatible formulas. What do you think?

    • I have not used the Zoya thinner. I’ve used a cheap brand I got at Sally Beauty Supply and don’t like it, would not re-purchase. If you mostly want it to thin Zoya polishes then I would recommend getting their brand because I imagine they go together better. Have a great weekend!

      • Thanks, Susan. Maybe I need to practice more on applying thinner coats, before buying any thinner. I wonder if they have a fairly inexpensive thinner I can pick up at either Walmart or Walgreens. I’m going to do some research, and check reviews. That always helps me. Hope your weekend is going well.


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