¡Viva la México!

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Misa Cosmetics seems to release their seasonal nail polish collections differently than most other companies.  Later.  As in, summer collections are released in summer, and so forth.  The 2015 set is called Viva la México.

Misa Viva La Mexico

How can something with such a spirited, potentially exciting name be so blah?

Misa VLM set

All cremes.  Two pinks which are almost indistinguishable from each other.  A red.  Two greenish shades.  Yay for the bright orange, I guess.

I mean, really — a bright summer set and a third of it is plain pink?  No glitter, no shimmer, no holo?

I’ve liked the very few Misa polishes I’ve tried in the past but this summer set has me saying a big “So what?”


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  1. I’ve never tried Misa products. I like that turquoise color, but I already have an overload of those. Who needs another plain pink or red? I totally agree this is a meh set of colors. These aren’t even the colors I think of when I think Mexico.

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