Why you need shower curtain rings

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Wait!  Don’t go!  Don’t back out!  You haven’t accidentally stumbled onto a blog about bathroom decoration.  I’m a nail polish blog, honest.  Well, nail polish and makeup and skin care.  Bear with me here.

I recently decided to switch from swatching my nail polishes on white nail wheels…

Nail wheel

… to individual clear swatch sticks.  Several reasons for this:

It was difficult to compare one polish to another when they weren’t next to each other on the wheel.  I wasn’t happy with how I had some of my colors categorized.  I wanted to switch from white to clear for a reason that I’ll explain in a minute.

Couldn’t find any swatch sticks locally so I ordered them on Amazon from a seller in China and they arrived promptly considering they came from the other side of the world.  I started swatching my new polishes on these sticks and, thanks to a tip I read from many different bloggers, I put the polish on the underside of the sticks.

Fingernails and fingernail-shaped tips have two sides, a convex (top) and a concave (bottom or underside).

Convex concave

The natural way to apply polish — and the way you have to do it with white nail sticks or wheels — is to put it on the top or convex side.  But hey!  If you apply your polish to the underside or concave side and your stick or wheel is clear, then when you turn it over it looks like there’s a shiny top coat from the clear plastic!

Works like a dream.  A shiny top coat look without the extra step.  Obviously, if I didn’t want the polish to look shiny, like if it was a matte or satin one, I would apply the swatch on the top of the stick.

As I said, this idea was not mine.  But I did have an idea that as far as I know is original, although really, there’s nothing new under the sun.  I needed something to store the swatch sticks on, some kind of holder.  They came with a long straight screw but I didn’t want to use that because once you get a lot of sticks on there, if you want to take one off then you have to also remove all the other ones between the one you want and the end.

So I went to the hardware store looking for large, easy-open key rings, the kind that opens like a hinge, not the split ones whose main purpose in life is to break and ruin your fingernails.  I found the rings I wanted but they were too expensive considering I wanted at least a dozen.  What to do?

I ended up buying a package of cheap metal shower curtain rings.  One package of twelve cost less than two of the large key rings, and I love using them.  They open with just a squeeze, you can put the swatch sticks on and take them off easily, and they’re lightweight.  Although I’m sure you know what I mean, here’s a picture with one ring open and one closed.

Rings for swatch sticks

Are they the sturdiest hardware in the world?  No, but they don’t have to be.  Hope this tip helps some folks out there.

Now, get out and have a wonderful summertime weekend!


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing!! This is great – the swatch sticks I got came with a gigantic hinge ring, but they’re very awkward to store and one of them is bent so you can’t move them all the way around the ring. Running out to Lowe’s now to get some of these!

  2. I love this idea! And you’re so right about the nail wheels — you really can’t compare colors that are on the opposite ends of the wheel. With your method, you can switch ’em around so that the colors you most want to compare at the time are next to each other. Good job!

  3. Thanks for the idea Susan. I don’t have any of those clear swatch sticks yet. But, when I do, I love this idea of using the metal shower curtain rings. With my arthritis, opening so many things becomes challenging, and frustrating .Thanks. Suzy

  4. Sticks sticks sticks!!! Wheeeee!! I just ordered another 500. I think I should start ordering by the 10,000.

  5. Great tips!! Thank you for sharing!!!

  6. Yes, i agree. I switched over about three years ago and am much better organized. Last time i made a triple order. I purchase loose leaf binder snap rings in various sizes to put my spoons on.The 2 1/4″ is the most common size I use. I still use nail wheels for design planning and design ideas.


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