A mini review of the OPI Coca-Cola 100th Anniversary mini set

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I’ve been buying quite a few mini bottles of polish lately.   I don’t often want to get those but, hey, maybe I’m developing a fear of commitment.  Mini bottles, especially micro mini bottles = a very short-term relationship.

The OPI Coca-Cola 100th Anniversary mini set caught my eye months ago, since the two new colors looked interesting and I never got last year’s OPI Coca-Cola set.

I have to admit I don’t know what the official name of this set is.  Everybody calls it something different.  The box says “100 Years of the Coca-Cola Bottle  OPI” on the front and “Icons of Happiness” on the top flap.  If you only saw the back of the box on a store shelf, you’d see “The Perfect Ten.”  So let’s call it The Perfect Ten Icons of Happiness of 100 Years of the Coca-Cola Bottle.”

On second thought, let’s not.  It’s the Coke Bottle set.

The box is cute, about 7 inches square, with an attention-grabbing cover.

OPI 100 box

There’s a flap that opens to reveal (click for a larger view)…

OPI 100 box open

The back:

OPI 100 box back

Polishes are:

  • You’re So Vain-illa (re-promote)
  • Visions of Georgia Green (new)
  • Centennial Celebration (new)
  • Coca-Cola Red (re-promote)
  • Nail Envy (clear base coat and nail strengthener)
  • My Signature is DC (re-promote)
  • Sorry I’m Fizzy Today (re-promote)
  • Get Cherried Away (re-promote)
  • A Grape Affair (re-promote)
  • OPI Top Coat (clear top coat)

The bottles are micro minis and contain 0.125 oz/3.75 mL.

First row:

OPI 100 first row

Second row:

OPI 100 second row

I’m only going to swatch the two new colors, because the re-issues have been extensively reviewed elsewhere on hands prettier than mine, and I’m not sure if I’m going to keep the bottles or give them as mini gifts.  For great reviews of the first collection, see The PolishAholic or Vampy Varnish.  This second set has six of the nine polishes from the first set.  Oh, and don’t mix any of them up with the Coca-Cola set from Nicole by OPI!  Confused yet?  Let’s proceed.

Visions of Georgia Green is an extremely sheer and shimmery green and purple duochrome.  “Georgia Green” is the name of the color of the original Coca-Cola bottle, a translucent green, so I shouldn’t have been surprised at the sheerness but I was.  I wanted an opaque shimmer.  Ain’t happening.  Here is one coat:

OPI 100 GG one coat

And four coats…

OPI 100 GG four coats

… at which point I said to myself, “Alack and alas.  I am quite chagrined at the lack of opacity.”   ……..  Actually what I said to myself was, ” **** this *** !”

It’s a pretty duochrome but is obviously meant to be worn  over another color, unless you want a mere hint of sheer color.  Next time I’ll try it over an opaque black, green, or purple.

Centennial Celebration is more like it.  A silver foil with a strong golden tone, I think it’s beautiful.  You know me, I love silver foils, but they often look exactly alike (see My Signature is DC in this very set).  Centennial Celebration is a nice change; you could even say it has a faint green or pewter tone.  Three coats:

OPI 100 CC

This set was $16.45 plus shipping at NailsAve.com and available elsewhere as well.


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  1. Ugh! I hate that the new gorgeous green polish is a topper. I bought the duo online and still haven’t seen it in stores. I guess I will be prepared to use it over a base color first then. Thanks for the heads up on it! I have started buying mini polishes now anyway as the collections and my hoarding are more polish than I can wear so I figured minis are easier to store and I never get to the bottom of a bottle of polish anyway as the new ones are always coming out. I wish I could find the Nicole Coca Cola polishes I really want the red one that looks shiny just like the can and the green glittery one. Sigh…no one here has them. Not on line either. What’s a hoarder and compulsive spender to do?!

  2. I read another blog post and they were able to get the green polish opaque in 3 coats. I wonder if it’s because they are minis? I have a love hate relationship with minis, specially OPI ones. They don’t have a name and the handles are really hard to hold. And I find the the formulas are inconsistent with the full sized ones, I have tried You Don’t Know Jacques and Lincoln Park after Dark in both and the formulas are night and day!! Maybe that’s why Georgia Green is so sheer? Too bad because that color looks really pretty in the bottle, I really wish it was opaque.

    • Huh, that is strange, thanks for the tip. I hope for everyone else’s sake that Georgia Green in the full-sized bottle is more opaque. I know in the past I’ve run across some of OPI’s glitter polishes being different in the mini size, as some of the larger glitter literally will not fit through the tiny bottle opening!!


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