Confessions of a One Night Stand, plus a Muppets fail

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I’ve been meaning to buy a peel-off base coat for easy glitter polish removal ever since I first heard about OPI’s Glitter Off.  But I could never find it in person, and every time I meant to order it online either the site was out of stock or I just plain forgot about it.

Finally, the stars aligned and not only did I remember to order it, but the site I was browsing had both OPI’s Glitter Off and Orly’s One Night Stand.  From reviews I’ve read, they seem the same so I picked the Orly.  Love that big cushy concave handle!

Orly One Night Stand box front

I ordered it from LA Lacquer here, and while I was pleased with the price and my overall order, I find their web site difficult to navigate.  You pretty much need to know exactly what you’re looking for; at least, that’s been my experience.  One Night Stand (ONS) was $6.40 there and you get a good-sized 0.6 oz/18 mL bottle.  The SRP is $10.

Apparently people have been making their own peel-off base coats for a long time, using diluted white (school) glue and water.  I didn’t want to mess with that and would rather be lazy and let someone else mix it up for me and put it in a nice bottle with a good brush.

The ingredients for ONS are not listed on the box, but the base coat looks and smells exactly like diluted white glue.  Really.  I thought I read the ingredients list months ago somewhere online but can’t find it now, and I may be thinking of the OPI product.  Instructions are listed in English, French, and Spanish.

Orly One Night Stand box back

The box states clearly that this base coat is only meant to last for one or two days, and then you peel off the base plus glitter in one easy, non-damaging piece.  I’m fine with the time frame, as I only like to wear the same polish for a couple of days anyway.  I think I will wear glitter polishes more often now that I don’t have to practically hack it off with a mallet and chisel.  Hated that.  Called it FOR — Fear of Removal.

ONS applies easily.  A thin coat goes on looking milky and then dries quickly to almost clear.  I don’t know if a bath or shower would make it come off unintentionally.

I decided to try it with a new glitter I bought, one I’d been wanting for a while.  (Story of my polish life — wanted it, saw it in the store, figured I’d go back and get it, when I did go back it was sold out, tried to find it online, blah blah blah.)  Remember the OPI Muppets movie tie-in collection from last year, Muppets Most Wanted?  The only one in the set that appealed to me was the glitter Muppets World Tour.

Every swatch and photo I saw of it showed various sizes of white and gold glitter in a clear base along with pretty pops of color in the form of bright blue and bright pink glitter, plus a little bit of peach-colored glitter.  Here are wonderful photos in a review by Nail That Accent which will show you exactly what I mean.  Best photo HERE.

But my bottle did not look like that.  It had the white, the gold, the peach, and the blue glitter, but there was no bright pink glitter.  Zero.  Nada.  None.  Rien.

I don’t know what happened.  Since the collection was limited edition and came out well over a year ago, I assume my bottle is old so perhaps the pink wasn’t stable and faded to nothingness.  Maybe OPI changed the formula.  Maybe I just got a weird bottle, since one other strange thing is that the brush in this is HUGE.  It’s far and away the heaviest, thickest brush I’ve ever seen in an OPI bottle, and I’ve used quite a few.  Weird.

(Edit:  Upon reading reviews of this polish at Amazon, about half the people said their bottle had no pink either.  So it’s an OPI fail, certainly no fault of LA Lacquer or other retailer.  If you want this polish I recommend trying to see a picture of the actual bottle you’re buying if you can’t get it in person.)

Here are two coats of Muppets World Tour over One Night Stand, with no other base color and no top coat, with the flash:

Muppets World Tour flash

It’s still a pretty polish, just not what I wanted nor was expecting.  It’s no tragedy and I merely plan to find a polish in my stash that has bright pink glitter in a clear base and add that to Muppets World Tour.

And, yes, with One Night Stand, it peeled right off.  Now I can face the world of glitter polish without worrying in advance about spending ages trying to get it off.  😀


Update:  Found the PERFECT polish to add to MWT for the original look that included hot pink glitter!  And it’s cheap, too — Jordana’s 01-Magenta Magic, got it at KMart for $1.99.  Thought I’d never find just bright pink glitter, although I found a lot of light pink glitter, red glitter, hot pink mixed in with green or purple or something else.  Anyway, I poured out a little bit of MWT and added a small amount of Magenta Magic.  You don’t need much and I think it looks perfect.


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  1. I forgot OPI had a 2nd Muppets collection. I have Animal-istic & Rainbow Connection from the 1st collection.

  2. I’ve used straight up white glue as a peel off base, no water diluting required. It works exactly as you’ve described this base coat, only for a few days then it will peel off in a chunk. It also works well in substitute for the liquid latex everyone uses as a barrier on their cuticles when doing a messy technique like watermarbling or sponging on a gradient!

  3. My bottle of Muppets World Tour has no bright pink glitters in it either. I bought it a long time ago, like last year or maybe longer. After seeing the swatch pic I checked and mine looks like yours.

  4. My Muppets World tour has pink and blue glitter, but it’s very, very muted and pale. 😦


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