Finishing my Desert Escape

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Well, I’ve dragged it out long enough.  Today I’ll finish swatching the six-piece Desert Escape Collection, new for summer, from China Glaze.  Yesterday I showed you three of the cremes, Friday I had the one foil, and today I have one creme and the lone shimmer.  Please see those previous posts for info about the whole collection, where I bought the micro mini set, how much it cost, etc.

The light turquoise creme Rain Dance the Night Away blew me away.  I did not expect to love it so much and first thought, “Eh, another turquoise, big deal.”  Application was good, smell was average, and two coats covered well.  Under indirect cloudy outdoor light and then with the flash:

Desert Escape RDtNA

Desert Escape RDtNA flash


The shimmery Don’t Desert Me is pretty too but didn’t wow me.  I used two heavy coats and probably should have used three light ones.

Desert Escape DDM

Desert Escape DDM flash

Usually I love pink shimmers so I don’t know why I don’t love this more.  I guess every day you can be in the mood for something different.

I finally received the clear plastic polish swatch sticks I ordered and so I have some comparisons for you.

Desert Escape turq comps

I don’t have anything exactly like Rain Dance the Night Away.  Zoya’s Rocky is close but is darker and bluer.  a-England’s Galahad is much darker.

Desert Escape pink comps

I thought Zoya’s Blyss was going to be a dupe for Don’t Desert Me, but Blyss is slightly more purple.  Alegra and Izzy are more red than Don’t Desert Me.

Overall, I really like the Desert Escape Collection.  Meet Me In the Mirage is my favorite because FOIL, followed closely by Rain Dance the Night Away and The Heat Is On.  The pinks don’t thrill me, and the putty-colored What’s She Dune? is rather blah by itself but would be pretty in combination with any of the other colors in nail art.

Desert Escape set


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