More swatches of the Desert Escape Collection from China Glaze

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Getting back to the swatching I started last week, I’ve got three polishes from the Desert Escape Collection to show you today.  Friday I had a quick drive-by swatching of the one foil in the set, Meet Me In the Mirage, and I loved it.  As I mentioned in that post, I bought the micro mini set from Sally Beauty Supply’s web site.

CG desert escape4

So how are some of the cremes?  Today I tried What’s She Dune? (typo of What’s The Dune? on my bottle), Don’t Mesa With My Heart, and The Heat Is On.

What’s She Dune? is a gray-beige (“greige”) or putty-colored neutral.  Like Meet Me In the Mirage, it had a very strong smell and I don’t know why because the other two I opened today did not.  The formula seemed a bit thick and I used two coats.  Under indirect dull outdoor light and with the flash:

Desert Escape WSD

Desert Escape WSD flash

It’s OK.  Just OK.  I’m rarely excited about neutral cremes although I think it would be good as a contrast with brighter colors in nail art.

Don’t Mesa With My Heart is a bright medium pink, and it’s very pretty although I feel like I probably have a ton of dupes lurking in my stash.  Formula was also a bit thick.

Desert Escape DMWMH

Desert Escape DMWMH flash

The Heat Is On surprised me.  Usually orange-toned reds don’t appeal to me but I love this one.  The formula was thinner and applied like a dream, so glossy too.  It’s a great summer shade for manicures or pedicures.

Desert Escape THIO

Desert Escape THIO flash

And now, because you know how much I love vintage music, who remembers the hit song “The Heat Is On” by Glenn Frey, formerly of The Eagles?  The song was written for the 1984 movie Beverly Hills Cop and rose to #2 on the Billboard charts as a single in 1985.  It’s SO ’80s!  Miami Vice-ish, even.

And if the embed doesn’t work.

Tomorrow I hope to finish up this small set with the turquoise creme and the plum-pink shimmer.  The light is awful today, so dark and gloomy.  Got comparison requests for any of the polishes?  Don’t Desert Me reminds me of Blyss from Zoya, and the new clear nail swatch sticks I ordered arrived so I’m ready for lots of comparisons.


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  1. I thought of that Glenn Frey song too. “Vintage music”. LOL! That stuff was brand new when I was growing up. 😜

  2. This is beautiful set of polishes! I got this in yesterday and already had to put on Meet me in the Mirage and Rain Dance the Night Away. The formula on the Mirage polish is so wonderful and I had several compliments already today on it. I love the color and look of Don’t Desert me so it is going to be the next manicure I put on.

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