Meet Me In the Mirage (but do it before Happy Hour!)

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Fortunately, UPS delivered my box today from Sally Beauty Supply containing my 6-piece mini kit of the new China Glaze Desert Escape polishes.

Unfortunately, the box had been crushed and bore a large sticker that said “UPS Repack Carton” and it bulged oddly.

Fortunately, upon opening it, the actual bottles and polishes were unharmed although the China Glaze packaging itself was smooshed (technical term).

Desert Escape box

Desert Escape bottles

Unfortunately, it’s getting late in the day and I don’t have a lot of time, since I’m going out shortly for a brewski in the warm early summer weather.

Fortunately, I had time to swatch one of the colors.  I picked the one that’s generated the most comments and the one I was most excited about, the foil Meet Me In the Mirage (MMItM).  I’d previously referred to it as a “rose gold,” but there’s no gold in it.

I’m a sucker for foils like this.  MMItM is a happy medium between a warm rosy brown and silver.  It applied well but for some reason had a very strong smell; perhaps because my box had been sitting in a hot UPS truck for who knows how long.  The bottle is tiny and the brush stem is very short but the actual brush is of average size so application wasn’t difficult.

Two coats, no top coat, under indirect bright outdoor light and then with the flash:

Desert Escape MMItM

Desert Escape MMItM2

Boy, it practically glows.  I love it.

This is a “micro mini” set; that is, the bottles are about one-fourth the size of a full-sized bottle.  Full size is usually 0.5 oz/15 mL and these are 0.125 oz/3.6 mL.  That’s fine — it gives you a chance to try all the colors and get a couple of manis from each one if you choose.  Also, if there’s one you love you can buy a bigger bottle of that one color, which I plan to do with Meet Me In the Mirage.  I’ll be swatching the rest of these polishes next week and am already quite happy I bought the set.

I quickly pulled a few polishes from my stash that I thought might be close:  OPI’s Brisbane Bronze, OPI’s limited edition from years ago Warm & Fozzie, and Orly’s Rage.  They are not dupes and only Rage is close, but Rage is lighter and pinker.

Desert Escape MMItM comps

I’ve only seen this micro mini set at Sally’s web site where it’s $12.99 plus shipping (and by the way, the actual polish colors are much more vibrant than how they appear on this link).  You may be able to find it in a Sally’s store.  Numerous e-tailers have the full-sized bottles and some have trio art kits.

Have a great weekend.  I hear the pub calling me!


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  1. I actually prefer minis because I never get through an entire full-sized bottle anyway. I find I can get about 5 manis out of a .125oz bottle which is plenty. China Glaze’s regular minis are .325 though (quite a generous size), so I guess these “micro-minis” are a new thing. Enjoy your weekend!

    • Yes, minis are fun; I never use up an entire full-sized bottle of polish either. OPI has had “micro minis” for a while so I guess China Glaze is on board with that now too.

  2. I love that foil!

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